Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Bellisseria Anniversary Grounds And Bubbles

By Gemma Cleanslate

I could not make the Opening of the Bellisseria 5th Anniversary Celebration but arrived during the after party, however Kalia Cherry Anatine-Hax (Kalia Anatine)sent me a link to Abnor Mole ‘s speech .

He was the honored invited speaker since he with the LPDW Moles has helped Bellisseria develop all along the way. It is a lovely speech giving credit to all who really make Bellissseria what it is.

I did take some time to collect flowers from the roadside and reached 50 and got a nice flower basket to wear. Grab the hud near the gifts area and go look for purple flowers that rezz click them. The hud will keep track. I am also wearing a tablet containing a special stamp for the event and many others have them, some Lindens, some Moles and the staff of the BBB so look for them at parties and hanging around afk.I am usually by the gifts area when afk.

There have been some great tours offered. I took the ferry tour and collected stamps from the special terminal at various stops. Next Sunday I plan on a helicopter tour for those special stamps.

I also made some time to get the Swaginator and was able to find all the prizes ( with a little help from friends. I just hope I really got all the great gifts made by well known creators in Second Life. Wonderful gifts!!

Do not miss that area for sure! Taking pictures is difficult at the event since the rezz time is really show due to all the avatars attending events. There are parties every day so check the calendar to see the time. All this will continue until April 30 so keep an eye on the calendar!!

My friend Radioactive Rosca has been taking photos everywhere everyday and here is his album.

Also in the midst of the festivities! I told you I would remind you when Cica Ghost opened her new installation . It is called Bubbles and is lovely. The soft muted tones of pinks and blues in this underwater land hold many of her charming creatures. Remember to set your shared environment and listen to the music which seems to fit the habitat.

Her critter’s eyes follow you as you go along. I bet Mer people will love it. Some visitors wear protective bubbles for themselves. I wonder who lives in the quaint mound houses that dot the landscape. Perhaps they are Mers. Or some of the octopus looking critters who hang around during the day.

A you travel around touch everything and you will find fun seating or acrobatic gestures in some of the creatures and fish and foliage. Be sure and visit because I don’t know how long it will be around. I bet Cica is already planning her next installation .

Gemma Cleanslate