Friday, June 25, 2010

Trendone City

Recently I had a chance to meet Xstorm Radek when I visited Trendone City. Trendone is a great town that he and his wife, Patty1 Rosca, created. Trendone (234, 128, 39,). The city has existed for about a year and a half. Xstorm said he has lost track of the number of stores and buildings there now. After walking through it a couple of times, I can understand why. Trendone City is huge. To get around quicker I took a taxi, which really moves and has great sounds, too. But watch out for the curves!

What makes Trendone City unique, besides a lot of very different shops, is its emphasis on helping new residents and new entrepreneurs. Xstorm explained, "My wife and I hope we can help others and make the continent work." To do this, he offers space at free or very low rents so that new people can get started.

Like all great cities, Trendone has its own Chinatown, Little China 1. Trendone (234, 129, 39). A very dramatic entrance sets the tone for a place that is both unique and fun. For me, the most unusual store is the Chinese laundry, Happy Dragon Dry Cleaning. Trendone (245, 87, 32). Owned by Valentine Easterwood, this is the first dry cleaners I have seen in SL. This one is decorated with beautiful Chinese art, too. When you drop off your sweaters and suits, be sure to check out the Lost and Found. You might just find a surprise outfit. Be sure to go behind the counter and check out the hanging suit bags. There are surprises here, too.

Nearby, The Llewellyn Gallery (Trendone 225,87,34), has tank tops that communicate, like the one that says "Many Peoples, Only One Earth". You can find very affordable art there, too. A selection of ladies Victorian gowns is along the back wall.

Another interesting shop, PD, sells Digi Pants, tank tops, leather jackets, and more. Trendone (246, 104, 36). All the outfits a rugged alpha avatar needs.

For the young at heart, a visit to Wolverlís Toybox is a must. Find it just outside of China 1 at Trendone (195, 56, 33). Here you can pick up a Velveteen Rabbit for only $20L. Or buy a bouncy ball that really bounces for an equally great, low price. I bought one in yellow. While I was there I also picked up a free snow family that Wolverlís is giving away. Íll have to find someplace to store it for a few months, but when winter arrives, Íll be ready.

In another part of town, along Triffit Street, there is a large help center where a listing of real estate can be found. Because the emphasis is on helping people get started, some really low rentals are available. An apartment rents for $10L per week. Although you only get 1 prim and there aren't any windows, the price makes it an affordable place to change clothes and rest your tired paws. Large commercial space that comes with 100 prims is available for $140L per week.

Trendone City encourages building, too, with a huge sandbox and a neat contest that both new and older residents can try. "Aunties Building Challenge" is a held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. The challenge is to build an object that fits the theme for the day using 100 prims or less within 30 minutes. Katisha Honi is the Host and organizer of the challenge. When I visited, the winner was a neat pirate boat made by Throatwobbler Colinsgrove. To join up or get more info, search for Aunties Building Challenge under the group tab.

Grey Lupindo