Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Town

By Gemma Cleanslate

Easter Town is open for fun! Laura Liberty has opened it up for all to come shop and play. I was talking to the unusual Easter Bunny (tina (tanyja Resident)) who helps Laura with all the townies and is also a Santa “helper” .There are six events of Townies during the year but I have not seen them all yet. This is my third. You have until about the 18th to get over there and enjoy.

I took a balloon ride over town to get a good overview.  In the quaint colorful shops you will find any decor you want for your home or region. I  also saw some really Easter clothes and cute costumes for adults and kids. Lots of kids things as you imagine with Easter bunnies, eggs , and  toys, party decorations for kiddies and adults. 

Outside there are wonderful games and decor to buy and you can try them out before you invest.  I found an avatar working on an egg decoration in the rezz zone just for that purpose.There is a 7000L prize contest  going on so get your creative juices going . I picked up a cute free egg avatar and will try that on.

There is a great little carrot car to rezz and drive around in or you can cruise  in one of the  broken egg shells along the waterway. There is a race track for peeps Races.

20 Eggs are placed around the region inside the shops and out so make sure you look for those cute prizes while you are there. I am in the middle of finding them so will be going back for more searching. I am glad they are big enough to see because I give up hunts quickly if I cant find things. 

Make sure you get yourself there this week especially if you need decor for your event or home. Easter Town will be up only until April 18. If you want to keep aware of the townies and the builds during the year you can join the group, or you can subscribe for messages. There is a subscriber sign near the entrance.

Gemma Cleanslate   

Friday, March 10, 2017

Calas Skate-O-Rama

By Gemma Cleanslate

What a treat ! Those who love skating, ice or roller, have an opportunity to enjoy a rink for the month of March. You can grab a friend and go skating or get to a party.  The owners of Calas Galadhon, Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith have a marvelous build that is reminiscent of the days when roller skating was most popular in a setting that brings many thoughts  of those days.

I arrived at the bus stop on Route 66 in the middle of the desert surrounded by high mountains. A river flowed around the land. In front of me stood a majestic  pale blue Art Deco structure with lights beaming up into the sky and a sign that read Calas Skate-O-Rama. To the right I saw a truck moving along the road  and to the left, far down the road, a Stuckey’s sign and past that a lighted sign for the infamous Bates Motel. I headed straight to the Skating rink.

Before I reached the doors I had to stop in the parking lot to admire all the gorgeous cars of the era. I think this is the largest collection of  vintage cars I have seen in one place in Second Life .The picture only captures half of them. I also  spied some side car motorcycles near the door .  Once through the doors I found myself again in the open air.  I picked up a free pair of skates as I  passed.

My first stop was at the Skate In Diner where I ordered a burger and cola that was  delivered to me by Alicia Underby. My mother used to tell me of the fun she had skating at the local rinks when she was a kid. I have been to a few at the beach myself. The rink is a massive wooden floor with sync skating if you like. It is fun to skate in the open air. 
<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>
<p><a href="">Calas presents Skate-O-Rama!</a> from <a href="">Calas Galadhon</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>
 A nearby board showed me there will be skate parties all during the month at night and on weekends. A stage is all set up for the djs. 
I was sorry to have missed the wild opening but Romie Vella shared photos with me. You can see the opening party at this link.
 <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>
<p><a href="">Savannah Rain Opening Night at Skate-O-Rama!</a> from <a href="">Calas Galadhon</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>
Here is the bus stop to start your own skating party or get to one of the events listed. I hope to get to at least one of them.  Maybe I will see you there!
Gemma Cleanslate

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sakura Matsuri

By Bloodykitty

Welcome to Sakura Matsuri, better known as Nakamisei Street. This place is filled with small vendors of Japanese related things as well as cute stuff. The sim is located in the region of Ryukyu and owned by MORE Laville. Have you ever wanted cute clothes? Your in luck. Appliers? Sure! Items for your home? You bet your bottom! This lovely decorated market is home to all of those wonderful things.

Now I didn't get a chance to shop but I was mainly looking around the square and it's so beautiful with its small buildings, lanterns hanging all over the place, as well as the pink trees. Of course if you zoom out this sim may seem small but it's quite a good adventure to go through every single item, looking for the right one. Now I've been a shopping addict for as long as I can remember on Second Life, especially as soon as I got my few hundred lindens. Time to drop till you shop!

I recommend going here and checking it out, whether or not you plan to shop. The sights and sounds are a wonderful addition to every sim, especially a Japanese styled one. While there may not be music, there's still other sounds to enjoy while browsing and exploring. Come down today and hang around, maybe you'll even see me there!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cerridwen's Cauldron

By Fritter Enzyme

An emerald gem of a sim in Second Life, Cerridwen's Cauldron can offer you hours of exploration, with fun and wonderful photographic possibilities.  Fantasy flora and buildings are the theme.  And I know, you haven’t seen anything like them.  Underwater, on the land and in the air, there is no shortage of relaxing environments to meet up, snuggle and dig the music from Groove Salad on the stream. 

The Dawn Tower spires up to offer beautiful and exotic views of this land.  Pierlounge is a small waterfront hangout.  Fungiloung with its glowing mushrooms and waterways has much to take in.  There are two tree lounges, again with great views from the sky.  I like the emloung, it is a cavern, with large glowing crystals, water and a bar.  Plants as well fill it with a mysterious aura.  More places than that to teleport to, but sometimes the fun is in the walking about between the locations given.  Midnight setting is cool, but I like more light for photography, in most cases.  It does give I a special splendor in the dark with all things glowing around you.  What a great thing it would be to see this in 3D!

You are going to like what you see, and better yet, you can purchase these items to bring to your own home in Second Life.  The basalt blocks, fungi, trees, most everything there is in the store vendors.  Low prim and nice prices.  There are even avatars to get. Do you like the buildings and structures that fill the sky and land?  Teleport to the building rez platform, vendors there can show them for you, to obtain your own part of the magic.

Now, don’t forget to join the group, you get invited to events, roleplaying, a free Order of the Spirit cloak, and other gifts.  If you enjoy it, why not expand the experience?

I always like to remind everyone to tip, even small amount, it all builds up, it all counts.  Look what kids did with the March of Dimes.  Having said that, the owner of this sim has a father with serious medical problems, so, if you can, pull a few Lindens out of those little pixel pockets and place them in one of the tip jars about.  Or buy many of the things you like there, because you will like what you see at Cerridwen's Cauldron!

Fritter Enzyme

Addition: A benefit event is being planed for the sim's creator Elicio Ember from April 1 to April 9, the details can be found in the press release

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mardi Gras at Jade Isle

By Gemma Cleanslate

There are so many daily parties going on in sl now to celebrate Mardi Gras. To find them just check the list of events put out by the Lindens. For a look at Mardi Gras as celebrated in New Orleans a visit to Mardi Gras New Orleans at Jade Isle. The region is the installation of Frannydj Dean. She put extraordinary work into it this year and added some new interactives.

The entrance is in a shop that offers some food and drinks to enjoy! Grab the free beads ! It is fun to land there and walk out onto to street where the spectacular parade is passing by. It is the best parade of floats I have seen in all my years in sl. Don’t just stand there and look join in! I like to walk down the street and then jump on a float and become part of the party.

I tried out a bunch of them this year, dancing along with the music.

There are admiring people standing along the route. After you do your dancing on the floats take time to visit the shops and restaurants along the street. I had a piece of king cake in one and a wild drink in another.  There are teleports that will take you to four wonderful party venues where you can dance the night away.

My favorite is the Paddle wheel Steam Boat where you dance on the upper deck. The Jazz Club at the other end of the sim is the other 

On the other side of the park I found a huge carnival with all the rides you enjoy. Then take a walk into the park and along the water front to see the sights.  Standing on the waterfront I felt like I was really  in New Orleans. Wandering back be sure to look at the houses and other buildings along the way to prolong the feeling. There is not much time left before it all comes to and end for another year.

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler !

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, February 24, 2017

CADERU 2017 Valentine

By Bloodykitty

 Ever wanted to enjoy what's left of February as well as Valentine's Day? Now you can! This may just look like a simple little town but it's oh so much more! Besides all the pretty building structures, lights, and all of the glowing lights you can shop as well! Upon following the arrows down the road and admiring the sights around you and taking note of the advertisements, it's really a beautiful place to be.
CADERU 2017 Valentine is located in the region of Clover, the estate being titled as Metabirds2 and owned by Asma Harcourt. I had gotten a few looks around the place and even went into the main area which upon going inside the tunnel at the end of the lighted arrows is a little market. There you can buy from gachas and main vendors on whatever goodies your heart desires. I would've bought some stuff myself but as a renter we all must save a little buck or two right?

Inside the shop there are some wonderful vendors and gachas and at really neat prices too for those of you who are looking to save a buck like myself for other things. The items range from Valentine's Day themed to sweet treats, clothing, accessories, and other assorted goodies which you can't go wrong on!
Besides an in-world location, the little event and shop also as a site for you to go to to check them out further, some of it's in Japanese and or Chinese so you may not be able to understand unless translated, but I promise it's worth the look! Here are both the SLURL and site link for you to navigate to and explore!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Townies Presents Valentine and Mardi Gras Towns

By Gemma Cleanslate

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate ! .. greets you when you land at the entrance of Valentine Town by Laura Liberty. Candy and hearts are all around and this is a great place to shop for your valentine teddybears, gifts, balloons galore, other  decorations, and outfits. The quaint shops offer everything you can think of and more. There are a large groups of shops to explore . I saw some great greeting cards in one and in another, make your own musical card. 

There is a lovely little heart boat that lets you float along the river and under the town in a tunnel .( Would be fun with your honey.) Look for that. At the end of the ride is  a gumball machine that takes you for a harrowing ride bouncing above and below into the chocolate river and I survived. As I walked around I admired the shops and candy decor. 

And then ...

I found myself entering Mardi Gras Town!

The band was already playing the familiar tunes you hear all over New Orleans before Mardi Gras and actually all year round. I grabbed a free  hula hoop and had a great time!

Over here one can find anything they would like to have for the celebration of Mardi Gras at home or in a club.  Wonderful decor and outfits for everyone. I found some great masks in one shop. I  picked up a free Mardi Gras shirt  so look for that on a cart near the band.!

I also got a great free face animator and tried out the looks.

 I had a strong desire for a bowl of Gumbo! This is a drop in , bring friends and make a great party place. This band is here 24/7 and keeps up the music.Have a wonderful time and don’t miss it before the end of the season.    Here is the beginning of your adventure.

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Time Portal Community Hub

By Gemma Cleanslate

Frau Jo Yardley, creator of the famous Berlin Project has a new location for lovers of time travel. I visited the hub and was thrilled to experience several of her new sites that are completed and open to the public. There are more to come and under construction. France is next I believe.  The name of the ‘hub’ is “Time Portal Community for time travelers and virtual history”. Landing there for the first time is a an experience in itself. There are three spinning portals now to walk through in this scientific looking center. Three more portals have a sign saying Opening soon. 

Also on the wall there are some tiny spinning portals that will take you to destinations off site to other historical builds owned by other creators. It makes it so convenient while on exploration of the grid to just click and go. The era portrayed in these sims is also indicated in case you want to go looking like a citizen of that time and perhaps find a new role play community. On another wall is the Information board so you can keep in touch with information about the Portals and events. This region is right next to Berlin so you may wonder over there from one of the streets.  

My first trip was through the portal of the Victorian era where I stepped into the years around 1890‘s. I went through the seedy part of town to the town square.  I found horses and carriages along the streets outside the shops as I wandered along peering into the buildings . I stopped into a shop called “The Curious Seamstress" featuring clothing of the period for ladies of fashion and farther down the street I found a gentlemens shop. I stopped in at the London Hall where I found a magic lantern show set up and waiting for customers. This area is certainly a delightful reminder of historical setting the stories of Marley and Scrooge, whose shop I passed.

Walking through the next portal I entered the years of the 20-30‘s 40‘s. Here along the street I found elegant autos lined up in front of “The Calendar Club”. Numerous shows were advertised on posters in the windows and on the walls of buildings. The change of the style of the art deco buildings and furnishings showed how much  modernization had taken place between these years and the Victorian age. Shops with vintage clothing for this era. In one shop I found furniture and decor from the 1920s and next to that a vintage hat shop with stylish cloches for sale. I came across “The Curious Seamstress” again but up to date fashions in this shop.I almost bought an antique auto but controlled myself! I stopped in at the old well known Delmonico’s Restaurant known here a Clarrington’s Delmonico, bar, restaurant and shopping. Across the street I found some great gotchas. Just stepping into all the buildings is a study of history . 

Stepping into the next portal was more familiar since many remnants of the 50-60‘s still remain as part of the environment to this day in many cities.The Pink Flamingo Diner in its pastel colors ,with long cabriolets in front, is the first building your eyes are drawn to . Another eye catching build is the Cinema with posters of Jimmy Dean on the front. Again I was so tempted to buy the era car. I did stop at the pizza shop! How interesting to see the changes in the offerings of food and vendors over the decades from the Victorian era.  

There is much to see and experience in these three open portals. I would take a look now so you will be ready to visit the portals under construction when they open. It is a fun region to visit and offers opportunities for getting a look at sims off site too. I used to enjoy visiting the ports of call from the ship Galaxy. This is a similar opportunity I hope you like!  So far I have taken an out trip to Rocco Sorrentina 1784 Italy, in the baby portals on the wall. There are five more! My next trip is to Ancient Rome.   Here is your entrance.

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, January 6, 2017

Commentary: Three Sims That Deserve Being Brought Back

By Kain Scalia (Maus Merryjest)

As the ashes of yet another year crumble to dust, we can take a moment to reflect on everything that has passed us by and derive both wisdom and pleasure from the last 365 days. This is a tradition of mine, where I will sit down in a comfy chair with a little wine and a little music and look back in an attempt to derive a useful maxim for the future based upon these fading experiences. After giving it some thought and not a little consideration, I offer my maxim for 2016:
Let us not do that again.
Now with that particular hurdle out of the way, we can take stock of all the possibilities that the New Year ahead might bring- and as far as Second Life is included, that means the possibility of seeing some flashes from the past.
Now, of course, at this time we don't know if there is much momentum behind the preservation and restoration of historical sims, but surely most of you can name at least one location of your past that you would like to see returned to its former primmy glory. Therefore, to salute the beginning of a new year, I would like to propose my top three picks for my wish list:

Linden light, linden bright
First Linden that rezzed tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Relive this sim I envision tonight...

3.- Prados Azules
This stunning sim was around in 2010, and setting foot on its shores was like getting a technicolor pie to the face, thrown by the Cheshire Cat.
I admit I never really knew much about this enchanting place, making it one of my go-to places to relax and visit the 1980s- for surely this was where the decade retired. Wherever you looked you would find evidence of your childhood (if you grew up in the 80s, that is) bridges made of legos, the towering shapes of Mazinger Z and Pacman staring at you, Atari monitors, giant synthesizer keyboards (alas, no keytars) and the ever-present palette of the era raging between neon brights and the cobalt/cerulean combination that was ubiquitous during the era.
After the passing of a year that seemed obsessed with taking away a large chunk of icons from the ‘80s, maybe we could get some of it back in digital format.
2.- 109 Prim Circus
Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Second Life when it was around, this sidereal carousel rewarded visitors with a cosmic vista the likes of which one was likely to see in dreams only.
While it had merchandise for sale, it was tastefully presented in such a way as to not shatter the atmosphere of the delicate plateau suspended in the inky, starry void.
 The main attraction consisted of a chariot ride that was exquisitely planned through a literal ‘field’ of stars and constellation dolphins. Finally, if you needed a break from the phosphrescent spectacle, you could stroll and dance on stardust with your partner.
1.- DePaul University
Roughly seven years ago, you could throw a stone and have a fifty percent change of hitting a university sim in Second Life. A large number of institutions great and small felt their interests piqued over our little virtual experiment and decided to run their own experiments: extending their curriculum online.
One of the more adventurous sims belonged to DePaul University’s School of Computing and Digital Media. Managed by second life denized Andres Kleene, whose secret identity was that of a professor of Game Development for te University, the sim giddily embraced most of the Second Life culture. Professor Kleene saw an explosion in the number of tinies visiting the sim, and he obligingly made them a whole village on the west side of the sim’s mountain. The Silly Goose and the Cup Of Goodness were intricately-detailed gathering spots where one could often find students or other curious visitors with whom to converse.
Professor Kleene was very interested in the possibilities of Second Life as an educational tool, but he was also very conscious of the obstacles such places faced. In a conversation back in 2010, he said to me:
The real stumbling block is the learning curve (...) A professor in English literature studies doesn't think twice about posting a lecture on the web or giving web references, that's because he/she knows that those are accepted technologies: people are comfortable with that. Until 3D worlds are as natural to people as opening a PowerPoint presentation, we won't have the liberty to really explore this tool. We're still trailblazers, I'm afraid.”
Back in 2010, Professor Kleene felt that the dean of the college was fully behind the university’s experiment and felt no pressure from funding. Sadly, the experiment came to an end, and all that is left of the University’s sim is this user’s flythrough ( ), which does a good job of recording the cozy and charming atmosphere cultivated by its builder.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Of course, of the sims in my list, it is unlikely that the Lindens might resurrect this one- after all, it was created and belonged to an existing institution... but for its sheer atmosphere, hospitality, and spirit of experimentation, the DePaul sim will always be number one on my list.
 Kain Scalia