Monday, March 11, 2024

Colourado And Perfect Paradise

By Gemma Cleanslate

Cica Ghost had a charming installation called Colourado. A group of us took at trip over with Andee Cooper to see it. Cica’s little critters are always so cute . Some of them look right inside of you to check you out as you wander. She makes new installations often and it is great to visit them and see what new inventions she has come up with.

While we wandered we found interactive pieces to have some fun. Here we sat on one of the creatures to discuss what we were looking at.

We were happy to meet Cica who came over to greet us all. She talked about her work in Second Life and her love of creating . I am sorry to say that this build closed on March 3 but Cica is already working on her now creation. One can see many of her older and newer art pieces on the SL Marketplace or at her shop. I will let you know when her new installation opens.

After this visit we flew over to Perfect Paradise Community to explore this amazing region.“Join us for a social experiment of creating an ideal society. A sanctuary of music, poetry, philosophy, community, consensus, wildlife conservation, environmental, creative, supportive, esoteric, exploration. Values of kindness and caring for all. “

The entrance area seen above shows an idea of what to expect as you wander about. Look for a teleport circle on the ground and see what is offered to visitors. It will take you to some wonderful sites to explore.

Shenn Coleman, a builder there, offered this greeting ,”Welcome to the Perfect Paradise Gemma. I invite you to explore in the sky and underwater, I have created several secret places to share the beauty and to make pictures, you'll find several gates, feel free to walk in to go to other scenes into the sky .Ari plays the piano live every weekday at 7 pm and Sunday too, you are welcome to join us, open stream music if you can its more immersive.” Shen offered a folder with lots of information about the community. I hope you can get one.

This lovely community has been here since 2008. They welcome “kind and gentle, loving souls here, people who love to laugh and sing and listen to music, who are interested in conversation, debate, spirituality and vibrant discussions.”

There are so many sites to relax and enjoy the surroundings . A meditation area offers peace. There are meditation classes and many poetry meetings. The Gallery has pods with art pieces displayed and there is a Monastery. You will enjoy visiting this region alone or with friends .

Gemma Cleanslate

Editors Note: Gemma would email one of the people behind Perfect Paradise, Jonquil (Esthezia Andel) if the creator was still around. He would answer:

The original creators of Perfect Paradise, Miralee Munro and HarpoonDodger Freenote, are no longer in SL. Ownership of the island is now shared by a small group, including me. But I do not think of myself as an "owner", more like a caretaker or steward. I am helping to keep the island open for creative uses like music, meditation, and poetry.

I was not around for the early years of Perfect Paradise, so can't tell you much about that history. You could learn more from devanahousha, who is a longtime member. Also Shenn Coleman and Arisia Vita.