Monday, March 30, 2015

Ithil Ar Giliath

By Jamie

When people think of medieval roleplay, they think of people running at each other, swords drawn, and really to spill blood. While there are a lot of sims like this, this is not the case at Giliath. At Giliath, everyone has a role to play, and not everyone is in combat.

The roles of the sim are the usual medieval job classes, blacksmith, baker, inn keeper, butcher, etc. However, unlike other sims, this place has different species, and races, roleplaying within the same sim. Not only that, but this sim has more than one court around.

The allowed species on the sim are Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Drow, Half-Drow, Fae, and Shifters. And under these, are different races, mainly under Fae, and shifters. Each species has their own area of the sim, from the caves of the Drow, Half-Drow, Fae, and Shifters, to the above ground of everyone else. However don't let this small list fool you, other species are allowed as long as you have permission. These species include werewolves, and vampires. There is even a robot rping on the sim as well (maybe they think he's a magical golem).

The sim is still recovering from the devastating loss of the other URA sims, but they are determined to continue going strong. This didn't even deter them away from building and amazing sim.

However, these aren't the only things that make the sim great. The admins and other roleplayers are extremely helpful. While other sims allow only admins to be greeters, this sim allows anyone to greet and help, but only the admins can approve of things. I mean, even I have greeted quite a few people to the sim. The admins are extremely helpful though, from sending links to new players, to better understand the role they play, to even helping with some of the payment for characters.

These things make this sim an awesome place to be, no matter what.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

The New Bastogne WW2 Combat Roleplay Celebrates Five Years

By Bixyl Shuftan

On March Friday the 13th, the New Bastogne World War Two Combat Roleplay officially turned five years old. The occasion was marked with a hunt with a dozen crates hidden around the area for people to fine, each containing a vehicle. Plus there was a party at the "Sporthalle" in the Caen sim. The event began at 5PM SL time.

The building itself was drapped with flags with both the German cross, and the double-lighting bolt "SS" symbol. The three German teams, Heer (army), Luftwaffe, and SS, were the majority of those attending, but there were some from the Italian and Russian groups. A German band performed "Big Band" music and other tunes for the crowd.

Most of the people there were in uniform, though some chose formal civilian wear instead. Vickster Khun, the head of the combat roleplay, was there in a red gown. The people danced, chatting about old times.

At one point, Vickster had an announcement concerning one of the Heer officers, Sunra Saenz, whom while one of the leading officers simply had the tag of "officer" up. Vickster told him in front of everyone, "I actually have an honor I wish to bestow on you on behalf of Oberbefehlshaber West at the command of Oberkommando der Wehrmacht and officially promote you to the rank of Generalmajor." Sunra was at a loss for words, "I am speachless Generalleutnant, and very honoured indeed." Others toased and saluted him. One joked, "It's a custom that new generals have to buy a round of beers."

Vickster continued, "You deserve it very much, more than any member of this command I've served with, you've kept the faith and served as a model soldier for all branches." After some more talk, she turned to the others, "let me now tell you a little story about Sunra, and its something you don't know about him unless you were there, and you weren't (laughs), how Sunra got fired from First Armee by Octavian, who was commanding, remember? It was the second D-Day battle we had." Sunra Saenz answered, "Yes when I previously served with the Heer as Hauptman." "That's right, and you were executive officer as well. One of the best officers."

"And what happened? I can tell the story, it's funny. Well, funny and not funny. Sunra wasn't having fun. It's more complicated. What happened was we had our second big D-Day battle. It was sort of an annual even then. Sunra had been training with the Luftwaffe the night before. So the invasion starts, Sunra shows up in time, the battle goes great. He was doing panzers, but he still had his Luftwaffe uniform and title on. So octavian fired him. And Sunra had basically repelled the Allied armor after they landed. He won us the battle but Octavian fired him." Sunra mused, "I was all over the place. That battle lasted around 7 hours flat out (laughter)."

"Well, it always bothered me," Vickster told him, "Then I wasn't Oberkommando.  But I kept you in the Luftwaffe and recognized your awards. I don't think octavian really thought about what he was doing. Perhaps he was a frustrated. You say yourself he was a good commander." "I always wondered why he was so hard on me, yes," Sunra admitteded. "Anyway," Vickster continued, "what impressed me was you didn't give up or really demand anything. You just carried on like a real soldier, and did everything I ever asked you to, and took good care of the people you were placed over." She then chuckled, "Okay enough embarrassing you. ... I just wanted people to understand you paid your dues, you earned that rank and then some. You might meet a lot of group owners who are generals, but how many do you know who earned their rank from enlisted to officers in three branches?" One other German combatant commented, "I knew Allied fighters who when they saw that Sunra was participating....just left...out of fear of his prowess."

Vickster commented, "This is the first time we celebrated since the 1st anniversary. It's been so crazy all these years. It is till crazy after all these years." Sunra commented, "I miss the weekly dances Angus used to put on. Maybe this should become a weekly or monthly event." Vickster added, "Yes, I miss those too. We had a lot of fun even if we were sometimes bombed (laughs). That was in Seaone's sims." Sunra thought back, "Yes yes, so it was. That was another beautiful sim. But we saved the cathedral to use in New Bastogne at least. Heh heh." Vickster agreed, "We had a lot of fun there. It was a blow when those sims closed. But I understood."

Vickster concluded, "I'm really proud to have lasted this long when so many people said they would see us fail. Guys like Sunra who put up with a lot of crap and still kept at it, it really made the difference."

Vickster had to take care of something, and she bade everyone farewell and left the party, leaving Sunra and the others to continue on the celebration.

For those interested in the New Bastogne Combat RP, contact Vickter Khun, or the other team leaders. Besides the three German teams, Luftwaffe, Army, and Waffen SS, there is an Italian team, and several Allied teams, including Soviet. The Luftwaffe also has been having weekly scraps with an Allied air group.

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, March 16, 2015

Goodbye to the Cutlass "Donut" Club

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Saturday March 14 at 6PM SL time, Club Cutlass held it's St. Patrick's Day party. It was attended by many locals and friends of, sporting green outfits, green avatars, and sometimes both. That the prize for the outfit contest had been bumped up to 3,000 Lindens apiece for the men's and women's board by Nydia Tungsten helped bring in a few more people. But there was also news of a special announcement concerning the future of the club.

It's that time again where everyones Irish for a day. It's 'St. Patricks' at Club Cutlass. Get on your green, irish garb, leprechaun outfits, and grab up a mug of green beer as DJ Cynthia helps us celebrate the holiday. The shenanigans begin at 6 PM.

Tonight there will be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, concerning Club Cutlass, I hope you all showup to hear it.  It will be part of tonight's Dance at the Club. Which is St Patrick's Day and also your Purple Bunny Leader's RL B-Day.

There was much cheer as people danced and cracked jokes while Cynthia Farshore DJed for the event with a collection of Irish tunes old and new. Eventually, the hoofed DJ had an announcement.

"Good Evening to all, and I hope you are having a wonderful time. Now having said that get on the board it's L$3000 as this may be your last chance. Tonight we celebrate the Real life birthday of our great Chief Rita Mariner who is 164. Everyone raise a pint to her! HUZZRA! doesn't act or look like a day over 2. Here's to you as good as you are and here's to me as bad as I am, but as bad as I am and as good as you are, I'm as good as you as bad as I am!

"Sadly however, I must inform you that tonight is the last dance here in this doughnut club. As I play the last tune this ship will be decommissioned and scraped. It is an honor to be the last DJ on this stand but is filled with sadness too. There will be a large void here in this sky as many will look up, course flying out of my airport will be easier but to many of you that doesn't matter. Now for any news as to what this is about or what you are going to do there will be something in the Newser I think come Monday. So raise your glass and give it a toast."

There were a number of sad faces, groans, and "awwwws" from the audience, "You're closing Cutlass Rita?" "I just found this place again, and it's closing down already?" Rita, perhaps wanting to avoid trouble, asked, "Finish the Announcement, Cynthia." Shockwave Yareach told the others, "Wait for it. She's not done." Cynthia however was leaving the crowd in suspense. Rita's patience started to wear thin, " You do it, or I will." Cynthia then spoke again, "Ok I'll let you all off the hook ... WE HAVE A NEW CUTLASS!!!" "Rita continued, "Months Ago, I asked Shocky and Cynthia to take on the task of designing and building a new Club Cutlass. They have completed the Task."

The party went on, with a few last minute stragglers coming in as the news spread about the news.  The contest for the ladies' best St. Patrick's look turned out to be a five way tie between Liska Fuchs, Zagnut Avedon, Ambrivena Resident, Nydia Tungsten, and Dusk Griswold (who says she never wins). No one at the party could recall the last time this happened. So a first, and a last, for this version of Club Cutlass.

Club Cutlass has been a part of the Sunweaver community almost since it's very beginnings in 2007 as a pirate-themed club. Over the years, it's gone through four changes, most open-air clubs with no ceiling, such as the Meso-American pyramid design that was there until February 2010, which had a small waterfall ride and hidden rooms. Then came the "donut" design which had a steampunkish look inside with it's pipes and puffs of smoke, with a touch of pirate with it's cannons, grog vending machine, and the picture of the bunny with an eye patch on the dance floor. This had no hidden rooms, only a basement that was accessible by a rickety set of stairs with some shopping kiosks.

The new Club Cutlass, the sixth one in the history of the Estates, should be ready for the next scheduled party on Wednesday March 18. It's exact location is yet to be determined, but it will be a much larger build with separate rooms other than the dance floor.

And so the history of the Sunweaver's main club closes one chapter and is about to open another.

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, March 13, 2015

Grease Coakes in the Land of the Giants

By Grease Coakes

Ever imagine what it would be like if you were small? Like that cartoon "The Littles" about the family of small people. Or there was the movie that came out a few years ago from studio Studio Ghibli, "The Secret World Of Arrietty." Once in a while there’s a movie or TV show you may have seen that explored the possibility of being small in a big world where a mouse or small bird would be a real threat to you.

Here in the Land of Giants at you could fulfill that wish as the sim is created as if it was populated by giants. As you enter the sim you’ll see a large set of stairs and green arrows to lead you inside. To the right there’s a horse and carriage to ride around in. There’s a living room a little farther ahead where unless you have a giant avatar already you’re just the size of a squirrel or mouse compared to the massive pieces of furniture.

I sneaked through a tiny door filled with furniture made for small avatars like myself and there’s a huge pool table. Up above is a shiny ball of lights and glow dust that must be a small dance area. Also bumping into the pool balls moves them around like you’re kicking or pushing them forward with all your might. There’s also a TV screen which isn’t on a TV channel but instead it’s tuned into a NES game or Nintendo entertainment system. The game on the screen is super Mario bros. To add even more realism there’s a NES console sitting right there with a couple NES games. It’s just inviting you to play mega man or any other classic game.

On the floor like a mouse hole there’s a light up sign that says bowling alley. I sneaked inside before any giants can get me and there's a little bowling alley with a gummi bears wallpaper. The hotdog guy is funny looking. Every Wednesday there’s a contest for first second and third place with Linden prizes.

I read the easy directions and give bowling a try. You’ll see a percentage of your power as you mouse look and aim the ball. Hold down the mouse button for power and let go when you think you have enough power. I wandered in with no one around and played by myself. The gameplay is simple as I got a fairly good score being in the middle of the score board. You’ll hear voices and sound effects as you bowl adding to the virtual game.

I saw a warp pad and discovered a toys room. It’s fun to look around as I saw a carousel and bumper cars, but there’s also a canoe ride. I figured why not. The canoe slowly drifts on a river of soda as you see spiders and other scary things. As the canoe trip ends you end up on a kitchen floor. To the right is an "Alice in Wonderland" themed room with tea cups and the white rabbit.

At the start of the sim where you climb up the stairs is a carriage ride with a white horse. If you want to take a stroll through the sim knock yourself out. Sit on the carriage as it whickers and trots in your headphones giving you a slow tour around the sim.

All in all if you want to be lazy and see something new for an hour or two here in the grid you should check out the land of the giants. Even if you’re not a fan of the genre of being small in a giant’s world you should at least check it out for something to do if you’re bored silly.  I was impressed by the level of detail here and I think you would be as well readers of the Second Life Newser.

Grease Coakes

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Club “The Limit “

By Wesley Regenbogen
On Monday March 2nd, 2015 at 10 PM Dutch/Belgian time, the club called "Club The Limit" opened up it’s doors. I was present at the opening and took some screenshots of the evening.
"The Limit" is a new club owned by Ðσυѕєη (doutsen) and Angel (angel51.claven). The club was built by 0031 Resident in February 2015. Doutsen also decorated the club. 
When the club isn’t open, there is a web radio playing. Mostly there’s a live DJ playing when in the evening Dutch/Belgian time. At the DJ booth there is a panel with information about which track is currently playing. The music that is played ranges from the 60s music until the music that is played nowadays. 
The booth panel has the Dutch and Belgian flags, which indicates the join venture the people made to create this club. The language spoken is mostly Dutch, but when English people come in they start to talk English too, so, this means the club is an international club as well.
They have a group which you can join to keep up-to-date about events. This is the only means of communication with their fans that they use at the moment.
Since this is a new club there aren’t any special events planned yet. But they have theme evenings like a disco night, country night and a pirate night. At the moment of writing this article, they were preparing a beach party evening. I will attend that after finishing this article.
Personally, I think this new club needs some attention, because it’s a new club and I hope they will have a bright future ahead. The club’s atmosphere is always good and the avatars that visit the place are nice people. We must embrace those new clubs and hope they will stay in Second Life. This is an awesome club that I can add to my list ( nah, just kidding, I don’t have a list ) of clubs.
So, what are you waiting for to visit this new club ? I hope to meet you all there one day.
The club is searchable through Second Life Search and on the Second Life Events page. To visit Club The Limit you need to go to this location :

Wesley Regenbogen