Monday, February 10, 2020

Valentine Town

by Gemma Cleanslate

Time is moving so fast! Valentine Day is only nine days away and Mardi Gras is coming on February 25! Now we have to get ready for both.  A great place to visit for all your Valentine needs is Laura Liberty’s Valentine Town. Every year she outdoes the previous year with new additions. I love to see the facades of the buildings in all her creations.

When you land, the first possibility is to hop the Tunnel of Love car that will give you a ride through the tunnel’s sparkling displays and along the river to the town center. Bring your honey if you like to enjoy or take the ride alone. It is great fun either way. Laura is known for her amazing tunnels that fit the holiday .

The town center has several ways for you to celebrate this love holiday.There is a dance ball and music for you to enjoy while there. If you have admired someone from afar and never had the nerve to say it now is your chance. Anonymously you can send a pretty note to that person that will make them wonder and perhaps look around to find the sender. It is done through the magic of her machine, or you an take a chance and sign your name. Take a look, and, it is free! If you are lucky naughty Tina is there in her role of Cupid with a bad habit. She loves cigars and smokes incessantly.

Suppose you don’t have a significant other and are looking. Laura has a new addition, a Singles board! Just click the board, put a picture, and hope someone wants to meet the person behind the picture and will send you a note. Fun way to meet new friends! Across the way there are theaters demonstrating how to make your own cinema with your own captions. There is a sample to let you see what you will get, your own theater showing your own story. Take a look at the cute video there.

Stop into the shops and get all your needs for Valentine day. When you are finished with your visit here you have another place to visit on the region. Back at the town center there is a tp to Laura’s Mardi Gras Town.

I love to visit this representation of a New Orleans street scene with its cheerfully colored buildings and music of the city playing. Grab a free hula hoop, beads, and crown. Here you can gather up all the decor and outfits you need to celebrate Mardi Gras day. I love the masks in the shop, a huge selection! Take a picture of yourself and your honey and put it on the bulletin board by sending it to the naughty Tina Cupid, Tina  (Tanyja Resident). Use the free face animation hud offered at the board to enhance your photo. There is another board nearby with some fun puzzles to attempt before you leave. You might need to go back again for more tries (laughter). I do. Thanks again to Laura Liberty for making this grand experience . I am looking forward to the next one already!!

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, January 24, 2020

The Bob Hope Theater and Flight 93 9/11 Memorial

By Bixyl Shuftan

The Bob Hope Theater has made the news a couple times recently, doing shows in honor of veterans. I recently had a talk with the owner and builder of the place, Paul Woodrunner, who runs it with the help of his partner Morganna1Wulfsong Resident. We met in front of the theater stage, which had it's curtains closed and the seating wasn't placed. "The chairs are not in the theater," Paul explained, "I only put them down before the show."

To younger residents who might not remember, Bob Hope was an entertainer whom performed many acts for American troops for several decades from World War Two to the Gulf War. "Bob Hope brought entertainment to the troops around the world. His shows gave a part of the world back to them. He was a bit of sunshine in their lives, something they never forgot. Troops at war, and there was Hope.  The Medal of Honor Society made an award, the Spirit of Hope, to honor his bravery and courage for so many years."

When I asked how long the theater had been around, Morganna answered, "Oh gosh, well, it traveled to different veterans sims but came back here to stay in what, August?" Paul added he set up the theater at it's current location, "after July 4th. I chose to not go on the road anymore. The Outsiders are about vets and bringing about an awareness of veterans, and sometimes their needs. It is about heroes mainly. The Outsiders are the dance troupe that calls Bob Hope Theater home. We are all about first responders  veterans active duty military. ... so many things I need to do to prepare for this show. It has to be part educational as well as entertaining."

The theater has several events a year, "We try to do six shows a year. We do mostly military or US holidays like Veterans Day, Memorial Day,  9/11 Patriot Day,  we do a welcome home Vietnam vet day show, we do a 4th of July show."

Just behind the theater is a memorial to the fallen at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, "The Ground Zero Memorial is a true tribute to those lost in 9/11." It was a build of the North Tower pool at the September 11 Memorial in New York City, a huge black marble square, with water running down the walls of the inside, going to a smaller square in the center. "I'm most proud of it," he went on to say, "I hope it lasts a long time."

Paul stated he had one other 9/11 Memorial, this one located elsewhere in the sim, the Flight 93 Memorial, also called The Tower of Voices." Tping to the location, we were on a square with an eagle picture in the center with a National Park Service sign, "Flight 93 Memorial," and a trail leading on. "Let us walk the path to the tower," Paul spoke as he and Morganna led me down, the route winding around and taking me to the tower.

In real life, the memorial is still unfinished. But here it is. The Second Life memorial is a 93 foot metal structure with 40 wind chimes. "It is now open but still under lite construction. The tower is a musical instrument, with 40 chimes all different in sound to represent the 40 passengers and crew who died on flight 93. It is a place for honor, this is sacred ground." Morganna told me, "If you have the music down, you can hear the voices coming from the tower, representing all those lost who fought." "When you get closer you will hear it, if your media is on. Photos at sunrise and set are awesome."

Paul also owns and runs the Empire Room, a venue located elsewhere on the sim.

Paul had to leave to take care of some business. Morganna would say, "He really is very modest. I really just think that what Paul has built comes from the heart. He sees something that touches the hearts of people, and he tries to create the same here so that no one is forgotten. When the dance troupe performs at the Bob hope it is with that same spirit, and this really is a fabulous sim overall."

Bob Hope Theater

Flight 93

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, January 20, 2020

Business Around Bellisseria

By Gemma Cleanslate

I seem to have gotten into tour mode starting at the holiday time, visiting all the Christmas places, then the bus tour. Right now I am checking out some of the  “faux “ business places you can find in the regions of the Bellisseria continent. Instead of making homes here some owners have created open places for all to visit. There is no commercialism in Bellisseria so that is why they are fake.

What a great public library Karmagrl Nesbith (Karmagrl Resident) has set up in a San Jocoso house . There is a large adult section with catalogs,  study areas, and comfortable seating.

And on the upper floor a sweet little children’s section all set for reading and fun. Good place to sit when you need some quiet time.

Johnny Chardin was at his Radio Station at his houseboat in Gaim when I arrived. It is a true radio station and also a hangout for any visitors. It is interactive so you can have try out being a DJ or producer while you are there or sit and have a cup of coffee and read a magazine and enjoy. Johnny says “Come by and see the works from some of the best creators in Second Life!Also: Everything in the HouseBoat comes fully animated! All vending machines work too! Make yourself at home :) My Stream is : “ The stream is great. I installed it on my  houseboat.

I stopped over  at Twofer region where Morena Tully has a setup that will lend you a horse to take a ride around the region . This is one of the camping regions in Bellisseria where there is more open land for a horse ride. It is a good way to check out some of the camping areas the are on Bellisseria.

There is a role play going on in  Bellisseria. It is called Bellibin It is the idea of Diamond Marchant who is well known for various fishing aids for 7seas fishing. It is billed as, “BelliBin is a free waste management roleplaying game for citizens of Bellisseria in Second Life. You fill your BelliBin with trash, debris, and recycling. Other people find and empty your BelliBins using a HUD. “ the headquarters is located at the Diamond Outpost in Riva . The hud also works for travel around to various locations in Bellisseria to find bins but also where you can set down and look around.  There are great things happening on this new continent which is still growing!

I also went to check out the new location of the SS Galaxy and it looks great. It is still missing the soul but maybe more will start using it for weddings and parties.

Go see!

If you would like a copy of a list of all the faux businesses you might like to visit in the regions of Bellisseria you can contact Iseult NĂ­ Urquhart (PrudenceAnton Resident)  , or me. I have some other lists too that will help you get around , and a Bellibin map!

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, January 13, 2020

Bus Tour Across Second Life

By Gemma Cleanslate

Have you ever gone on a mystery tour in real life? I never did. I have fun once in a while in sl when I have time and come across the sign that says, “Take the bus to the unknown.“  You will see them at some sites when you are shopping or visiting a region. All you have to do is click and you are off on an adventure. It can be sublime. or ridiculous. Just to give you an idea of the type of places you may land I decided to take a tour and write about a few of places I landed.

One trip took me to The Magical Forest of Dreams, a lovely forest where it was just fun to walk about and see what interesting sights I came across, animals, statuary. My next stop dropped me at the side of the road where there was, at present, “a work in progress” which was not too evident.

LABBIT LESOLT  R and R. I landed at the side of a cute little railroad where I took a ride to see the woods and surrounding area. I did not stay to visit all of the regions but it is billed as,”Beautiful beach to Chill and relax with friends. NO COMBAT, SEX OR weapons  PLS.We like to keep it relaxed.If you like to explore the 3 sims  then use the door near the gazebo. Have fun.” I plan to go back to see some more and check out those other regions.

The next stop on my bus tour took me to The Pickle Pub Live Dive. It looks like an old fashioned gathering place for parties just off of the road. It has a bar, posters of show of the past , darts, and an awesome set of drums to play. The stop after that took me to a hot air balloon, two little boats all of which offered tours.

Then I landed at the Apollo Theater that shows free movies! I did stop there for a few minutes. “If it's happening anywhere, it's happening at the Apollo, and I wash my hands of the whole affair --A whimsical little retro theater.  Free access to XControl Menu. From the designer of Chilbo's Haunted House&Chapel, where horror never takes a day off.” That is the billing  and the movie that was playing confirmed it. They actually have a doorman who opens the door.

The bus stopped at The Bohemian Underground. a most impressive looking place that offers arts and music and fashion shows and more. I stopped here to freshen up  and wash my hands and face before moving on.There is also a very elegant clothing shop. Since it is wintertime in the north I thought you could start your own bus trip here at the Common Lands in Friedsee . See new places you never would have thought of going to and have a great time!

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, December 30, 2019

"Old Town" And "Let It Snow"

by Gemma Cleanslate

After all that shopping and running from market to market and visiting at Calas, I needed some peace and quiet but in areas still celebrating the season. There are so many Christmas and winter sites in Second Life. Check the winter destinations for those I will never get to write about.

Old Town is a region with a story,  There are many venues and of course in this season the one to visit, photograph , and have fun at is Winterland. Bekks (Jks Beck), the designer of the region has  everything you need to have a terrific time here. There are activities going on during the week and she refers to the area as a work in progress.

I took my horse Thunder so did not have to rezz a horse, but you can. Or, take a turn on the skating pond that doubles as a venue for parties. I saw that the Arctic Express passes through here too.

Along the roads there are sites for photographs with friends both inside  buildings and out ,with hangout venues. This is a region to be enjoyed all during the year since Winterland does not disappear. Take your time checking out the area. I holds a lot of interactive opportunities.

I also took a trip over to Milly Sharple’s “Let it Snow!”, another winter wonderland.  It has a cute town square with interesting shops around and after a visit there get out into the winter snow. I found one of those new Santa “wannabes“ in front of his shack and did a little dance with him.

There are free skis and skates here for the taking and a hunt for stockings going on here too. Next to the skating pond grab a bite to eat and a hot chocolate of another drink of choice. I tried a piece of fig cake which sounded good.

Here too there are numerous sites for photographs, private dancing and just enjoying the wintery atmosphere and some cute gifts in the hunt.

Gemma Cleanslate

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Devon Dream and Caledon Downs

By Bixyl Shuftan

There's so many Christmas-themed places in Second Life, there's too many to write about. But we can mention a few good examples. Gemma Cleanslate has mentioned plenty, and may continue to write about winter-themed lands. But with December 25 almost here, I thought I might mention two favorite places of mine, Devon Dream and Caledon Downs.

Devon Dream is owned by Safra Nitely. Every year, she sets up a Christmas-themed display. Among the things one can do is ride a train.

In this display, it seems Rudolph is getting a little stubborn in regards to where the elf wants him to go.

 There's a frozen pond with bumper card in the shape of teacups.

Some nice relaxing scenery to check out.

And when night falls, one can see the aurora.

Another place to check out is Caledon Downs in the Caledon community. Owned by Cynthia Farshore, this December "The Christmas Express" is back. You can ride it by heading to the station.

Once it arrives, you have thirty seconds to find a seat to get on. It can be a little tricky as it's easy to end up sitting on the wrong part of the seat. But it won't be long before you're off and in the air.

And you're soon at Santa's Secret Base, presumably near the North Pole.

There are things to do there, such as this sled ride. While there, one can listen to the KGYG stream, which had plenty of Christmas tunes.

 Santa and his elves are busy at work.

There's a warm, and detailed looking, kitchen area.

Caledon Downs of course is just one sim. To the north at Caledon Moors, there was a ski slope one could ski on. One could just walk up, or take the ski lift (elevator) to the top.

One can pick up skis and skates at a couple points there, midpoint and at the top. You can also teleport there from midpoint.

Getting the hang of skiing with the provided skis can be a little tricky. But before you know it, you'll be going downhill.

There's a lot more to see at Caledon, so feel free to walk around.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, December 20, 2019

Calas at Winter

By Gemma Cleanslate

Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith, owners of the Calas Galadhon, have again created a fairyland winter region. Every year in addition to their other gorgeous 13 regions they add an extra two for the season. When you arrive pick up the notecard with the important landmarks on it but also take a long walk or horse back ride to really appreciate the winter setting. The windlight of the region adds a nostalgic aura so try it and listen to the music.  Watch your scripts or you may take an unexpected trip.

The arrival area takes one through sparkling tunnels into the cavern that is surely Santa’s workshop, that has Santa, elves and more gifts than you can imagine in one place. After you visit Santa there head for the fun places.

I love the balloon ride that circles the entire site giving a great overview of the old and new. Of course I rezzed the  horse supplied by Tyrian Slade and visited the countryside where you will find animals and opportunities for photos. The sleigh ride is peaceful for you and your honey if you like and so is the small dance pavilion if you are looking for some privacy.

There is a brand new Train at the station there this year that is interactive. Of course the huge skating lake is in its usual place with skating balls for your pleasure.

Have a cup of cocoa at the sweet refreshment stand set up by the Calas Beanery at the side of the lake. Or relax by the bonfires set at sites along the edges too. A sleigh ride awaits you too. Down by the ocean’s edge is a spectacular statue tossing spheres of light and color into the sky.

The Pavilion this year has a new look. It is elegant and welcoming. The tree room is still there but with a different arrangement and feel since Santa is down in his workshop. The room across the way is different too but both have a roaring fire and comfortable seating  that invites one to just hang out with friends.The ambience of the regions is always enticing. Explore and relish your time there.

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, December 16, 2019

Christmas Town

by Gemma Cleanslate

Another of my favorite shopping , skating, having fun winter places is now open. Laura Liberty creates   bewitching town on ice every winter. This is the 10th anniversary ! 

Laura has changed the facades if some of the buildings and some other sites this year. There are a multitude of shopping opportunities for anything you need. And,  she looks ahead to the next year with a spectacular New Year shop. Visit the shops to see what you still need for your sim or home decor. Check out the clothing shops . There has to be something there that you will want to wear during the holiday season. Don’t miss the Gacha area.

The skating pond, as large as a lake is inviting but the castle is my favorite tour. Hop on a couples ball or on a single and just enjoy the figure skating hud through the castle. Remember the fun trip through the Halloween house with the tour of the horror movies? This marvelous tour takes you through the old , and new, movies of the season... The Christmas story, A Wonderful Life, Frozen,  and more. Try mouse look since you don't have to worry about moving along.

Tina (tanyja Resident), her able assistant, is  usually around in the sim hiding in a Santa outfit so if you want a photo with her just ask. There are sometimes hosts who will answer questions.
Do not miss the sled ride. Hang on tight and watch how you drive that sled !!

Gemma Cleanslate