Wednesday, September 20, 2023

A Few Halloween Shopping Places

By Gemma Cleanslate

Halloween seems far away but it is closer than we think. So many stores are full of fun decorations and I went to a few of my favorites and some new ones(to me) checking out the wares out for those who love decorating for the ghoulish holiday. One that is always lots of fun to explore is Dench ..

Amanda Dench is always opening in early September . She has terrific animesh figures and puts out a trial area where you can rezz and check them out. Her decorations are great for either region décor or home décor and the prices are great.

If you want a whole cemetery take a look at that. Go visit and check out all the goodies.

My next visit was over to Snuggles . I love visiting here for all holidays. It is a large place full of indoor and outdoor items. Move from one side to the other to get a good look at what is there . Check all the cute items inside the store too after you finish outside. You can find autumn décor that will take you up to change over for Christmas.

Never You Mind is the place for little critters that roam your area. The gifts for group members always get a chuckle and I grab them every time. Halloween critters are all around and have a different look than other critters you will find anywhere. A tip gets you little shoulder pet too. Take a walk to see all the different little guys and gals Harley (Harleywan Haggwood) makes for all times of the year.

Halloween Delights has an array of decorations to choose from always. Loads of pumpkins of all sorts , even pumpkin trees can be found here. One long wall is studded with Halo vendors.I love the flying witches

Another wall has a myriad of costumes to please anyone looking for any style. By the way Delights not only has Halloween but also many lovely fall decorations . Several other places do also.

Khargo is another market I love to see at Halloween time as well as Christmas. There are so many choices there for large scenery as above. Beach scenes with skeletons lying around can decorate your own beach. The store is filled with small décor for the house. It is a large place to explore.

There are many more shopping places to explore but I am running out of time! Have fun and check the Places in search or Halloween in Destinations. Have fun!!

Gemma Cleanslate