Friday, July 31, 2020

Wedcot Center Park

By Gemma Cleanslate

The ad said “Disney tribute - Celebrate the future with Spaceship Earth, Horizons, Soarin', Test Track, World Showcase and more. Amusement WDW Rides theme park magic kingdom carnival Garden,”  So off I went after my tour of Wedcot Center Park.

My visit to  started with a pram tour of the grounds which gives one a great overview of all the buildings to be visited and the lovely landscaping of the region. As I exited I  grabbed a guidemap and a times schedule at the bottom of the stairs and began the long walk to explore all the scientific buildings.

I stopped at the grand Globe of course , rezzed a vehicle and found myself on a tour of the short , pointed marvelous history of the world and man from cave living to computer.

It was a good review before moving on to the unknown future world.

As I entered  my next  stop, The Land, I took some time  to have a snack in their cafeteria then entered. Most of the food there is grown right in the exhibit. One thing I love about these guided tours is the riding in a vehicle with explanations of the views as we pass them . The Land is a great example of learning  that is fun and informative.. The second life prims and mesh are integrated in to the greenhouses. (Subtile “clean your inventory “ hints here too. )Across the way with the entrance in the cafe is another delightful tour that takes you around the world in video, again, seated .

My next stop was at The Sea. While there is a ride there that is interesting and cute , upstairs there is a aquarium and learning lessons on the fish and care of the sea. I picked up a nice free piece of coral while there and  bought a cute shirt on the way out.

I found a  short ride on a boat that took me over  to World Showcase. Of course  I fell off the dock exiting the boat  into the deep waters but was able to tp back before I drowned. There are very inexpensive outfits and items from around the world in the lovely shops representing the culture of various countries. This is a charming  little area to walk through. Hungry again I picked up a California roll at the Katsura Grill to enjoy while strolling.

There is so much to do here at the Park and more to see so I left some for you to discover. Hint:look for Beauty and The Beast dancing in a park. Take more than a few hours vacation at the enjoyable park.
here !

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, July 24, 2020

Disney Enchanted Adventures

By Gemma Cleanslate

Since Disney parks have opened up all over the world  I thought I would go on a trip to a Second Life theme park inspired by Disney. When I arrived at Enchanted ... it was quiet at the entrance and through out the park so I was able to take my time and experience all the glory without crowds and lines.

Main Street is lovely . Towering above at the far end of the street is the charming Storybook Castle. To get there I skipped the trolley ride offered  and meandered down the street stopping in the shops along the way. Souvenirs to clothing are available for the visitors and I checked them all and decided what to buy on the way out . I love the character dolls in one shop but controlled myself.

Entering the Castle courtyard I stopped to take a quick spin on the cheerful Merry-go-round. Part of the castle appears to be under construction. I made my way over to the Fantasia Canal boats that winds its way  through the gardens and tunnels nearby. The music was delightful and the scenes lovely and some a bit familiar. It has been a while since I visited a Disney Park.

I hopped the boat to get over to Mysterious Island. I made it but ah, well.the elevator there seems to be out of order  (more construction I believe) so I could only walk around the dark mountain and wonder what it could contain. I did see that there is much building going on outside the Main Street area so will stay tuned to see what comes along. I walked over to check out the pirate boat at the far landing which was made by my old friend Aley.

I made my way to a cemetery and entered a haunted house nearby and took the strange ride through. The feeling at the Mysterious Island and in this area are not  light and airy as at the Main Street but it was all fun! Take a walk along the path to Whispering Woods near the Fantasia boat stop and have some more early Halloween .

It was good to get back to Main Street and the lighter side.  There is a parade there on Fridays at 2:00 pm. As I got ready to leave the region a float  parade came down the street so I hopped on the Alice float and went along. There is a group joiner at the entrance and also landmarks for many fun places in sl . I think I will stop over at Wedcot ..... next! Have fun!  will take you to the entrance of an enthralling visit .

Gemma Cleanslate