Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Calas Galadhon Sims

By Gemma Cleanslate

Since I have been too busy to ride my horse for a while I took a break from the Halloween searches to go for a ride in Mirromere in the Calas Galadhon sims. These are season changing sims that are always a pleasure to explore. The trees are  now in autumn glory. You can travel through 12 sims if you like on your horse . If you don’t have one you can rezz one here  . 
There are always other modes of transport in the sims of course. A balloon ride is always fun, or a boat ride if you like. If you are into biking you can rezz one in the village area in Calas Galadhon sim. There are so many stunning venues through out the sims it always amazes me every time I visit. The owners TYMUS TENK & TRUCK MEREDITH  keep all these sims for the pleasure of the visitors. There is nothing for sale , no place to rent. It is just for your enjoyment. 
Where ever you go you come across little relaxing places with dance balls or comfortable seating where you and a friend can relax and talk, or just sit and read a book if you like. I love the Misty Mountains where birds sing and crickets chirp. and swirls of fog rise out of the waters. Armenelos is another favorite  but watch for the bears there as you make your way through the woods! I also came across a statue of a racoon holding a sign saying “Breathe and Smile” which it made me do. When I leave here I am always more relaxed.  
There are events almost every night in one or the other of the clubs  . Join the group for notices . You will find donation boxes around the sims so please try to give a little or a lot to keep these sims where they are. The main entrance offers a tp map to any of the other sims so you can enter here  where you will find  more information and read the rules for these spectacular sims.
Much as I love all the seasons here, I can hardly wait for winter and the Christmas sim!! 
Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, September 28, 2015

Furry Fashion

By BloodyKitty Resident

There's a cool place I discovered through my friend from Tumblr. The sim is called Furry Fashion and is located in the region of Furry and is actually group owned. Besides speaking on Skype too we met up in SL at the sim and I was offered a hosting job which I accepted and am currently waiting to be approved or not. My first reaction to the place was that I was taken in by the purple and black colors as well as just the layout itself. Even though I didn't take a walk around at first since I was talking to said friend and some of the staff there, I still though what I saw was neat.

I'm not exactly sure if everyone gets notecards about the place and it's landmarks but it's helpful. In Furry Fashion there are nine or ten places, including the place you start at which is in front of their lounge I believe. The place includes a sandbox, welcome center, avatar den, furry mall, a job center, park, swimming hole, special event parcel, and a rental office, and also a lounge. While I haven't fully checked out every single landmark on the land thoroughly as I wanted to, what I did get to see was very cool. 

Everyone should come here whether they have a furry avatar or not, which I believe you are allowed to come without being a furry avatar since I didn't get kicked any of the two times I arrived at Furry Fashion. Whether your into dancing, chilling with your friends or people in general, or even shopping this is the place for you! Maybe you'll even get to see my hosting in the club soon enough.
Editor's Note: I've known the owner of the venue, Amethyst Crystal, since 2007 when she was on a different account. I didn't mention the place to her, though, she found about it herself. The store welcomes all (except griefers), although residents whom have over five megabytes worth of scripts will be asked to take off objects containing them until they're under the limit (Avatar control HUDS, Tiny Empires game, etc.). Their lounge has events every evening, and twice a day on weekends. The store is taking part in both the Quest Fur Cover hunt and Twisted Hunt, in addition to launching it's own Halloween Hunt on October 1st (details to follow).

Friday, September 25, 2015

More Halloween Fun

By Gemma Cleanslate

“Welcome to Dark Dharma Haunted Manor, they've been waiting... Built in the 1880's, this haunted Victorian manor is an imposing structure, never mind the broken windows and wandering souls. It might even be charming, if it wasn't for what happened. What happened to the last occupants? Come visit, if you dare!”

The house is frightening from the time the maid opens the door. I passed through the sitting room into the dining room where ghouls are still eating amid the spider webs enveloping them and the dinner. The kitchen was most frightening with the cook holding a bloody carving knife while arms begged for help from the oven. I made my way through the doorway into a parlor made ready for games with wispy spirits. Perhaps later. The next room was filled with books floating about through the air. I passed on to climb the stairway with a wall that was filled with family pictures, one more frightful than the other. I believe I recognized some of this family. Entering the room to the left I encountered some of the family spirits sitting around a table having tea. I will leave the description of the powder room to your discovery. 
Every door leads to a new discovery, so knock on all of them. In the attic I made a mistake and ended up in some kind of electricution table and so. I never found the reasons for the missing occupants. It is up to you to go find out. Good luck!  Now I remember ... I was here before!! Maybe I was part of the family!!
My next visit was to a place that promised four scary venues, NC's Halloween 9th year HAUNTED Mansion RIDES, ZOMBIES and Asylum. A guided ride sounded good so I headed for the Haunted Mansion . The wait at the station for the ride was 10 minutes so I entered the grounds and roamed around a bit.  The Haunted House itself is also a wait while the spirits awaken. 
Once inside there is ghostly ride with a voice guided story to chill you. Best to bring a friend to share it with but I faced it alone and survived. Mouse look works well for this and the sounds are scary too. There is a wonderful spirit party with food and dance and music taking place in the dining room.Listen to the story for thrills and warnings. I was wondering if the heart beat was mine or.... There is more to enjoy! I smashed some pumpkins on the way out . not a good idea!!! And Lucien Asylum is 6 stories so be prepared for more visits!!! I had to skip the zombie battle area and the Abandoned Thrill ride. It is a good thing it is a while until Halloween . I will be going back to all these marvelous places.  
Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Crazy Horse Saloon

By BloodyKitty Resident

This fine place is called, "THE CRAZY HORSE SALOON" which is located in the region of Woiler. This place is  of course a fantastic club that has all kinds of music, though country is its main man I believe. Believe it or not, I work here sometimes when I can as a host, and everyone is so sweet and kind, and the staff has taken me in with open arms like I'm apart of their growing family. The sim is group owned if you wanted to know, and the group is called, Dusty's Club Staff. While this place may be empty or not as lively as it is some nights, I can assure you it's calming to just walk and explore. 

Now like I said before, I'm not just saying it's nice and all because I work in the sim as a host, I'm saying it even if I was just a guest coming for the music provided by multiple DJ's that are able to work the different shifts. Like any club really there are scheduled times for people to be at the place, even certain days of course too. I, myself, have not been around it like I used to be because of family problems. I ensure you though that the staff and even the guests that come and go are very kind, caring, and helpful to each other.

I hope your able to visit this sim soon when you get the chance, especially when its a night of partying. Now I can't specifically tell you when people will be around or not just from the schedule, sometimes they work when they are able to, and sometimes aren't able to, even if they are on the schedule board. Come on down and enjoy yourself to some country music as well as an all around variety of music too.

Woiler (95/70/1001)


Monday, September 7, 2015

The SS Galaxy Returns: Part Two

By Gemma Cleanslate

What an unexpected fun afternoon I had Thursday. I went out to see the Galaxy in its new place in the oceans. There was a great crowd in the midsection celebrating the return. Lots of Lindens and moles there gathered to enjoy the ship. Shamen Linden was serving cocktails at the bar. Frost Mole was also there along with Guy, Xiola, Patch Linden. Michael Linden was entertaining with all sort of fun items like falling sharks, furniture fling, trains passing  and time pieces. He put out a rocket and somehow I was caught up in it and taken thousands of meters into the sky then dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Ruined  my hairdo!  

There was also a gathering of media people checking out the goings on. Daniel Voyager was there as a rabbit instead of his usual owl, Inara Pey sitting at the bar, Marianne Mccann ready to go into the pool and more. It was fun. I plan to try to sail over to the ship in the next few days and wander through with memories as I go. The ship is there but is still a work in progress as additions will be made in the future but be sure to go visit. Those of you who know the Galaxy will love it. Those who do not will be awed by a ship that fills three sims!!!!!

Years ago, about seven I think, I first discovered this massive ship in the Second Life oceans. We inspected the ship from stem to stern over months of visits. I learned to play miniature golf and hope it comes back. We played games on the deck and rode bikes around. There were shops and art galleries with changing exhibits. The swimming pool was a great place to just lounge and talk. I went to many 7seas fishing contests on board. A friend of mine lived there for a while and we enjoyed visiting. I loved the Ports of call that were posted and found places to explore for my articles. I wrote about the big move when the whole ship was moved to new sims. So many good memories. I hope you will have some too.

This link will bring you to an entrance to the reservations desk though no one is on duty . Before I left I checked to see if the spa is still there and tried the treadmill.. Lots to explore!! Much thanks to the Preservation Group!

Gemma Cleanslate