Friday, August 19, 2011

Railway Sidetrip

Since I wrote about the SLRR before I finished the route I thought I should take you a little farther. I decided to check out the “other” rails. I took my hobo engine to the GLSR to see the sims there. The engine passes along very nicely I was happy to find. At the end of the line I saw a sign for a ferry and there it was, arriving.

I hopped off the engine to take the ferry across the channel for a new adventure. Again, I was sidetracked by the sight of huge working oil rig sitting in the middle of the channel. Since the ferry stopped there for 60 seconds I decided to debark and check it out. I discovered that this ANWR rig is pumping out the basis of Second Life! I watched while prims came tumbling out and landed on a conveyer belt and down a holding place to wait for distribution when you need one.

After looking around for a while I went back down to wait for the ferry. You would think they could put a bench there at the waiting area. The ferry did not appear so I teleported back to origin and started over. I crossed the ANWR channel and landed at Cecropia on the Atoll. It was an interesting and enlightening side trip.

Wondering about that ANWR rig, I searched and found the answer in video you might like to see. .You can also find more about the rig in the wiki. I plan to continue my journey and let you know about more of my adventures.

Gemma Cleanslate

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