Friday, August 13, 2021


By Gemma Cleanslate

“The Zenescope universe is now in Second Life! Interact with your favorite characters and immerse yourself in an all-new multi-region virtual world experience featuring exclusive games, roleplaying, shopping, hidden surprises, and more...”

I ran over to check out the new Zenescope Metaverse.  The elegant portal took me to the entrance of the game. Well, actually it is not all a game. It is a lovely region built by  some of the dear Moles with games available. The first thing I did was just roam around and check out the whole place.

The first visit I made was to the accessories stores. It seems that the underlying theme of this place is the gorgeous heroes of graphic novels. There are outfits , crowns, and other items to purchase. Ralph  Tedesco  of the graphic novels  had a hand in the creation. Check out this website . I am not really a follower of these novels so don't know the heroes or heroines but I do know that they are a wonderful way of capturing the interest of young readers who might not really love reading as a hobby. I succumbed to the temptation and bought a set of the official shirts. There are Cinderella shirts but I decided these were more appropriate for my job. 

After the look at the goods I stopped into the  Cafe next to the shops and grabbed a beer from the bar. I found a really nice collection of mugs that are free .

My next stop was at the large castle. Only one room was really open to view. I toured the area in back of the castle which is part of a short golf game, and has little spaces got check out. There is a large cemetery back there too. At one gate to the walks behind the castle  I saw a sweet little picnic table that had a sign reading “ I am not a trap”. Well, don’t believe everything you read but do take a chance to touch the table, an adventure awaits.  

I  ventured over  to visit the large green glistening head I saw nodding in the distance. A most lovely jabberwocky was connected to the head. I thought he was just bowing to greet me when I approached . Again I was mistaken. Have you ever been in the stomach of a jabberwocky? 

A massive maze takes up room at one corner  of the region . Have fun there too. It is scary running into a dead end . In the center is a magical garden with picnic tables. One of the markers for the quest is there which made me eager to use the hud I had seen.

 The second time I returned I picked up the hud at the entrance, checked out the marker under the sign and directions and started off following the hints. Many of the places I had already visited were involved in the Quest. You must complete it in order so follow the instructions in local chat. It took a while but I did manage to get to the end and collected my reward. LOL

After that experience I went back to try the golf course. Wow. Make sure you have time to read the directions . It took a bit and I restarted the game three times but finally managed to get to the end. Well, I did not think it was the end because the hud said go to hole 6. Hole 5  had a sign saying I had finished the fifth hole and go back to the beginning. I’ m not sure if hole 6 is actually hole one and have not had time to do it all again but I will.

Along my travels I came upon a new portal that announces Chapter 2 . We shall see. It is a fun place and I look forward to seeing the next chapter.

Gemma Cleanslate