Wednesday, February 26, 2014


By Becky Shamen

For several weeks, our attention has been captured by RL and we even went a week without going on line. Now, ready to explore and report on virtual adventures, we have found a sim that is even more primitive than having no internet. We found a sim that goes back to when dinosaurs ruled the earth, 190 million years ago.

After viewing the shop, we returned to the time machine and entered the virtual Jurassic Park. As we wait for the scene to rez, we think the main adventure will be staying off the menu. In the distance, there is something red, moving about and, zooming in, it is a T-rex. Always quick to make new friends, we walk right up and greet it with, "Hi Mr. T, mind if I pose for a picture with you?" He was happy to do so and even did his best, toothy smile, when I said, "say cheese". With the picture taken, I wished him happy hunting and wandered off to see what else there was to do here.

Arriving at the sim, we are facing a time machine portal, flanked by two free avatars, a velociraptor and a time traveler. Turning around, we find a shop that sells dinosaur avatars. Not wanting to look too out of place, we wore a fur outfit that we had made.

Knowing that I could still be a between meal snack for such large creatures, it was a good Idea to turn the radar on, to keep a watch on the locals. Most of the yellow blips were at a safe distance away, but one was clearly in the air and seemed to be circling for a better look. It turned out, as expected, to be a pterodactyl, which opted to land near the T-rex, for a share of it's dinner, a freshly killed herbavore.

Having explored the whole sim and knowing an upcoming theme party involved space suits, we returned home to open the new, free time traveler avatar. We may be going back soon, to test run the free velocirapter avatar. This sim was the first and possibly only location in SL, where the only residents are sentient prehistoric reptiles. By all means, put this location on your bucket list.

Fort Nowhere (128/166/1107)

Becky "Sha" Shamen

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