Sunday, February 19, 2012

Syzygy Communuty Expands and Celebrates

On Feruary 13th, Samantha Glume, the CEO of the Syzygy Communuty, warned Syzygians of a "sim-sized" asteroid headed toward their homeland. At the time, Syzygy was winding up it's winter season and planning for Winterfest. The asteroid was detected from the SGE Space Station and was closely observed as it entered the atmosphere. The asteroid, later determined to have come from the former Cake sim, impacted Syzygy on February 14th.

The impact occurred in the water, and no residents were injured. However, there were rumors of sightings of sea creatures from Alkahest, which were apparently disturbed by the impact. The Cake-asteroid was fractured and altered upon impact. The exact metamorphic process is being studied by Syzygy physician.alchemist Elric Anatine. The asteroid piece, which became pink on impact, had hard outer shells, and gooey centers, similar to fried ice cream. The pink chuckles littered the ice near the impact area. Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks described one specimen as "small and looks sort of cute." She also stated, "It's making imploring 'plock plock' sounds."

The force of the impact caused part of the southeast tectonic plate to rise, creating two new islands. The new islands are named Syzygy Theia and Syzygy Cetus. The new land masses are cooling rapidly and may be safe for exploration with in the next few days.

This was just in time for the Syzygy Winterfest, which was planned for Sunday, February 19. If you like winter activities, this would be a good time to visit. The community is now comprised of nine islands, all open to the public, and currently surrounded by ice and snow. However, at the end of the month, warmer weather is in forecast.

If you plan to visit, a good starting point is the Community Center, located at Syzygy Eos (18, 20, 76). Inside are maps, notecards, and a folder of winter landmarks. You and your friends can play a round of Greedy, Greedy here, too.

Bring your skates, too. The entire area is available for skating. If you would rather go sledding, you can find rezzable sleds at Syzygy Eos (147, 141, 36). While you’re out on the ice, you’ll find a snowball fight area where you can pummel your friends, and Warbugs rezzable fighting planes to fly. You can even rez a helicopter for an aerial tour.

Ice fishing is available, with warm camp fires and some crazy fishing companions. The areas are 7Seas fishing stations, too, so you might catch a great fish. Some of the best spots are the Lighthouse at Syzygy Corvus (26, 195, 21), the Fishing Snowmen area at Syzygy Eos (91, 96, 21), and the very gothic ice fishing hole at Syzygy Nyx (107, 50, 21). While you’re at Nyx, be sure to check out the sack of goodies under the tree. It might just toss you a present.

On Syzygy Calliope (236, 235, 21) you will find a Communications Tower to explore. Step inside and activate the elevator to reach the top. Here you can take a teleporter to the SGE Spaceship,which also has sections that are open for exploration.

If you like a little whimsy with your winter, come to Celtic’s Slice of Heaven on Syzygy Selene (67, 34, 38). Bears and other animals are skating and sledding and enjoying the festivities. But beware of the Badgers!

The winter Greenhouse is one of my favorite places, also located on Syzygy Selene (162, 208, 38). When you approach, you’ll see a herd of reindeer munching hay. A cold wind whistles outside, but inside it’s cozy and warm. The charming greenhouse has pots waiting for the spring thaw and a warm fire.

Syzygy is also home to a Neko tea house, gardens, and shrine. The Neko teahouse is located at Syzygy Selene (37, 110, 21). Walk inside for a serene and calming cup of tea. Cats rule here. Meditation spots are also tucked away throughout this area. If you have time, follow the path for a relaxing and scenic journey. Listen to the birds sing and enjoy the beauty of nature. The view is magnificent at Neko Garden at Syzygy Selene (70, 139, 88). The mountain goats are friendly, too.

No trip is complete without a snack, and you can find a great one at Syzygy Pyxis (205, 179, 21). Here you can enjoy an Asian noodle cart and a sip of sake. Delicious!

If you time your visit right, you might see the Aurora Borealis that appears often on Syzygy. It is especially beautiful from my home, Grey Wolf Retreat, located at Syzygy Corvus (186, 218, 23). Feel free to relax on the deck or take a hike to see elk, wolves, and other wildlife.

These are just a sampling of the things you can do on Syzygy. Many more places are listed on the notecards available at the community center. Winter will remain on Syzygy until end of February. At that time, the ice will thaw and the winter fun will end for this year.

Grey Lupindo

*Editor's Note* For more on the "Cake Asteroid," check the Syzygy Community Blog.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Game On" at Linden Realms

Don’t you just love running hither and yon.. up and down mountains, rocky ledges .. through toxic waste.. over hill and dale? Not only that, but don’t you love having huge ugly rocks with rumbling noisy gaits chasing after you and tossing you out of the space you are in? "You burned in the outer layers of an expanding star!” I was informed. That was a good one. How about going down a deep mine shafts with falling boulders trying to flatten you to the ground?

If you can’t wait to experience all these creepy events and even more, take yourself off to the Linden Realms to go treasure hunting. Wow! It is an experience you can’t afford to miss. Fortunately when you are crumpled on the ground, you are sent to a resurrection circle where you revive to begin the chase again. The goal is to reach some crystals of various colors and value that can be traded in for Linden dollars. It is really great fun and a hilarious experience.

It works like this. You arrive at the Linden Realms Portal and make your way to one of the entry portals. Walk through, and fall to the ground, groggy. You will be prompted to wait for a hud to load and sometimes it appears, and sometimes not. But I have learned by experience that your gems are being carefully noted and held for you, hud or no hud. The hud will keep track of each colored gem (worth points for exchange for lindens). There was one avatar there that was cashing in 22000 orange crystals to exchange (a little over 2000 lindens!).

You will find the base camp nearby and some information there but will mostly have to figure it all out as you go along your way through the forests and groves and along toxic waste rivers and ponds. Beware! There is danger behind very tree or hiding in the hillside. I recommend that you set “always run” in the world menu and learn to jump.

It is a great way to earn lindens, but requires alert attention at all time in contrast to the old form of camping. In about 4 hours of running and being immolated and resurrected on different occasions I earned about 108L. This is an fun active game within Second Life. Enjoy:

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, February 10, 2012

Castaway Cove

In the virtual world of Second Life, lots of clubs seem the same. Contests to draw regulars or new blood, the same DJs or events. Human and furry clubs both have to think of new and innovative ways to make itself stand out, to draw the furry and/or human clubber.

Nydia Tungsten has done that with her new club Castaway Cove. And she did say humans are welcome just like the furry crowd the Nydia aims to draw to her sim. Her main goal is create a common area for the residents or outsiders to come and relax.

The first thing I noticed after I used the landmark Bixyl gave me is that I land on the beach. Not many clubs are located like that. Then I see, "Ooo neat looks like a pirate ship sliced in half." And indeed there are two halves of a pirate ship laying on the beach as if it was in a shipwreck.

Another thing that Nydia brings to my attention is the Psicorp vender that one of her employees Sylnaya Windlow brought to Castaway Cove. Psicorp in the furry world of SL is a big deal for various furry products. Local builders like Fortunas Sands and Lsai Aeon also have shops here at her club.

In addition to the basic dance area I saw many other attractions on Nydia’s sim. For one example the game "Primtionary," which happened to be in an earlier article of the SL Newser but I asked anyway, "Primtionary, what game is that?"

In Nydia’s own words, "Well if you have ever heard of pictionary, it is like that, but instead of drawing the clues you build them with basic prims."

"So if I wanted to build an apple it would be a red sphere with a stem at the top?"

Nydia said yes, and she gave one hard example of Lsai having to explain jet lag, which she did accomplish after a lot of hard work. Each correct guess wins a small linden cash prize.

On top of having a unique new game on her sim Nydia also has jet skis to zoom around on and board games to goof off playing with friends. Also there was Bruce, a large crab at the bottom of the ocean. It was a big daddy! Be sure to ask Nydia about her special tub and to view it at sunset.

After I finished this interview I had fun playing the SL version of the game Clue with Helios and Rua. Besides Clue I also saw Greedy Greedy.

So next time you want to try out a new hangout spot just to try something new. Go to Nydia's Castaway Cove, located in the Kalmeere Paradise sim (18, 184, 21)

Grease Coakes

Friday, February 3, 2012

Natural Wilderness

Are you ever looking for a really quiet peaceful place to go hang out with a special friend? Perhaps it is a first date, and you would like to just sit and talk without interruption.

I found a delightful place called Natural Wilderness in Loch Haven. The site is filled with trees, shrubs, flowers, hills and valleys but as you wander around you will come across gazebos, benches and intimate nooks with pose balls for cuddling or dancing. I found a fisher, JT Cortes, just hanging out on the dock. He told me he loves to fish there in the solitude.

There were some dancers enjoying one of the dance floors and the music. Right now there is a winter place if you like to dance in the snow. You may want to hang out with some friends chatting by the fire, or just sit and gaze at the waves. The trees and flowers are delightful and it is a restful sim.

You can pick up the notecard near the landing place that tells you that above there are some sky boxes for rent if you would like more privacy and you have your choice of venues and activites. I took a short look at the Autumn bathhouse where there is a building in which you can enjoy a snuggle in the hot tub. In the Spring Forest Glade Skybox, you will find dances and a place to chat with friends or snuggle up with a special one while looking out onto the trees. There are other options. It is possible to take a look for free and then decide if you want to rent for a while.

The TPs and the prices and time limits are near the entrance. I enjoyed walking around and discovering little corners of privacy and I hope you will too. I tried not to be intrusive to the avatars I came across on my travels.

The entrance is here.

Gemma Cleanslate