Friday, July 17, 2015

Relay for Life 2015: The Sunbeamer Camp

After about a month of building the exhibits off-site, and with a couple weeks to build on the sim, the Sunbeamer camp was completed this week.

Besides Team Captain Rita Mariner (the uniform was for a video unrelated to the Relay), Shockwave Yareach and Dusk Griswold pictured here were two of the main builders, as was Cynthia Farshore. Others who helped out included Becky Shamen and Skylark LeFavre.

Upon entering, one of the first things one sees is a pink fox statue, a memorial to Artistic Fimicloud, a well-known Relayer of Team Passionate Redheads (the predecessor to the Sunbeamers), and resident of the Sunweaver Estates.

The main part of the camp was inspired by "Space Mountain" of Disney World, though was made a bit different to avoid any possible unwanted attention from the company.

Inside are some awards and pictures from the team's past, as well as those from the days of the Passionate Redheads.

And of course there's this year's Gold Level award.

 All around "Not Space Mountain" are displays of information related to cancer, such as detecting and treating it. Some you can click on for a notecard for more details.

This includes a promising new form of treatment: Proton Therapy.

There's a Crystal Quest game one can play, with a few places one can pick up a basket needed for it.

The game was designed by Shockwave, pictured here with the basket. Get all eight crystals for a prize.

There are two towers here. One is the Prayer Tower, which launches balloons with names of those people wish to honor.

The balloons go up and into the air, floating to Heaven.

The other tower, called the "Space Needle," or at least someone did, by Becky Shamen, the tallest point of the exhibit.

One can get inside through this green triangular teleporter at the bottom, and get a good view of the surrounding sims (after adjusting one's preferences in the viewer).

For an even higher view, there's a rocket ride one can take.

Take-offs and landings are fairly frequent, once it lands giving a little less than a minute for people to get off and in.

Besides an even greater view of the sims, there's information one can read about how NASA and the space program have helped in the struggle against cancer.

 Both the rocket ride and the space needle are towards the more wooded part of the camp.

 Besides the trees, there are a few critters wandering around.

The southeast corner of the camp is more parklike, with hedge decorations and sprinkers, in addition to benches one can relax on.

And so that's our close-up of this year's Sunbeamer Relay camp. Take time to visit the others as well

RFL Strength (35/135/21)

Bixyl Shuftan