Wednesday, September 20, 2023

A Few Halloween Shopping Places

By Gemma Cleanslate

Halloween seems far away but it is closer than we think. So many stores are full of fun decorations and I went to a few of my favorites and some new ones(to me) checking out the wares out for those who love decorating for the ghoulish holiday. One that is always lots of fun to explore is Dench ..

Amanda Dench is always opening in early September . She has terrific animesh figures and puts out a trial area where you can rezz and check them out. Her decorations are great for either region décor or home décor and the prices are great.

If you want a whole cemetery take a look at that. Go visit and check out all the goodies.

My next visit was over to Snuggles . I love visiting here for all holidays. It is a large place full of indoor and outdoor items. Move from one side to the other to get a good look at what is there . Check all the cute items inside the store too after you finish outside. You can find autumn décor that will take you up to change over for Christmas.

Never You Mind is the place for little critters that roam your area. The gifts for group members always get a chuckle and I grab them every time. Halloween critters are all around and have a different look than other critters you will find anywhere. A tip gets you little shoulder pet too. Take a walk to see all the different little guys and gals Harley (Harleywan Haggwood) makes for all times of the year.

Halloween Delights has an array of decorations to choose from always. Loads of pumpkins of all sorts , even pumpkin trees can be found here. One long wall is studded with Halo vendors.I love the flying witches

Another wall has a myriad of costumes to please anyone looking for any style. By the way Delights not only has Halloween but also many lovely fall decorations . Several other places do also.

Khargo is another market I love to see at Halloween time as well as Christmas. There are so many choices there for large scenery as above. Beach scenes with skeletons lying around can decorate your own beach. The store is filled with small décor for the house. It is a large place to explore.

There are many more shopping places to explore but I am running out of time! Have fun and check the Places in search or Halloween in Destinations. Have fun!!

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, August 28, 2023

Three Underwater Places: Mad Mines, Pacifique, Nightgarden

 By Bixyl Shuftan

 There's plenty of places to explore in Second Life. But recently, I decided to check out "what lies beneath," in this case beneath the ocean surface. So I took a look at the Destination Guide for a few underwater areas. One got my curiosity, a game. So I stopped by Madpea's Mad Mines.

Welcome to Mad Mines: MadPea is searching for brave underwater adventurers to search for a long lost treasure! It’s a dangerous job as the dark and murky waters are filled with sharks and piranhas that will eat you alive. The area is also surrounded by sea mines that will explode if you end up too close to them. If you survive and find the treasure, you will be rewarded very generously.

So I plunked down fifty Lindens for a temporary HUD, which would vanish if I ran out of air or took too much damage, and took the plunge. I went into a cavern of twisty passages and rusty iron doors. I came across a few sea creatures such as octopuses, but they seemed harmless. But my air supply was going down in a hurry. While there were some air bubbles, I couldn't get to them in time.

And well, the deeper I got, the further the surface was. Not able to get to the bubbles, I kept having to double back. And eventually I couldn't get back in time.  While it stated I'd get a new and free HUD before the 30 minutes were up, this wasn't the case. Maybe I needed to be in the group or something. Still, it was a fun little game.
For those wanting to take the plunge, head to -

For those wanting a few hints, check -

Moving on, I decided to check out another place with an underwater area: Pacifique.

 For some reason while reading the sign, I slid off the pier and into the water. Guess more people randomly exploring find out about the underwater area this way.

There was quite a bit to see around.

And some wildlife, such as octopi and seals. 

There were also some structures underwater as well. I would also find an underwater club area, great for merfolk and friends of.

There was plenty to see above the water as well. The place boasts some dancing areas, waterfalls, a hang glider to fly around in, and more.

Earlier this month, I wrote on the Nightgarden area. But I didn't bother to check what was under the water's surface. Seeing it was listed in the Destination Guide as an underwater area, I went back and dove right in. I was pleasantly surprised. 

While perhaps not as large as Pacifique's underwater area, it was attractive and pretty.

A great addition to an already picturesque place in Second Life.

That's all for now. To check out more underwater areas in Second Life, check out the Destination Guide.

Bixyl Shuftan


Friday, August 18, 2023

Spark Project's Olympus And Bellissaria's Splash Adventure

 By Gemma Cleanslate

Raven Frostwych (RavenStarr) and her team,the Spark Project have again taken another view of the universe. Her futuristic Nova, will be closing soon but her newest Olympus installation reaches far back into time to the Greek deities. It is a demonstration of the historical view of what Olympus was visioned in antiquity and the stories still entice people to study and learn their origins.

On arrival one finds a teleport to make it easy to get to the major sites so easily, just click each location. But walk a bit to get a good look around to see all the beautiful statues around the steps of the arena. By hovering my cursor on the statues I was able to see the names of those they represented.

The gathering of statuary of so many deities are scattered over the whole build which is held up, emerging from the clouds by three massive titans. One can get a good look at the titans from the Ring of Orion. Following the stairs will bring you around to each teleport destination with enticing areas along the way.

Athena , Neptune, Demeter, Dionysus some of the major deities have their own place. Each will offer different aspect of those days of old in the myths of Greece. They all loved to have water baths in their homes it seems. There are so many levels of these gods and goddess and offspring that I have forgotten but was happy to go back and see some of them and do a little research to remember how many myths are connected to them all. Then there are the offspring of the gods and humans to complicate all the stories. Go see if Olympus will reinvigorate your knowledge of the interesting stories. 

I also visited a very different activity location going. The Bellisserian Hammies have done it again. I say so often.

For the 3rd year they built the marvelous water park called the Splash Adventure, The Oasis Water Park. It will be on the Bellisseria Fairgrounds until the end of August.

There are water slides from a great height. I tried one and made it! Look for a life saver TP near the exit from the slide to get to the top.

A number of fun games are placed around the site as well as food vendors. Or you can choose a cabana and just sit and read of chat with friends. Parties take place almost every day with DJs on the stage.

 It will be going on until the end of August. Make time for a visit.

Gemma Cleanslate


Wednesday, August 9, 2023


By Bixyl Shuftan

 I recently heard about a fantasy-themed area that sounded like it would be an interesting visit: Nightgarden.

Welcome to the Nightgarden, a mystical world of starlit serenity.

Follow the paths, explore the phosphorescent flora, bask in the waterfalls from the floating islands, and discover the portals that  lead you into even more discoveries.  

Dropping by, the place got my attention right away (at least after the several seconds it took for the landscape to rezz). Setting the environment to local, the place was stunningly beautiful, with it's grasses, flowers, trees, rippling waters, and more.

On a nearby tree, a sign had been hung, "Welcome to the Nightgarden." 

I noticed an entrance to a cave nearby, and going inside, I saw a small waterfall with one of the mentioned portals.

Stepping through, there was a long tunnel that was well lit with crystals and glowing plants. 

Some parts of the sim were off limits to the public, private areas. 

But there was plenty of places to explore around in.

There was a pier with some kind of magical boat docked to it. 

Boarding it will take you to inside a large treehouse-like structure.

I found a couple spots couples can sit together for a while.

While looking around, I found a guestbook.

A great place to spend a few minutes or an hour or two exploring around.

UPDATE: As it turns out, the waters of Nightgarden have much to explore under the surface.

So be sure to check what lies beneath as well for more to explore.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

A Look At The New Ranch Linden Homes

By Gemma Cleanslate

While I was busy with SL20B the Ranches were released for Premium Plus members . It was a huge item of discussion and many took advantage of them of them immediately. The first 600 available disappeared really fast. It was all amazing. I asked two friends if I could come visit their homes to see what it was like in the neighborhood. My first trip was over to Overshoe where BethanyMark has her ranch.

It is a lovely home with open space inside and out. I like it because of the openness. To me too many walls separating rooms like the traditionals I have visited are too confining for me. Others love them I know for a cozy feeling and can decorate rooms with different styles.
Bethany has a gorgeous open living room and can fit a beautiful aquarium at one end and a piano at the other. Her décor is charming .A game room /library sits next door to the Living room.

Outside in the back she has delightful pond and a separate area for a horse corral. 

It is very country but with an elegant feel.

My next visit was to Deadpan to the ranch of Margo Heartsong.

Again, it is also open and inviting and though has a few more walls is not confining at all. Each room has its own flair with the kitchen and dining area looking very rustic.

The Living room is also spacious with a piano I sat down to play! I loved the wooden floor and the window treatments .

Out back is filled with growing flowers and plantings of corn. Cows and a bull and horses populated the area . It definitely has a farm feel.

Since it is set on a pond there is an outside comfortable sitting area there. It is fun to see how each has their own vision of ranch living. Both wanted a piano which made me jealous since I don’t have room on my houseboat but would love one. Both the piano and the aquarium reminded of my first home on Thorstar where I lived for many years. Each also had lovely artwork on the walls. Thanks to Bethany and Margo for sharing their homes.

The many variety of Linden homes can be seen at the Bellihub if you would like to check them out.

Here at the Bellihub one can see a video, teleport to an individual type of home or walk by each one and touch the house controller in front for each type to see each of the styles you are offered. I did not see the Ranch there yet .

Gemma Cleanslate