Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Thanksgiving Parade And Some Xmas Shopping Places

By Gemma Cleanslate

I was so happy to learn the DJ Franny Dean’s Thanksgiving Parade is going to continue with the help of her sl friends who are keeping her legacy alive. They also plan to have the Christmas Parade beginning after right after. It will be held at Dreamville. This spot is the beginning of the parade. You might want to walk down the street a bit for a great view . Hop on a float and become part of the parade! Some flying floats come by also.. look up!! Enjoy!

Are you ready for it? Lights are on. Some trees are up, but not decorated yet. Most stores are filled with colorful décor already. It sounds early but it really is not. Now that the scary stuff is packed away we really need to think about what we are going to do for decorating our own little or huge spaces in second life. I will take you to a few of the places I love to go exploring every year to find decorations that you might like . I try hard not to shop myself but always end up adding to my own collection that I pack away from year to year.

Let’s go shopping!!! My first stop every year is at Dench . Outside the huge store you will find all kinds of décor for your region or lawn. Inside also. There is an advent calendar all ready set up on the upper level with Bargain Countdowns nearby. The bargain corner up there has cute little decorations for only 5L . Don’t miss that!!

If you like wanderers you have your choice from penguins to Santa If you like dancing animesh partners stop on the lower level and take your pick by testing your choice of dances with one. I love them! I have several. Check out all the wreathes and trees. There is a delightful Piano playing Santa with Mrs. Claus standing by and some elves listening intently for an amazing low price.. Here is your landing point among the snowmen, elves and bike riding Santas. 

My next stop is always Snuggles Holidays because I love the name. It is enormous and takes time to walk the areas and look at all the goodies there. I like the organization and check the directory showing the offerings.

There is so much that they need a special place for Christmas cards and trees with its own teleport.The card selection amazes me! Across the way is a huge array of gift boxes and in the same building cute gift bears and snow globes that I try to ignore. I can’t resist them! Sigh ... wish we would all get a Christmas gift from the Lab…..more prims!!! Check out the Snuggle Baby for toys for the tots in your life.

A little bird told me to hop over to Love Superstore to the winter area and take a look for bargains all love the place. There are many, some need group and some do not. I found a couple of cute freebies and so much décor is on sale for 50L . The place is huge and there is a good tp system to help you . The outdoor items are arranged in a nice fashion highlighting each with vendors.

The outdoor tree with lights collections are beautiful for region décor.

I did join the group because I saw how lovely the group gifts were and got them all. This is their 15th year so you know they are doing well . They have a lovely fashion section also. Don’t miss it. Plan time there is a lot to see!! Like Snuggle this is more than one region!! I saw a couple setups for New Year Parties at good prices too.

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, November 17, 2023

Merrymount And Cesa Gallery

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday the BBB and Intercontinental passport groups held a new addition to services by instituting the first tour to obtain special stamps and introduce more residents to lovely places on the Bellisseria continent. We gathered near the office on Swordfish and went down to the rezz zone where there were two large and comfortable helicopters waiting to take us on a flight to Victorian Merrymount, one of the community regions . Two experienced pilots, Brian and Kevin made us feel comfortable and safe on the trip. For several this was their first helicopter ride and they loved it. We did lose two or three along the way but they were rescued and joined us later . We won’t blame the pilots though.

Merrymount is a beautiful region on Bellisseria. It offers a place to relax and enjoy games or just hanging around with friends. The Atrium is gorgeous and stands on a hill .It is open for visitors 24 hours with food and drink. There were six special stamps placed at various sites around the region and we had fun roaming to find them. For those who missed the trip they will remain until December 3.

On the way back we stopped off at Pegleg Lighthouse where one more stamp waited for us. After the tour ended we all flew back to the headquarters for a party in the garden with DJ Stephanie. I am looking forward to the next tour event. I hope you can join us. Stamp collecting is great fun and introduces one to all sorts of venues across the whole grid.

For those who need a passport

“If you don't already have a passport, you can get an Intercontinental one almost instantly. But it still takes about 15-20 minutes to set up... so come early! Click the white and yellow terminal that says "Intercontinental Passport Citizen of Second Life." It will give you a folder with a passport in it. You will need to rez it to the ground to set it up and the BBB HQ is a no-rez area. You can either TP home to set the passport up and then return, or you can go the rez zone near the BBB HQ. The terminal to get the passport is located here:

Sunday my friend Stevie Basavi opened her new gallery. She has shown art at various galleries but now has her own at Cesa. She says of her art .”I love art very much and want to make photos that I can feel, and that bring out emotions in others. I want to be able to put on virtual canvas the things that I have hidden inside, and to capture magic using layers of creativity, meaning I build my own sets, and create multi media pieces, using light and music in my creations when I am able”.

Her landscapes are varied and reflect her love of the beauty created across the sl grid. She also has lovely portraits. Her pieces are for sale at the gallery. It was a delight to walk around at the opening which had a large attendance and look at the variety of landscapes . Take a trip over to view the new installation on Pride Island.
Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, November 6, 2023

Places From 2006 That Are Still Around

By Wol (Wolwaner Jervil)
These are what remains out of many places that existed in 2006, when I joined SL.Many of them have their own tour systems which I recommend to use.

SVARGA - a self growing environment. One of the first places I visited when I was new. Take a tour with the bee and then buy some food and feed the birds.

The Blarney Stone Irish Pub
- an old pub always having lots of visitors

The Botanical Gardens
- wonderful nature with hidden places

Paris 1900
- Paris at the beginning of 20th century - travel through history when Eiffel tower was new.

- Rome at time of Caesar. If you want to see how they lived join the roleplay group.

- a great rebuild of the city, including the red light district

Grendels Children
- Great Avatars

- Free Dove existed long before I came to SL - and still has good freebies

Spaceport Alpha
- all NASA rockets at one place - and a space trip is included

Isle of Wyrms
- Wyrms and dragons at their best on a new place with different look.

The upside down room
- everything is reversed, but don't worry - sit on everything.

- oldest home of the furries since 2003

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