Monday, May 20, 2019

Reader Submitted: Blast From the Past - Fox Haven

by Cyfir (cyfiremmerich Resident)

There are many places in Second Life which inspire a sense of community, but Fox Haven was very special in this regard. Many of the former members are still friends to this day, even if they no longer use Second Life. Now no community is without controversy, and the main community ultimately ended up folding long after it left the Second Life platform, but I will not be focusing on that controversy out of respect for the parties involved. I will instead be focusing on the good times and what made this community special. It was my first true home in Second Life and I was once good friends with the founder. So let’s take a ride to the past and visit what was Fox Haven!

It all started with Slavasesh. He had felt that there wasn’t a safe place for him, his friends, and others to hang out at within Second Life. He ended up renting a parcel. The early members helped to name the community and it became Fox Haven. As the community grew, he eventually used his resources to rent a sim. The sim eventually included a city in the sky level and a forest on the ground level. It’s popularity grew and his one sim quickly grew to two interconnected sims and he began renting out homes on both sims. I first found the sim through a friend named Anthony. I soon ended up renting a home there and quickly became friends with the owner. I started out my Second Life career there, picking up stray prims, doing “sim checks” every day. I slowly worked my way up to other roles such as DJ, club manager, sim manager, and eventually sim co-owner along with Slavsesh and Digimbyte.

I actually never originally wanted to be in any role of power, but I was fond of everyone there and I really believed in the spirit of the community and wanted to contribute in any way that I could. Thus, I took on any role and helped out with anything I could. All the core members of Fox Haven were close and supported each other and helped each other grow. At one point, a user named Acey had a previous partner and friend pass away. The community came together to support him and keep his head in the right place. In his own words: “Fox Haven as a whole provided me with a place in Second Life that felt safe where I didn’t feel afraid to approach people because everyone was friendly and I could almost always count on someone there to cheer me up by making me laugh with jokes or funny gestures; sharing the latest creations or gathering in their houses and watching media together. I didn’t have many real life friends at the time so it definitely contributed to a positive state of mind, knowing that these random avatars in SL weren’t just pretending, they genuinely wanted to hang out and have a good time. I felt welcome.” This was a sentiment that most members, including myself, agreed with and it’s what kept us logging in every day to hang out or do our part to keep the community thriving.

One of the biggest contributors to the sim was a pink deer named Dawny. Even when he left Second Life to focus on his real life business, he would return to donate L to keep the sim going. One of the first clubs on the sim was named after him and called Up ‘til Dawny’s. Even with Dawny not around, the name stayed for much of the sim’s life. At one point I had messaged Dawny on FurAffinity and he was surprised that the name was still in use years later. The club featured many talented DJs, a couple of which were DJs and producers in real life. I learned how to DJ and make flawless transitions between songs from one of them. The club was mainly a great place to chill and have a good time with friends. It eventually got a new name (Future Haze) and a beautiful new sci-fi minimalist building with a fish tank glass floor created out of smart objects by Digimbyte.

As time went on, it got harder to keep two sims going and Slavasesh eventually moved to just one sim. I was there at his real life house when he purchased and originally set up the new sim. However, Second Life was changing, and smaller tight-knit communities were suffering. On top of this, real life was pulling Slavasesh away and it got to a point where it wasn’t worth keeping a full sim going for a hangout spot. Despite this, Slavasesh kept the sim going as long as he could, because he didn’t want his friends to no longer have a home on Second Life. Despite his commendable efforts, it got to a point where he just couldn’t keep things going, and many logged in one day to find the sim gone. However, the community lived on in Discord, and many of the core members are still friends to this day and keep the core values alive.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bellisseria: The New Linden Homes Continent

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been visiting the new continent to roam around the roads, view the parks and swimming pools and beaches. The area I visited is all settled . It only took 48 hours to fill up!

The houses are new designs and reminiscent of the east coast towns in the USA to me. I checked them out .

Actually,though charming,  they are not appealing to me. My house in Thorstar is a condo and open ,  not too big or too small  and sits on a mainland island facing the waterway. I have lived here for 10 years. as a renter.

I find these houses have too many walls, stairs and the rooms to me are confining. I checked out all the types . They are lovely and I know many could not wait to move in. I think hundreds are still waiting!

However . though some say they are small, I love the houseboats!  So I am waiting for one now.
I packed up all my furniture and abandoned my linden home in Padgett. According to the Second Life Community Linden Homes forum  discussion and the blog  we are all watching for the opening of the new area which has so many houseboats with slips for boats. Every day we watch and wait. Patch Linden says the moles and LDPW are hard at work for the next opening

My friend Evola Courtois already has a houseboat and Cali Courtois (Caliba Sassower) , his partner is getting one also. He sent me over to a small island where I could see all the houseboats being prepared in the new site to open .

I met a new friend ,Kἷќἷ Ðĩνĩπĩէу (KiKiDivinity Resident) sitting on a rock gazing out over the water. She already has a home there and is active in the police department. My friends Evola and Caliba came along in a boat. I decided to rezz a boat and take kiki for a ride . It started well but I passed the bouy and that was a nono. We ended up in the water where kiki told me that the bouy was the stopping point and she was trying to warn me. Ah well. Next time I will know better!

 I will let you know what happens with the new home. By the time this is published may already have it! Patch Linden  just posted that they expect the houseboats to be available in 24 hours!  If you want to take a look this will take you to the island  where you can put your draw line out to see the new docks .

insert new cont 002

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Borobudur Temple

by Marcel Mosswood

Borobudur as one of the seven wonders of the world, is in Second Life! Now you can see the temple also with the Prambanan temple. Marcel have the opportunity to interviewed Aryluke, the owner of the Borobudur Temple sim, in the middle of the fresh tropical view of the sim.

Marcel: Hi Ary, what inspired you to build the Borobudur sim?

Aryluke: I am very glad to share our local content of heritage to more people all around the Second Life virtual world. So in 2013, I and my friend spent two months to build the Borobudur and also Prambanan Temples.

The Prambanan Temple

Marcel: Can you tell us a brief about the Borobudur in real-life?

Aryluke: Borobudur is the largest Mahayana Buddhist monument in the world, built around 750 AD. Located on in the island of Java, Indonesia, 40 km (25 mi) northwest of Yogyakarta. Discovered by the British in 1814 under Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles, the magnificent temple is a three-dimensional mandala (diagram of the universe). This structure is square shaped with four entry point and a circular center point. It is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues, a visual representation of Buddhist teachings.

Marcel: What about the Borobudur sim in Second Life, including the Prambanan Temple and the environment surrounding the temples?

Aryluke: We built the sim with real-life concept, everyone can visit and see those stunning stoneworks in real-life around the tropical environment I've tried my best to perform.

Marcel: Please introduce your team members in building the sim.

Aryluke: I build this sim myself, started with the terrain level and rezzing all the pieces of stuff. It took 2 days but before that my close friend Passie (Pascale Boucher) the creator of Brussels Sim which was very famous before, helped me a lot to build the temples and monument. My faithful friends Kiara and Benq, and some local Indonesian friends also supported me in promoting and fund raising as well. We really enjoyed working hand in hand until finally our sim was elected to be shown in SL Editor's Picks in 2013.

Marcel: OK, is there a regular event for the public that is held on Borobudur sim?

Aryluke: Not yet with the new Sim, we had some with the old such as exhibition, 'open mic' cafe for language practice, photography, etc.

Interesting to visit and enjoy the beautiful sim of Borobudur Temple? Here is the LM:

Marcel Mosswood

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Easter Town

By Gemma Cleanslate

Hooray ! Easter Town is open. Laura Liberty has recreated her cute little town with all the fun activities again this year.  Just landing there is a burst of spring with all that goes with it. Right away it feels like Easter .Across the bridge the band is playing and the Peeps race track is ready and waiting for you .Be careful! If you want a good overview of the whole town take a balloon ride. This is not a typical balloon ride so hang on which ever way you want.

There is a fun Easter egg coloring contest going on with a place to work on your egg and then send it off for placement on the judging stand. There are rules so get the notecard that explains all. The top winner gets 1000 L. There are several categories with other  L prizes to try for. The total winnings are 4000L so take a chance!

Do you need anything for Easter decor? If so this is the place to look. All the food decor dispenses food. There are garlands , arches,  lots of bunnies, balloons and so much more. The clothing ranges from very casual to formal. Along the walk by the way, you will find gachas too.  Do not miss the free bunny hopper ! There are several ways to get around and I try a few but choose to walk,

My favorite part of Easter town is taking a picture with the Easter Bunny.Look for her. This is not the cute little Easter bunny that quietly hops around mind you .This is Tina (tanyja Resident)!

 Fun interactive builds are all over the region just look for them as you walk around . This is a wonderful place to take photos . Here I am after gorging on chocolate with the burping bunny. Yum .

There is a hunt going on so look for Easter eggs hidden everywhere. Townies group members get some special eggs so consider joining the group. That way you can keep an eye on the other towns that appear during the year. They are all great fun. Halloween is the next one .. a long wait! This Town will be here until the 22nd. Go immerse yourselves in Easter.

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, March 29, 2019

"Spring Awakenings" at Ce Soir Arts

By Gemma Cleanslate

Ce Soir sent out a notice that there is a new exhibit with a variety of artists showing their works. As usual I missed the opening party but went over to see the exhibit. It was my first time in the sim so I spent time wandering around looking structures all over the region. It is a delightful region where  there is so much art in many forms .

The builds range from small enclosures just for relaxing and chatting to a lovely large chateau for events and outdoor parcels for smaller events. As you wander hop into a scene on one of the interactive structures for pictures if you like.

From their website , for this time of year ...“ The spring season is our primary inspiration, but artists have been invited to explore the meaning of AWAKENINGS for themselves. What inspires, what moves the spirit? What opens the mind and broadens the horizons? What shakes one free from the doldrums that sometimes come from a long winter - or other darker time? Consider all - and express it artistically, using a range of media. Enjoy SPRING AWAKENINGS at Ce Soir Arts! “

The list of exhibitors is extensive but notecards about the artist can be found near their particular exhibit. I recognized some of them but found  newer artists that I have not seen exhibiting. I counted 22 artists  showing so it is well worth a long walk around the pleasant paths.  I found two machinima links along the road , one very thougthful by my friend Secret Rage that you can see here .

and the other charming by Terramerhyem   .

 I was having trouble with that one and Mimi (MimiMusette Resident), an assistant on the sim came to help. Don’t miss the lovely poetry as you move along the trails. There will be much to see on your walk.

While I was in the sim there was an event going on at the Magic Tree Reading spot where RUSSELL EPONYM, Poet Laureate of the sim and  the “ Music Whisperer”, was entertaining the group with his music , most of which are story songs , many of his own.

The owner of the sim, Mirielle Jenvieve, was hosting. You will see some of her lovely art around the sim. She is responsible for all the beauty you can enjoy in the sim. There is  no group to join but there is a subscribo near the Magic Tree Reading Spot . You will land there . I shall be returning.

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Interviewing Jasmine Dawn And Nydia Tungsten About The Happy Vixen

By Deaflegacy

The Happy Vixen is the beach club of the Sunweaver community, as well as for the group of the owner's friends, Nydia's Angels. It is owned by Nydia Tungsten and managed by both Snowbuns (Skylark Lefavre) and the Newser's own Bixyl Shuftan. Recently, the club was remodeled, and the job fell to Jasmine Dawn (Orasine), whom also has done a few Halloween builds for the club. I met up with Jasmine to talk to her about the club.

Jasmine described her position at the Happy Vixen, “As security and as it's builder. I help as needed and when something needs tweaked.”

I was wondering how long Jasmine has been part of the Happy Vixen Club.  “Oh for years, this club used to be over where the Redfoxx clan is now and it started out as a work in progress place.” said Jasmine.  “Orginaly it was a covered dock side club, very small place.  Nydia Tungsten wanted something bigger.”

I asked Jasmine about the new Happy Vixen Club that we were sitting on. “This place?" she said, "It originally was a club set on another sim that Nydia controls. Very little traffic there. But it had potential for a great open air type club.  I seen it and felt it a shame the design wasn't being used as much it should. The question came up about a rebuild and this place (in the other place) was the first idea of many I had.  It offered more room for the patrons, seating and followed suit in the beach theme. There is still things that needs be done for the reopening tomorrow evening (March 17).  I still need work on a spot for Geerkil to sit when he is here.  Geerkil, if you didn't know, is a giant Seawolf type dragon.” Geerkil's large body means he takes up more room than other DJs.

My next question was would Jasmine continue being with the Happy Vixen for a long time.  “For as long as I am needed, " Jasmine replied, "Or till management can find someone better.”

While Jasmine and I were talking, club owner Nydia Tungsten came along.  I invited her to join in the interview.

I asked Jasmine what inspires her to build an amazing club like the Happy Vixen.  “Well, I do it for the people," she replied, " I see people sitting around, nothing to do really or really no place to hang out at. I like giving things that occupy their time and when it is here at a place I've helped with.  It makes it better.  I've done many things as events in the past, did the haunted Halloween maze and the haunted house.  Everyone really enjoyed the haunted maze and the woods style club area.”

I asked Nydia about her role in the The Happy Vixen Club. She replied,  “Well... I own THV and created it for alternate days for the space club.”

My next question to her was how long has she been an owner of The Happy Vixen Club.  “Since it was created," She answered, “Well the first one was VERY simple but popular build.  But that one was build by my friend Treminari.”

I asked Nydia how long would she continue to be the owner of The Happy Vixen Club.  She replied, “As long as I can.”

I told Jasmine that I think she did a remarkable job on the particular build.  “I always try to put my best foot, hoof, forward in my builds.” she said, “I'm always about, mostly hamming it up with friends but like now, I'm wondering what I am missing.”

It was an interesting interview.  Not only did I get to interview the builder of an awesome club, I also get to interview her boss. 

You can go to The Happy Vixen Club at:


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

St. Patrick's Town

By Gemma Cleanslate

I already see people dressed in their green finery with top hats for St. Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks are floating around the grid and the day is not til the 17th of March.  Not only the Irish celebrate that day in Ireland but people all over the world  join in the fun for one day and assume being Irish.

Second Life is no different. Laura Liberty of Townies has gone all the way with a marvelous sim chuck full of Irish fun and music. While her Mardi Gras street was open for dancing and shopping she was busy building the venue . I peeked in and saw the progress and  now it is open for you to visit and enjoy.

There is a whole building of outfits for both women and men from toes to top of the head. I controlled myself tho I did get one outfit. The ones I saved from last year seem to have disappeared. I also bought a shamrock  necklace and earrings.

Another building carries the latest in decor for your sim , club or home. Shamrocks, lots of  balloons, arches,  and of course Leprechauns, and delicious buffets filled with good Irish food and drink.  Make your own card is available too!

Instead of a tunnel of love or scary ride through, there is a gold hunt in a tunnel. Rezz a little mining car and make your way through looking for gold bars that the leprechauns evidently dropped. Of course stop off for a drink or two at the bar deep in the hill but watch for that gold!! There is mining going on all the time. Prizes are in the bars.

At the foot of the rainbow mountain gold coins lie in a pool and  fly and you can too! Check it out.  HA. As you walk by try out the Irish jig dance balls. I was dancing to “Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies” so enable music! After that adventure wander over to the beer dunking game. Hope your aim is good, and you need a friend(victim) with you .

I ran into my friend tina (tanyja Resident), a manager in Townies sims dancing the jig and watching the fun. Don’t miss it while it is open. Thanks Laura!

Easter Town coming next!!!

Gemma Cleanslate

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A New Intercontinental Route for Pod Riders

By Klaus Bereznyak

In an exciting announcement last week, Yavanna Llanfair announced to the Pod Rider's Group that a new pod route was being trialed between the Corfeld pod station on Corsica and the DeMorgan pod station on Gaeta V.

Yavanna said, "At the moment, the pod is running in the Route Maintenance livery, as this route is a long way from completion! It will remain on-demand only unless we can get LL to change parcel flags in the channel between continents."

Any extension to the network of yavascript pod tours, created and maintained by Yavanna, is great news for mainland explorers in Second Life. That this one rides across and between two continents is particular cause for celebration. The route passes through some fascinating areas with much to see and, of course, includes a tranquil boat ride through open waters.

The tour currently runs only in one direction, starting at Corfeld, and taking in part of the Circuit de Corse, Corsica's famous, island-wide racetrack.

Speed can be adjusted by pressing the [Page Up] or [Page Down] keys. My preference is to go at about 40% speed, which gives time for the scenery to rez and be enjoyed. At this pace the whole trip took about an hour and a half.

Shortly after departing Corfeld, the tour passes through Laika's Village and wild animals can be seen in enclosures on both sides of the road. A long slope then leads to a shopping complex in Brendon, where the skyline is dominated by an enormous GRAM robot.

On the bridge at Fisher's Rest, the pod turns into a boat and this was the only point on the route where a little jump was experienced, presumably to get round a local obstacle. Apart from that there was really no sense that the tour was in beta.

With environment set to local default, however, throughout the route it was obvious that the introduction of EEP (the Environmental Enhancement Project, which gives region and parcel owners more control over windlight settings) has given rise to inconsistencies in the time of day from sim to sim, and this messes with the natural immersiveness of mainland travel.

The next leg of the journey is a lovely ride out into the bay and between the headlands at Jemmica. There are views of the seaboard communities that are rarely glimpsed except by sailors.

The lighthouse at Debelox is virtually the last glimpse of Corsican mainland before open waters are reached.

The western coast of Gaeta V comes into sight after a short crossing, but the pod skirts north and follows it for a bit, eventually coming in to a narrow channel at Zeord. This is actually an open water canal segment of Route 7, served by various docks maintained by LDPW. Waterside residences crowd the shores of the channel up to Sunspiral Rez Zone, where the pod turns into a road vehicle again and continues on Route 7.

There's not a lot of abandoned land on this side of Gaeta, but plenty of evidence of ongoing development in the characteristically chaotic style of Second Life Mainland.

Traffic cones narrowing the road around Putnam suggest that LDPW is also active in the area  as well as signaling the approach of the end of the tour in DeMorgan.

On alighting at the Yavascript Pod Station in Demorgan you are right alongside an intriguing, brand new citadel that announces itself as the New Home of the leSabre Press Blogs. Built on land acquired on the 15th of February this year, this looks like an extensive work in progress worth exploring.

This pod route will be a marvellous addition to the variety of scripted vehicle experiences in Second Life and will hopefully open up some unsung corners of the mainland to more exploration and development. Many thanks to Yavanna!

Corfeld Pod Station:

For more on the Yava Script Pods:

Klaus Bereznyak

Monday, February 25, 2019

Update on Montecito Bay

By Bixyl Shuftan

A few weeks after the disaster that wrecked the southeast corner of Montecito Bay, the affected area is getting closer to being back to normal. The majority of the rubble has been cleaned up, and the rebuilding will presumably begin shortly.

The cause of the disaster remains unclear, and other than what appeared to be a photograph with a flying saucer in the corner, no other evidence has been forthcoming. The city will only say investigations are continuing.

But it's not just in the southeast that the repairs are being done. A look at the Oceanside Galleria building where in December a strange saucer-shaped craft crashed showed it had been torn down and the steel skeleton for a new building going up. The saucer was on the ground. Although there were still surveillance vehicles around, the first time I dropped by, there didn't seem to be anyone around. On lunch break perhaps?

I got closer to the strange craft, and there didn't seem to be any sign of a cockpit on the damage craft. Either it had been removed, or the craft was a drone of some kind. If the later, was it some kind of military experiment, or something else?

I took a quick peek inside one of the surveillance vehicles in which the door was left open. But there was no information out in the open and the computers were locked. There was still some rubble that was around the building, but I didn't pay much attention to it, at first.

Taking a few pictures, and showing them to local resident Moff, he thanked me, saying this was more than the authorities investigating the craft were telling him. Gin Ghostraven, who was nearby, told me he got close enough to take some pictures. He showed me a picture of the rubble from a different angle, and there was a car with what looked like a hand sticking out. What looked a little like a body could be seen inside. Curious, I went back for a closer look.

The result was the most startling thing I'd seen in my Montecito Bay investigations since the slime monsters. Inside the wrecked car was what looked like a body all right. But it was neither human or furry. It was a bald, green-skinned humanoid in a space suit with three fingers per hand. But this time, the place wasn't quite empty as I thought I heard shouts to get away. Deciding discretion was the better part of valor when it came to UFO crash sites and investigators, I made my exit.

What the clues gathered point to is obvious. But big claims require big proof. The UFO and the "body," the latter of which could easily have been a mannequin of some kind, are in the hands of Federal investigators and the military. And they frankly aren't talking. If it's a military experiment, why would they be trying a design that a few decades ago had failed? It's possible this was some rich man's prank that went awry when it crashed. And neither explanation covers the "street circles" and the Groundhog Day incident.

Presumably what happens next is rebuilding. There's already a "Flying Pickle Park" at Montecito Bay (171/30/24) which leads to the humorously-themed club of Sheba Metaluna. And with the big piece of evidence down from the old Galleria, it will likely be gone soon as well as the body (or mannequin). And with them the chance for the town authorities for solid answers. But as it doesn't seem to take long for something else weird to happen around here, it's likely the town will move on and residents can pick and choose from the official exploration, and that made from the few clues gathered from townsfolk and media.

Stay tuned for further details.

Note: The preceding is a fun article based on goings-on by the people of Montecito Bay themselves and not the actions of any griefer.

Bixyl Shuftan