Friday, February 27, 2015

The Magic Of Trance Club : A Club for Trance Lovers !

By Wesley Regenbogen

 The Magic of Trance (MOT) Club is an open air club, which only plays trance music. The club was created by Maluyy Resident in December 2012. It was always Maluyy’s dream to create a place where trance lovers would unite and enjoy the best trance music out there. Her goal was to create a “trance family” and a community of trance lovers all around Second Life. 
There are always live DJs that will play in the club. They have a group called “Magic Of Trance Gang”, so Trance Lovers will enjoy this group and get notified when there is an event or something going on. The “Trance Lovers” group is also a group created by the owner. The “Magic Of Trance Gang” group has 2000 members and the “Trance Lovers” group has 1000 members at the moment of writing. Aside the in-world group, they also have a Facebook group and page and there are boards in the club that announce an event too.
The club gets an average visitor traffic between 17.000 and 20.000 visitors a day and they aren’t open 24/7 yet. Maluyy Resident thinks this is a victory, because they aren’t a generic music club, but a specific music genre.
On Friday February 13th, 2015 there was a Valentine’s Day event, where 12 DJs  played 12 hours with the best trance music. They are also going to support the “SLuminosity Beach Festival 2015”, created in SL by DJ Dave Cold. It will be 70 DJs and 4 stages, a great Trance Event. It will be held during the period 10-12th April 2015. MOT Club will support it because they are a Trance Community without any barriers.
Personally, I like this trance club a lot, because it has the best trance music and the fact that the club is also streamed live through the internet, through their website. So, maybe we could meet up in the club some day and enjoy the club together.
My favorite club list has grown once again. But that’s because there are great clubs in Second Life that I happen to find everytime.
You can find the MOT club at this location :
Their website can be found at: . You can listen to the livestream from the website too ! Or you can add it to your webradio software program and play it from there.
* * * * * 
On another note, some sad news about “Club Transation” which I reviewed a while ago. The owner notified me that the club has been closed, due to real-life problems, the owner told me. He also closed down the group which came along with the club.
It’s sad to see a club go away, but I hope the owner goes well now in real life. I liked this club very much and when I visited, I always had fun and enjoyed the music.
Goodbye Club Transation !

Wesley Regenbogen

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Air" at LEA 27

By Gemma Cleanslate

“Without music life would be a mistake”:....."there are no facts only interpretation,”  admonitions you hear at LEA Air by FreeWee Ling on LEA 27. This region will be ongoing and changing until May. I found it both an experience and a real education. 

There is an eclectic collection of areas. In one place I wandered through a gateway into a tunnel passing  by a bloody giant monster raging bull and through a bone yard to find myself at a Greek temple. Outside there stood a Greek Chorus where I heard the above quotation among others. Inside there is a collection of ancient art pieces of Greece and some lovely sculptures.  I found the one of my favorite sites there is the Theatrum Instrumentorium. This is  a wonderful collection of information about many superb instruments that will rezz for you in front of a picture and give you an information card to explain the history behind it. Some may be fictional ,some real but you will learn so much with each card. I found it absolutely fascinating. 

I moved from that museum on up a winding slope to find a massive statue named Liberty chained which I found rather ominous. I passed up a ramp to the roof of a building where I became part of an shimmering globe and part of a story. I will leave it at that. 

Freewee says of herself in a statement, “I'm not really (an) artist. More like a  kid in God's Legoland. I'm an idea manipulator.  A conceptual cubist. Most of my work is clearly derivative. I see something interesting and I want to know how it works, so I deconstruct or reconstruct the idea or combine it with some tangential idea to make something new. I am often working on some random project with no particular purpose in mind.” 

I have seen Freewee’s work at many events and places  and always appreciate it. I plan on making return visits to see the additions and changes and it sounds like there will be many. I have been there three times so far and finding new things to look at and interact I found a chameleon flyer to ride this morning. This region is right next to the Madtone by Lorin Tone,  also so full of instruments and fun.

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Toulouse

By Fritter Enzyme

Lafitte's Old Primsmith Bar is just one of my favorite places at New Toulouse.  Described as:  “Home of Mama Cree's Freebies, All Full Perm - The oldest structure in New Toulouse!  Refurbished a few times, but it was here first! Stop by and drown your sim-blues in prim-booze.” It is the type of place I was hoping to find in New Toulouse.  The environment is with the trimmings and music of the era in the flavor of Second Life.  Tarot cards on the bar really work, with instructions for you to learn from.  You are reminded not to drop your cigarette butts on the floor as they may burn the hands and knees of the other customers as they leave. 

I ran into Henri Godenot, the Mayor of the city and owner of the sim there.  He welcomes all to come to Toulouse to explore the city and bayou as well.  It is nice to have an official welcome extended to all. 
New Toulouse is based on New Orleans, circa 1900-1925.  The buildings show it, and music everywhere is jazz, blues and zydeco.

In the old time cemetery you can find tombs, all above ground, as it truly is there.  One is for you to leave your current worries.  It is called the Catharsis Laval. Open the tomb, and touch the floor and type in your worry.  Close the door and leave it behind you.  The grave yard by itself is a beautiful and unique experience.  Lots can be rented, if available to set up a mausoleum as creative as you are.   Included is a tomb dedicated to Miss Ing Inventory:  The Lab giveth, the Lab taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lab. 

Street cars (one named Desire) run through the streets to give you a ride or tour of the city.  Art galleries offer proper vintage posters and art for your home in New Toulouse, which, of course does offer rentals for homes and businesses.  The homes can be a simple apartment or a Victorian house.  Architecture is one of the best features of the city.  Hanging plants, balconies, and pony mounts are everywhere.  Silent movies of the era are at the Bijou Impromptu.  It is near the Beth Shalom Synagogue. 

Another favorite of mine is a second hand store called Look What the Cat Dragged in. They gave grab bags in the back room, and all products are delivered by a cat with a bag in its mouth.  Speaking of cats, they are all over the city, many at Miss KK's cathouse.  This is a home for abandoned cats, not what you might think as a ‘cat house.’  It is by Skye Qi Vintage Apparel Emporium. Which is a fine place to find your outfits for this sim.  Sadly lacking in much for males, but this seems so true for most of Second Life.

But now, a trip to the bayou.  Land of swamps and alligators.  Bridges and boats will bring you around in this land.  Many residential areas are here, but then you will find places to shop and rest, or drink… same thing.  Watch for the gators here.  Things are very rustic and rural. Broken windows and river rats are the norm.  Private areas are here, and armadillos too.  Club houses exist as well as great swamp nature to see. 

Voodoo, and spirituality are everywhere in both sims.  You can make appointments to get your fortune read at many places.  Even participate in reading them yourself.  Houses range from boats to shacks to nice dwellings, but all have that touch of age, and of the damage of the bayou.  You may find modern music here on some private lands, but all seems open and worth seeing.  The homes all seem very accessible here.  One last word.  There is a newspaper here, the Tattler.  It has gossip, events, and a lot of silliness worth seeing. 

New Toulouse:

A video of their Mardi Gras event:

The Tattler:

Fritter Enzyme

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

France Portnawak

By Fritter Enzyme

Delicious with pastel colors, and dreamy with semi -transparent furniture, the France Portnawak sim is the cream de la cream of romantic places.  Captured in a daylight setting, it is a painting to walk through.  Cats, rabbits, goats, donkeys and birds are about the many places with animated settings for snuggling and romance.  Picnic spots, horse rides, boat rides all available to meet your fancy. 

Bring your Second Life camera, for in this unique world of soft play with colors and light, you should surely find your artistic muse.   Ethereal ambient music streams in this little piece of French countryside.  Hang out in the maison, or home and paint, wash up at an animated sink or lounge and snuggle in a soft bed.  The transparency extends to the rocks in the water and trunks of the trees.  Cotton candy clouds roll through the azure skies ever changing the scene. 

 You might want to use a translator, English is not the main language.  But beauty is universal and you will enjoy finding the ‘sweet spots’ here.  There are many boats and inner tubes to spend time on enjoying the reflective water fronts and the fishies there in.  The bamboo grove have a nice dock feature where you can rest in some of the many types of law furniture they have out, or the blankets.  Change your windlight's settings and enjoy the many candles surrounding the sitting areas.  It is truly a meditative place to come to and a real treat for Valentine’s Day lovers. 

Teleport up to the gift shop.  It has many well-made clothes in French style and has equal amounts of clothes for men as for women, something I find very rare in Second Life.  Grab some free outfits and get in fashion for your explorations.  Yes, I did say free.  One side is gifts the other is a shop with great items you will not see elsewhere. 

Take a trip to the lighthouse island and absorb the scenery from there.  But sure to find the fine arts museum!  It is a very nice setting to see some great works.  Agence de Voyages has a link there, it is a Second Life travel agency,  All text is in French, unfortunately for me and my limited language, but it shows many interesting French places to go see when you are done with France Parnawak. 

Bring some virtual wine and some brie to snack on for your fireside fun.  Pounce on it now, you never know how long sims will last in our world.

Fritter Enzyme

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ville de Coeur

By Wesley Regenbogen

 The “Ville de Coeur” sim was created in 2008. It was originally part of the “Duché de Coeur” sim. But they separated themselves from it in early December 2014. “Duché de Coeur” focused on the late 18th Century and and early 19th Century scenery. "Ville" changed into present day scenery in October 2014. It is owned, and was designed, by Ayla Guisse and Bedrich Panacek.

They also have a horse carriage system in place that will bring you to the different regions of the sim. I have tested that out and I must admit it’s a cool way of transporting your avatar through the sim. The village also offers bicycles built for singles as well as couples for visitors and they even have rezzable horses to explore the sim. Besides the carriages system they also have a rowboat system in place to float around in sim. The water around has a “flow” in it and the current will carry the boats through the locks designed to represent those at the “Canal du Midi”. There you can also find easy to use sailboats.

The Bibliotheque is run and operated by by Farzaneh Eel. The music which is played within the sim is adult contemporary in most regions of the sim. But they also play these musical genres : Blues, Jazz, and instrumental movie and classical music. They try to bring live singers to the place as wel, including : Thera D, Abygail Hastings, and many others. They also hold special music presentations every few weeks. Last November 15th, 2014 there was a “Blues Festival” which took place at the “La Place des Lumieres” place in the sim, just before their separation from the "Duche" sim. A Venetian festival will be held on February 15th, 2015 and also Phil Setner will perform on February 17th, 2015.

Ayla and Bedrich also designed the upcoming region Coeur D’Azur, the newest region that will be opened to the public on Valentine’s Day ( February 14th, 2015 ). When the new “Coeur D’Azur” region is opened at Valentine’s Day there will be a Michael Bublé Tribute Show at Noon SLT. Ayla also added a winter themed sim. She is currently working on the “spring” themed sim as we speak.
They have the group called “Ville de Coeur” where they notify members about the upcoming events and they also have a website which can be found at .
A video shows aerial shots of the village :
In my personal opinion, this place is the perfect spot for you love birds to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. But nevertheless, it’s a nice place to explore and have a look around.
There are a few landmarks for this sim :
Coeur Info Center for visitors :
Citadel Gardens :
La Place des Lumieres ( place where the video is taken ) :
Ville de Coeur – Harbor Square :

Wesley Regenbogen

Friday, February 6, 2015

Club Infinity

By Wesley Regenbogen

Club Infinity is bizarre. It’s advertised through the Bloodlines site, but it’s not a vampire based club, but i. They are Bloodlines friendly and they have a Bloodlines haunt set up to draw in visitors.
 Club Infinity gives a free reign for artistic music talents. During the weekends they focus on playing Electronica. During the week they focus on playing play Classic Rock, Pop, Top 40, Country, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Electronica, and more. They also have live DJs that play in the club. 
They also operate a a BWA phase system for those ravers out there. That phase system syncs up the clubs color-changing properties with certain accessories that club people can wear. That way the club and the what the people are wearing change color at the same time. The club has some nice seats where you can relax if you want to stop dancing. What’s more is that there is a pillar in the middle with “iStyle” on it, whatever that means, and above it is a sphere thing, that’s a dance ball and near the DJ booth, there is also such a sphere thing that you can use to start your avatar to dance.
They organize contests throughout the week. For this and other information about the club, you can join the group and get daily information and there are also searchable through the Second Life Search pages and also through the Bloodlines website. They have many groups, are listed in SL Events and Bloodlines Events. There is no Facebook page, apparently.
The club was created and decorated by Analemma Faerye and opened in October 2013.
In my personal opinion : Yet another club to add to my club listing. Although I’m not a vampire in Second Life, I like this club because it has a nice interior and the music is very good. I already joined the group to keep myself up-to-date on the events that could be coming soon.
Every club I find has something special, it seems. This club has pillars that are formed by water and below the pillars there is a thing where the water stays in. Very cool feature, if you ask me. Never seen it in other clubs before.
And the Club Infinity logo is also special, because it’s a cool design.
The fact that they have Bloodlines linked to them, well, it's kinda weird. But, hey, we are not vampires, so, we don’t have to worry, right? 
I mean it, really, stop laughing. 
You can Club Infinity at this location :

Wesley Regenbogen

Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Wonderland: Four Sims Full of Fun

By Gemma Cleanslate

I just happened to give a call to my friend Marianne Mccann to ask a question. Where was she? Having a great time in Winter Wonderland 2015! I rushed right over . The Linden Lab opened these four sims on Thursday January 29 and I am glad I found out. I have been looking for more winter sport places lately and this is an ultimate  that you won’t want to miss. When I arrived I was invited to accept an experience and you will have to do that to enjoy all the gadgets in the sims. Patch Linden was hanging out there and so was Keira Linden acting as a greeter, checking to see if I had accepted the experience. 
The little village is a delightful build and you will find many presents there in the gazebo. Heading out into the country side I followed the signs to the skating arena first and took some spins around the ice. At the end of a road in the village I noticed that there are fireworks on the hour every hour . Then I headed over to the snowmobile  rezzer and accidently hopped on one being driven by Kono Mole who took me for a wild ride on the slopes and then abandoned me in a snow pile to move on. I rezzed one myself to try it out and it is really a wild ride. There is a snowboard rezzer if you want that experience instead. The track is long and harrowing. 
I ran into a snowball fight going on in that area and rezzed a weapon to get in on the action. Great fun! It reminded me of the vigorous snowball fights we used to have with the Lindens every year and hopes I can be there when they are in that area. I made my way back into the village where Abnor Mole was entertaining every one with violin solos . Lovely music for a lovely setting. Jo Yardley also played some flute solos before she left to go back to Berlin. The place was full of Moles and Lindens checking out everything and having fun trying out the vehicles . There is a huge snowman standing watch over the sims.  The winter ferris  wheel nearby  is a ride not to be missed! Solo and couple seats raise you high into the air where you get a terrific view of the sims.  
For premium members, before you go to the wonderland stop over at a premium kiosk and pick up the big gift box there . Inside with other goodies you will find a hud and a token. Wear both when you are on the sims and you will be offered chances for premium choices.  Everyone is invited to vist and enjoy the winter fun! So glad the Lindens did this to round out the winter season! Many of the gorgeous places I wrote about in December have closed for the season . I have not finished the complete tour of the sims yet and will be revisiting. 
Gemma Cleanslate