Friday, September 14, 2012

The Corner of Revolving Time Celebrates

There are big doings in the Ophelia region for the next few months. This is the home of the Corner of Revolving Time, owned and operated by Vickijo Rivera. Vickijo has a cadre of designers who donate wonderful freebies that you can collect. The Corner of Revolving Time has always been one of my most favorite places in Second Life.

In this region, the Corner freebies shop right now  is filled with wonderful furniture,  rooms and rooms of it!  On the wall of the second floor you will find ten free houses that fit various size plots . They are amazing! Aside from the furniture you can find cards, cakes, other foods, balloons,  and decor for a great rezzday or birthday party. There is a raffle going on for members of the Corner of Revolving time group and have the Corner in their picks. If you join you can enter to  win 2500L every week and/or 2500 towards land purchase or rental from The Corner Estates.  Every holiday the Corner features free decor to match the day. 

My first experience when I wrote about the original location at Christmas time for the SL Newspaper and met Vickijo. That was way back in December of 2007 when I was amazed at all the fine Christmas trees, bulbs, banners, santas and more that were set out for the taking, all for free! From that time on I have been proud to be associated with the Corner as it moved from region to region at various times. Back in the “olden days” of SL I also camped at the Corner. I fished a lot at the Corner, and finally became a fishing hostess over 3 years ago. 

Right now there are contests held at the Corner every day and on most days there are two contests, morning and afternoon SL times. Fishing at the corner has always been fun. Besides the 7seas fishing bounties there are always prime customs to catch. There are first catch custom bounties that can be redeemed for 1000L.There are level up and Hall of Fame rods too.  At the fishing site right now there is another raffle board that will allow you to enter daily for a 1000L drawing held  every Monday night. Just wear the tag and have it in your picks. This raffle will go on for three months until the actual anniversary date, November 5, and perhaps after. There are more specials to come at the fishing area. 

There is also a new mall in the region and a great train ride around a park area. Qwark Allen hosts a party every week in the Corner Virtual Club, where I host for him. It is a great place to hang out and use the icons to change the scenes on the walls to take you all around the world and into space. 

Some people set their home to The Corner where Vickijo has always welcomed everyone. Of the Corner she says, ”Each of us has a special talent in this world and this group is for both creators and for those that just 'dig in the dirt' and enjoy anothers' gifts that give freely. Our future is immeasurable as other places are found abandoned, places we used to go became war zones, and all who are restless will first appear here as a stranger but leave a friend.  Amor Fati! (love of fate).”  That is the tag of group members.   

You will find TP pads on the ground to help you move around the sim or just take a walk and admire the pleasant surroundings. this is the fishing area, and if you are looking for the terrific freebies and the raffle  start here 

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11 Stairclimb Tribute at Areo Pines

I’m not exactly Captain America when it comes to patriotism or love for my country, however I think it’s fair to say that the events of 9/11 in New York and Washington DC was and is a day to be respected.

In real life I remember hearing people exclaim on the TV and radio that the World Trade Center was demolished by the terrorist attack. I was in shock that day thinking of the senseless loss of life. Politics aside you had to respect what just happened.

Bixyl asked me to check out a live exhibit at the Aero Pines recreation park sim and recreation area in Second Life. When I warped to the sim, I saw an excellent replica of the World Trade Center in memory of said events. To honor the firefighters who risked their lives their day, there was free firefighting clothes to wear to dress up like a real life firefighter. It came with a fire hose you could click to spray water. The exhibit asked that when you walk to the top to wear the fire fighter clothes.

Part of the exhibit was to simply have your avatar walk up the stairs to the very top. Just like the real life world trade center it was a tall building to walk up. No five stories to walk up and you’re done it was easily 100 or more. I’m not in top physical shape in real life. I could imagine that was not an easy feat walking up those stairs if that was the real version of Grease. It never crossed my mind to cheat by flying up the stairs. Walking up took a good ten minutes or so.

Before I started my hike up towards the top I saw a video screen like a wide screen TV it played a video of a cameraman following firefighters around on that horrific day. What started as a routine call turned into pure chaos as he followed them around watching the building burn on fire after the plane crash. He also recorded firefighters working hard risking their lives. The video portrayed the second building collapsing and the debris falling all around the area. He went back to the fire house seeing firemen cry as they realized not all their friends made it back. The cameraman, a man with a foreign accent, was devastated after he realized his brother was gone. Further in the video was cleanup where the fire department and more was clearing the debris and more to look for anyone who was still alive. Morale was low as they discovered bodies of dead firefighters and people unlucky enough to be in the way of the collapsed building.

When I got to the top there was a guestbook to share your thoughts. I made a notecard talking about being concerned for my real life sister who lives in the NYC area. Luckily she’s still alive. In addition to that, a little past 9/11 I worked for Sprint as a telemarketer in the Washington DC area. I forget what day it was, but I remember there was a bomb threat in that building. Everyone was sent home. I was fearful of what could happen. That building still stands today, however a bomb threat is still something to take seriously.

Watching the video I was distracted by a sound spammer whom I was angry about as I was booted a few times from my dolphin viewer by lag. I was sure to report her and I talked to a woman who said she was pushed down the stairs by people rushing by. Imagine if that was a real life scene. No one should be pushed downstairs in second or real life.

Lexi Abonwood, "... and I got pushed down stairs by people."

Grease Coakes, "Really? That was rude kind of goes against the spirit of 9/11, being pushy against your fellow man or woman."

Lexi Abonwood, "I agree with you, we are supposed to be remembering the people who helped

Me and a total stranger got the general idea. It’s still a day to move on with our lives and do day to day things. However you cannot ignore or forget what happened that day and the lives that were lost. Not everyone is as brave as a firefighter or a superhero from the comics so we can certainly admire their bravery and sacrifice for that day.

For more on stairclimb tributes, Areo Pines' owner Cindy Bolero mentioned this website:

Grease Coakes