Monday, August 10, 2015


By Bloodykitty

This little magical place here goes by the name of Spellbound, the region name being Raven Wood. Now you may be wondering what it is, and let me tell you that it is a wonderful and beautiful sim, even without the store on the land too! There's snow all around, dead trees, bright lights, everything magical. That isn't the whole point though, and the reason why is because this particular place has a store on it that includes just hair and accessories. While I haven't bought anything yet, I plan to hopefully soon. 

The owner of the store goes by the same name as the region, and I honestly think it's unique that it's like that. This store has a good amount of hair and accessories, but it's mostly pastel hair as far as I seen, and just cute little bows and hats that you'd think centers around the magic theme itself. I've explored the store and the land itself and it captured my heart because of the scenery and simplicity, but also has it's spooky features too. For me the spooky things were the symbol that you appear on after teleporting, the dead trees, castle, and even the greeters at the door too, fake ones of course for show. As far as I can tell and know, on the second floor there isn't hairs yet, but spaces of whee the images would go and such. While this sim wasn't active at the time of my adventure there again today to take the snapshot, people were still there

All and all I think it's a nifty place to be for those hair and accessories addicts and lovers, as well as people who like to take screenshots for flicker or tumblr, or even just to adventure around it like myself. I feel like the atmosphere was a mix like I said of magic, spooky, and cuteness. With that said I totally will visit this store and place again to get a few things there and just to look at everything. I hope you all have fun on your visit!
Raven Wood (124/96/23)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Happy Vixen Gets a Makeover, Expanded Hours

By Bixyl Shuftan

In response to the Sunweaver community's classic rock club closing it's doors to regular events, at least for now, the Happy Vixen club and hangout is expanding it's hours, in addition to having gotten a makeover.

Following the announcement from "The Vinyl" classic rock club about it's hiatus, Nydia met with several of her friends to talk about what to do. Eventually a decision was made. Until Perri Prinz, the Vinyl's DJ and co-owner along with RECoyote Mindes, had taken care of the real-life problems that stopped her from doing regular events, the Happy Vixen would be expanding it's schedule. In addition to Sundays at Noon SL time, the Happy Vixen would do events at the Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 PM timeslots.

But this would not be all. It was decided to give the club and hangout a makeover. The club was temporarily closed over the weekend as Jasmine Dawn worked on the club and expanded it. When she was done, the venue was larger and in three distinct sections.

The dust has settled and we're ready to open the doors once more, So drop by and take a peek at the changes we have made for you. First event is Tuesday night SEE YOU THERE.

As before, it has a bar area on the beach next to the water, covered with a thatch roof and with a number of stools next to the bartending area. But there are three games to play there in between events, Greedy, Cards Against Humanity, and Parchesi, or "Cheesy," which has been popular among the locals. The Happy Vixen bears no responsibility for any sore lungs from side-splitting laughter resulting from games of Cards Against Humanity.

Connected by a walkway to the bar, built on a platform over the water and also covered by a thatch roof, is a hot tub. Several people can relax there at once, including couples for which there are cuddle poses.

Inland from the bar is the dance floor. The DJ plays music from the booth at one end (he or she can get out on the dance floor, but normally they operate things from where they would in real life), while the crowd dances about on the floor. There are two danceballs for singles and couples. There are also two dancepoles for anyone wanting to use them (first on gets the pole, so please no arguing with the hostess or manager).

Further away from the club is a floating raft where a couple can relax and watch the waves wash on shore. There's also a fishing game being set up, so those interested can get their poles and head on over.

The grounds of the Happy Vixen are currently owned by Helios Auxifur, whom is continuing to pay the tier at her expense.

The first event of the club was on Tuesday night, August 4.

Hi-ho! To celebrate the cub's renovation, we're having a Beach Party tonight! Our squirrely DJ Dusk will spin the tunage as we dance away in swimming trunks, bikinis, one-pieces, or anything else you feel is appropriate wear to the beach. So get yer flip-flops and head on over!

Dusk Griswold performed a series of beach tunes for the crowd. The prize, initially 1000, was doubled to 2000 Lindens. Jenni Greenfield, whom was twirling fire batons on the dance floor, was the winner that night.

So if you want to dance to some top tunes at a first class beach club, head on over to the Happy Vixen. If there's no event, you can always play a game with a friend, fish, or just watch the waves lap against the shoreline to the setting sun.

Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)  

Bixyl Shuftan

  *Addition* The Thursday night party had an even better attendance than Tuesday. So here's a picture.