Wednesday, July 26, 2023

A Look At The New Ranch Linden Homes

By Gemma Cleanslate

While I was busy with SL20B the Ranches were released for Premium Plus members . It was a huge item of discussion and many took advantage of them of them immediately. The first 600 available disappeared really fast. It was all amazing. I asked two friends if I could come visit their homes to see what it was like in the neighborhood. My first trip was over to Overshoe where BethanyMark has her ranch.

It is a lovely home with open space inside and out. I like it because of the openness. To me too many walls separating rooms like the traditionals I have visited are too confining for me. Others love them I know for a cozy feeling and can decorate rooms with different styles.
Bethany has a gorgeous open living room and can fit a beautiful aquarium at one end and a piano at the other. Her d├ęcor is charming .A game room /library sits next door to the Living room.

Outside in the back she has delightful pond and a separate area for a horse corral. 

It is very country but with an elegant feel.

My next visit was to Deadpan to the ranch of Margo Heartsong.

Again, it is also open and inviting and though has a few more walls is not confining at all. Each room has its own flair with the kitchen and dining area looking very rustic.

The Living room is also spacious with a piano I sat down to play! I loved the wooden floor and the window treatments .

Out back is filled with growing flowers and plantings of corn. Cows and a bull and horses populated the area . It definitely has a farm feel.

Since it is set on a pond there is an outside comfortable sitting area there. It is fun to see how each has their own vision of ranch living. Both wanted a piano which made me jealous since I don’t have room on my houseboat but would love one. Both the piano and the aquarium reminded of my first home on Thorstar where I lived for many years. Each also had lovely artwork on the walls. Thanks to Bethany and Margo for sharing their homes.

The many variety of Linden homes can be seen at the Bellihub if you would like to check them out.

Here at the Bellihub one can see a video, teleport to an individual type of home or walk by each one and touch the house controller in front for each type to see each of the styles you are offered. I did not see the Ranch there yet .

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

New Genisis Bay Riding Sim

By Bixyl Shuftan
For those looking for a long racetack with a lot of scenery, there's one over the Kinder der Nacht sim you'll want to check out. Called the Kinder der Nacht New Genisis Bay Riding Sim, this racetrack was really, really, really long. It was the biggest I'd ever seen, and many times longer than any previous one I'd ever gone through.

Charlee and I found it by accident looking for a place to ride our new horses. Heading to Kinder der Nacht (180/199/992). It started off in an urban setting, with the beginning of a track, going up. The place would have the following description: "25 tracks, 2 Speed tracks, hour long ride. Cars welcome when bikes not present, Horse rezzers. Open to everyone and MC neutral. Bike vendors for test drives." There was also a red warning sign that this was not the place to settle disputes and to take any problems elsewhere.
We saddled up on a couple horses, and went up on roads and bridges, and passing urban buildings, that looked like they'd seen better days.

After a while, we'd gotten onto another section of track, going down a dusty road in some dry terrain.

Then on a cobblestone road where the vegetation was more lush and there weer a few waterfalls.

Then a roadside rest area next to some forest, one with a lot of flags.

There was a memorial to someone.

Going up further, the scenery began to get a little surreal, like something out of a painter's imagination.

Then a wooden road through what looked like some swampland.

Then the road was asphalt again, and things turned wintry.

A glance at some of the twists and turns.

Then we went through a place that looked musical.

It wasn't just the rubber hitting the road, but the rubber was the road.

Panning out, there seemed to be no end to these track sections. 

Then the scenery changed to the road looking like made from the wood of a weathered ocean pier, complete with stormy skies.

Then passing through forest, with a rideable horse.

Further confirmation the place was intended for more than just cars and motorbikes.

One of the more interesting levels was the pirate island one.

Yo ho ho!

We never did go searching for the hidden treasure.

The next section of track had an Irish feel to it.

With plenty of farmland.

The next part looked out of this world.

The track section next, well, "everything was just ducky."

And more normal in the next one.

Then things looked a bit Viking.

 Then a trip to a desert road.

Things were looking a bit "down under."

Then back in forest.

This section of track reminded me of this year's Relay theme.

Every so often, there was a stop with a sign with a saying.

The next section had a Japanese look to it.

Back to a meadow.

 We were joined by a friend, and at one point took a short break at a rest stop. 

Then the track turned into asphalt again.

We'd finally reached the end of the road.

It was here our journey finally ended.

Panning out, with the viewer at 1064 meters, it could only show the very top of this long, long track.

Riding at slow speed, it had taken Charlee and I hours over a few days to make our way to the top, just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. By car or motorbike, it would probably take about an hour as the maker claims. 

It's my impression one track can cost quite a bunch of Linden dollars. So the owner, or owners, spent quite a lot of cash on this massive track. Even if you're not a racing fan, the scenery in itself is worth a casual drive, or ride, through. 

Bixyl Shuftan