Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Love Valley Halloween And The Bradbury Project

 By Gemma Cleanslate

Witchy laughter greets you when you arrive at Love Valley Halloween. It is dark and foreboding so “the deeps of the night, under the bright moon lays an abandoned park. A place close to an village, where folks singing happily "Trick or treat!". But they never visit the park, as they are afraid of the dark that lives there. Are you afraid of the dark”

This is Evely Heartsong’s game park you will love to visit . The games are scary but fun, perfect for Halloween lovers . Hop on ‘Shiver me Timbers ‘and listen to the nearby bones of past pirates as they ride the rowboat to nowhere. Shell Shocked is another fun ride . Go see how many more you can find ,

There is a photo contest with a prize of 5000L that extends into the Christmas region opening November 1 for those who love contests. Take the different paths to find different experiences like Masquerade of Murder .

Seanchai Library that presents the wonderful Dickens Project every Christmas has a new project ,The Bradbury Project with Mr. Lurky everywhere. The town on the first level looks peaceful enough with quaint homes and a park. You are offered refreshments at one home with an open door and the ticking of a grandfather invites one in. No one is home.

I took a tp to Moundshroud’s House. The creaky door opens and then you understand what this is all about! Here you find a library with Ray Bradbury’s book displayed on every shelf. Touch anyone for information.

Explore the house , every corner has is an oddity to check out. The sounds enhance the experience so be sure to listen. You should look for Mr. Lurky in your travels ,- “everywhere from the main landing in Town, to the Kite Barn and The Halloween Tree. 

Look for the funny little black guy with the grinning purple face as you explore, and keep count. “. There is a notecard with instructions at the entrance so you will know what to do with your find. He is not easy since he is lurking . Have fun!!

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, October 16, 2023

Reader Submitted: Halloween on Caledon Downs

By Cynthia Farshore
On Tuesday October 10th the Duchy of Caledon Downs opened the month long Halloween festivities with a dance at the Goblin Cave Community Center. The dance which started at 6pm SLT lasted till 8pm marked the beginning of events.

The main event is the Ghost Hunt. Two version of a ghost figures appear for very short periods in various locations across the region. The idea is to use a prim firing weapon to hit the image before it vanishes. The great thing is you don't need to sign up or anything and can use your own gun. Your score is automatically sensed and recorded at the score pole inside the Goblin Cave.

A smaller hunt is the Jack O' Lantern Hunt. There are 5 hidden across the region. Touching it will give you a prize but don't be greedy a second touch will give you something regrettable. An information panel with a list of hints is located in the Goblin Cave next to the Ghost Hunt panel. Both panels you touch for a notecard.

This year's Ghost Train Ride is double in length with more gruesome and gory sights. You head to the high ground over at the train station and touch the little coffin on the tracks.

Ride as many times as you dare. Some who have slower rezz I suggest that you do so as this will load your cache, plus you can have another chance to see what you missed when you closed your eyes the first time, MAhahaha.

Caledon is open to ALL, it is not a hardcore roleplay community, and you don't have to dress Victorian to enjoy our land. Come to the Goblin Cave Community Center and bring a friend along, enjoy the music from the 50s to the 80s classic rock.

,,, and talk your friend to death, literally.

Cynthia Farshore

Friday, October 6, 2023


 By Gemma Cleanslate

Raven Frostwych (Ravenstarr), with her team of Morph Group, has her new installation where Peter Pan lives. “Welcome to Neverland, where dreams are born, and time is never planned”. It is a delightful scene to land and see the dancing figure that I assume is the Tinker Bell hidden in a black outline. The woods are lovely and fun to walk about looking at little resting places. You are invited to join the Morph group and collect treasures hidden above and below the ground”.

A wonderful system of teleports will aid you to find sites around the island so you don’t miss any but just wandering is delightful. Sitting at the edge of the Mermaid lagoon and imagining is enchanting. You might find Peter Pan above the lagoon on a hill sitting on top of a bridge or lying on the grass below dangling his legs and day dreaming. There is a pirate hide-a -way but be careful...hope they are not about! Also take care at the Indian camp. Try to sneak in when no one is there.

The Lost boys, and some girls, have a hide-away just follow the stairs! There is a trap door to get to the rooms where they have a comfortable home set up with plenty of food for themselves and visitors, Wendy’s house is darling but I never did see her. Perhaps she has returned home for a visit? Or perhaps she is hiding in the hide-away not revealing her identity. Above, when they feel safe I am sure the children have a great time playing with interactive locations, like riding the crocodile, or climbing to the tree houses, Maybe they play hide and seek or tag.

If you are not familiar with the story of Peter Pan and Wendy check this page about J M Barrie,in%20Great%20Ormond%20Street%20Hospital.

In her “spare time” Ravenstarr also created a Halloween Cafe and invites all to drop in and visit with Sage who says “Welcome to Mystic Moon Cafe, dearie. Help yourself to the many spooky treats and drinks I've brewed for you. Do make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. If you seek it, I'm always ready to share a bit of witchy advice.” Remember to address her as Sage when you ask a question.

To learn more about Raven visit the interview in the Community Blog. I have written about many of her past installations that are discussed here.

Gemma Cleanslate