Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Game On" at Linden Realms

Don’t you just love running hither and yon.. up and down mountains, rocky ledges .. through toxic waste.. over hill and dale? Not only that, but don’t you love having huge ugly rocks with rumbling noisy gaits chasing after you and tossing you out of the space you are in? "You burned in the outer layers of an expanding star!” I was informed. That was a good one. How about going down a deep mine shafts with falling boulders trying to flatten you to the ground?

If you can’t wait to experience all these creepy events and even more, take yourself off to the Linden Realms to go treasure hunting. Wow! It is an experience you can’t afford to miss. Fortunately when you are crumpled on the ground, you are sent to a resurrection circle where you revive to begin the chase again. The goal is to reach some crystals of various colors and value that can be traded in for Linden dollars. It is really great fun and a hilarious experience.

It works like this. You arrive at the Linden Realms Portal and make your way to one of the entry portals. Walk through, and fall to the ground, groggy. You will be prompted to wait for a hud to load and sometimes it appears, and sometimes not. But I have learned by experience that your gems are being carefully noted and held for you, hud or no hud. The hud will keep track of each colored gem (worth points for exchange for lindens). There was one avatar there that was cashing in 22000 orange crystals to exchange (a little over 2000 lindens!).

You will find the base camp nearby and some information there but will mostly have to figure it all out as you go along your way through the forests and groves and along toxic waste rivers and ponds. Beware! There is danger behind very tree or hiding in the hillside. I recommend that you set “always run” in the world menu and learn to jump.

It is a great way to earn lindens, but requires alert attention at all time in contrast to the old form of camping. In about 4 hours of running and being immolated and resurrected on different occasions I earned about 108L. This is an fun active game within Second Life. Enjoy:

Gemma Cleanslate

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