Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Museums of Archaeology

While greeting at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in education I met Qvintvs Petilivs Secvndvs   (SeverusAlexander Resident). I learned that he is an owner of the Museums of Archaeology in Second Life. I decided to visit the museum since it was completely new to me.

What a wonderful place this is for those who have an interest in history in general and those who love to visit regions with builds that are enticing,builds related to the past or to places we never expect to visit in real-life.

The Hub is the landing place where there is a gift shop featuring lovely ancient items that come from the various museums, a library filled with enough information to possibly acquire a degree. Some is on notecards , some on the web. Pick up a hud there when you land,that will guide you to the venues. There are also teleports at every stop.

I went to the Orbis Romanus first to visit an ancient urban area and view the monuments . At the entrance there is a map showing all the areas in the build. As you pass through the gates you feel the change of the of the time as you enter the ancient city . This would have been a wonderful way to learn about the building and columns of the past instead of looking at a flat book page. Listen to the sounds of the city as you walk. Information balls are on every build along with pictures of reconstruction and the original site of the building. It is an education!

My next stop was at the Ortem Project where you will see a collection of amazing inventions of the Roman times. A hall filled with all the armor and uniforms of the various times of the Roman Empire along with time maps of the progress of the growth of the Empire.Upstairs are examples of the very modern looking inventions for building and movement from that era.Some of this technology is still visible in our world today. Outside, near Caesar’s bridge  is a rezzer to see some of the tools  yourself. I rezzed a crane that really looked familiar, even close to the large cranes we see today,  and then rezzed an Elephant pulling an onager with troops behind.

From there I visited the Vatican Library , an imposing replica of a  beautiful hall of the library in Vatican City. Next I went over to the Mindan Museum. The story of the Minoan civilization of Crete and the Aegean Sea is told on boards around a build of the Palace of Knossos that shows the architecture of the time rediscovered in explorations of Crete in the late 18th century. See how lost history is recreated here .

The Chateau de Chenonceau is a replica of a famous castle on the Loire in France. Cedric Hansome donated his Second Life build to the museum when he retired to real-life. The grounds and the out buildings are charming . The Chateau itself is filled with period furniture and lovely art pieces. Roam the halls, climb the stairs, and open doors to view it all.

My last visit was to the Viking era Royal Residence at Tisso , Denmark. The contrast between this and the chateau are almost a shock when you arrive. A much different style of building and life .Outside the wooden wall there is a little library where you can see the reconstruction of the original site . There is so much detail to discover in this marvelous library that I will leave for you to find yourself. It would take reams of paper to describe everything .

QVINTVS said about the sim, “  I founded it and have some good friends, who are excellent builders. So I have the ideas and the archaeological groundplans and usually I am the person who gives the conferences mostly. And yes, sometimes a friend of us, also archaeologist, she is prof. at an American university, brings her rl students there sometimes.” It is well worth a visit go and experience .

Gemma Cleanslate