Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Memories of Dreams, Morrigans Roadhouse, And Kim's Legacy

By Gemma Cleanslate

A friend recommended a region to visit on Hawksong and I had it on my list. Finally I made time and what a beautiful installation! Memories of Dreams is the name and I was entranced as soon as I entered. The buildings on the region are in the Japanese style and surrounded with lovely cherry trees all in bloom and enhanced by the nearby brilliant red Japanese Maples. Poi swim in a pool nearby.

Visitors arrive at a lovely Pagoda displaying Japanese art on the wall and sculpt pieces. I walked to explore the island. Below the pagoda I spied Orcas swimming near the beach .

One breached while I watched. It is a beautiful place to sit and look out at the ocean using the windlight.

Yxes (Yxes Evergreen) is the creator. It looks like she is am artist who cannot stop building. I met her and we sat to have tea in one of the pavilions that is across a bridge from an island. She told me she has two others builds so I went to see them. Here is the entrance to Dreams. Explore and enjoy! 

Well, as I landed I would say this is so different in concept from Dreams. It is called Morrigans Roadhouse. There were crows circling above as I arrived.. Walking through the large roadhouse I found more references to crows. First I was thinking it was a reference to The Raven by Poe but as I wandered the property I found several buildings that made me think,” Who is Morrigan?”

 Ahha! I found that she was a Celtic Goddess…..”What is Morrigan the goddess of? The MorrĂ­gan is the Celtic goddess of war with her ability to stir chaos and confusion on the battlefield.

In addition to her association with war and death, MorrĂ­gan is also connected to fertility, childbirth, and motherhood. “. One of the ruins is all about her .

Be sure to take a walk though the area to see the distinctive foliage. And, below the roadhouse find the cave and wander there too.

That was not all. Yxes has another build to visit. “A picturesque coastal villa with an art gallery, and wine tasting room. Relax and enjoy! Dock you boat at the pier and wander through the fields of lavender... Located on the Mare Secundus, with access to the 7 seas..” It is called Kim’s Legacy.

This is a relaxing place . I visited several times to walk around and sit in the wine bar. Finally I succumbed and relaxed in the pool I found outside down the hill. Another lovely build by Yxes. This is a talented builder who loves to make new places. I wonder what is next.

Gamma Cleanslate

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Gemma's Explorations

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday morning my first activity is to go collecting new stamps for my passport . The Gazette always has a list of where owners have placed new terminals. This way I add to my passport and find new places in Second Life that I may have never seen before. Some of which I return to and explore and perhaps write about them for you . Today I hit the jackpot in visiting places that were in themselves compact enough and also familiar and think you would like to visit.

The Welcome Hub for new residents has a whole section of representative builds of recommended places to visit installed by the members of that location. The new one I saw this morning is wonderful in representing Burn2, the virtual part of Burning Man here. Huntress Catteneo infrastructure builder at Deep Hole and a an artist who does many builds .has placed this installation and it is delightful. By clicking on the wall you get to see 360 photos of Burning Man in the Nevada desert. One can also watch a video of events in Second Life. There is a teleport door to visit Deep Hole the permanent site of Burn2. To experience this delightful introduction to Burn2 here is the site.

The next site I visited , though it did not have a terminal was the Art Gallery at Firestorm where they exhibit various artists every month to highlight their work. It was related in a way to the Burn2 exhibit because one of my fellow Rangers at the Burn is the artist of the month. Radioactive Rosca is also a community builder for many events at the Bellisserian Fairgrounds and other events. I also use some of his photos when my laptop does not let me get good photos… with his permission of course.

The gallery is lovely itself and Radioactive added to the gallery with a pond. He takes massive numbers of photos of scenes of activity like boat tours , helicopter rides , train rides and more. I think he grabbed a photo of almost every event that happened last month at the Bellisseria Anniversary. Take a look at him working on the art exhibit and beyond can see more photos of that event last month.

Congrats for being the featured artist ! Stop over to see for yourself. Firestorm Social Island

The other new sweet little gallery at the CDS where I stopped to get a stamp belongs to AmandaT Tamatzui, a well known artist who often builds enormous installations as she did at the SLEA a few months ago. However this is a tiny gallery containing examples of her art pieces and various styles with which she works. 

Amanda is a part of the BBB who makes many of the stamps for the terminals also. I can’t wait to see her next installation! Visit this gallery to get a taste of her talent.

Gemma Cleanslate