Monday, February 23, 2015

New Toulouse

By Fritter Enzyme

Lafitte's Old Primsmith Bar is just one of my favorite places at New Toulouse.  Described as:  “Home of Mama Cree's Freebies, All Full Perm - The oldest structure in New Toulouse!  Refurbished a few times, but it was here first! Stop by and drown your sim-blues in prim-booze.” It is the type of place I was hoping to find in New Toulouse.  The environment is with the trimmings and music of the era in the flavor of Second Life.  Tarot cards on the bar really work, with instructions for you to learn from.  You are reminded not to drop your cigarette butts on the floor as they may burn the hands and knees of the other customers as they leave. 

I ran into Henri Godenot, the Mayor of the city and owner of the sim there.  He welcomes all to come to Toulouse to explore the city and bayou as well.  It is nice to have an official welcome extended to all. 
New Toulouse is based on New Orleans, circa 1900-1925.  The buildings show it, and music everywhere is jazz, blues and zydeco.

In the old time cemetery you can find tombs, all above ground, as it truly is there.  One is for you to leave your current worries.  It is called the Catharsis Laval. Open the tomb, and touch the floor and type in your worry.  Close the door and leave it behind you.  The grave yard by itself is a beautiful and unique experience.  Lots can be rented, if available to set up a mausoleum as creative as you are.   Included is a tomb dedicated to Miss Ing Inventory:  The Lab giveth, the Lab taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lab. 

Street cars (one named Desire) run through the streets to give you a ride or tour of the city.  Art galleries offer proper vintage posters and art for your home in New Toulouse, which, of course does offer rentals for homes and businesses.  The homes can be a simple apartment or a Victorian house.  Architecture is one of the best features of the city.  Hanging plants, balconies, and pony mounts are everywhere.  Silent movies of the era are at the Bijou Impromptu.  It is near the Beth Shalom Synagogue. 

Another favorite of mine is a second hand store called Look What the Cat Dragged in. They gave grab bags in the back room, and all products are delivered by a cat with a bag in its mouth.  Speaking of cats, they are all over the city, many at Miss KK's cathouse.  This is a home for abandoned cats, not what you might think as a ‘cat house.’  It is by Skye Qi Vintage Apparel Emporium. Which is a fine place to find your outfits for this sim.  Sadly lacking in much for males, but this seems so true for most of Second Life.

But now, a trip to the bayou.  Land of swamps and alligators.  Bridges and boats will bring you around in this land.  Many residential areas are here, but then you will find places to shop and rest, or drink… same thing.  Watch for the gators here.  Things are very rustic and rural. Broken windows and river rats are the norm.  Private areas are here, and armadillos too.  Club houses exist as well as great swamp nature to see. 

Voodoo, and spirituality are everywhere in both sims.  You can make appointments to get your fortune read at many places.  Even participate in reading them yourself.  Houses range from boats to shacks to nice dwellings, but all have that touch of age, and of the damage of the bayou.  You may find modern music here on some private lands, but all seems open and worth seeing.  The homes all seem very accessible here.  One last word.  There is a newspaper here, the Tattler.  It has gossip, events, and a lot of silliness worth seeing. 

New Toulouse:

A video of their Mardi Gras event:

The Tattler:

Fritter Enzyme

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