Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Virtual Ability Tours With Andee

By Gemma Cleanslate

Virtual Ability has a fun and educational event every Monday at 1:00 that I try to attend. It is for group members and also visitors. ღ Andee ღ (Andee Cooper) is the leader and chooses a region of interest to explore. Sometimes there are 4 or 5, sometimes more tourists which Andee makes sure get everywhere and not lost. Depending on the size of the regions one trip covers it all. Other weeks she plans several visits to the same place that has many regions and experiences.

A few weeks ago I was able to get to the Lost Unicorn with the group and it was lovely. It is a fantasy build with several large castles to roam in and huge houses , gazebos for relaxing and a lovely Art Gallery. The vistas alone of the mountains and valleys and foliage take time to enjoy.

The largest Castle had many interesting rooms filled with oddities. In one room was a table bearing a map drawing of what looked like a huge battle , already fought or perhaps being planned.
The rooms were were opulent and some wished they could move in and stay. It was too big for me but the verandas held marvelous views.

The Art Gallery had photos of the possible kings and nobles and fantasy elven creatures of the land on the walls. I highly recommend a visit . I had been there before to pick up a gift on a hunt for the The Nature Collective and was going back but this was my first return trip and it was wonderful. Go!!

This past Monday we went to a place I had also been planning on visiting soon for an article so killing two birds with one stone…. terrible phrase. In California on the coast is a magnificent area called Big Sur . It is enjoyed by millions who go to visit , camp and love the scenery and trees and beaches. Part of it , by the Bixby Bridge, has been recreated in second life. The best place to start the tour is the Visitor Center which is down below.

The Bixby Bridge was built in 1932, located south of Carmel on route 1. Wildflowers always seem to be blooming, California Condors are flying overhead throughout Big Sur. California Sea Otters are rafting in the kelp beds.

These are just a few of the natural wonders that make Big Sur a great place to visit. Come on out and watch the natural magic unfold before your eyes, and create your own…” is the description given.

When our group had gathered we started our tour at the nearby beach where there were seals roaming. We got together for pictures and then went on to the road to walk along and found a taco truck and another beach with surf boarding, camping and games .

We wandered along and climbed up to the fire tower to get a view of all below. The sparkling water below was very beautiful.

We crossed the famous Bixby Bridge on our travels. On the other side of the road was a deep valley that with a charming resting spot by a cool waterfall where some went in to cool off. The flora and fauna are lovely down there and it is very restful. It was another great tour with Andee for all the participants. I asked Alex Lygon, the owner and creator how long it would be there and he told me for a few months as long as people visited and then he would create a new build. I recommend a visit or more than one to enjoy it while it exists.
Gemma Cleanslate