Friday, May 8, 2020

Mental Health Month at Health Island

By Gemma Cleanslate

Gentle Heron took a group on a tour of the latest Health Island offerings. Health Island changes its exhibit every month and this month of May has a very apropos to all of us who are going through the Corvid-19 saga. It takes a toll  on all of our minds. 

The whole island is dedicated to mental health issues in all its many forms and this is Mental Health Month.  There is an “un-conference”  Gentle told us, “The Virtual Ability community often holds its Mental Health Symposium in May... but this year we have to do things a bit differently. In 2020 we are going to hold a Mental Health Un-Conference.

"You may be unfamiliar with the concept of an Un-Conference. It is a series of presentations, field trips and discussions spread throughout the month. It may include art talks or read-alouds or movie viewings or other forms of expression. These will all relate to the broad general theme of Mental Health.

"The sessions tend to be less formal than regular professional conference sessions, too. One of the ways Virtual Ability promotes its conferences, and this Un-Conference, is through the monthly theme on Healthinfo Island. “

Gentle took us through the island to the various sites that offer so much information on a variety of mental health issues . At each site there is a poster that gives information about that  exhibit . Just click it for the notecard.

Each part of the exhibit may be interactive so click and each one begins with a definitions and proceeds with descriptions. facts and ends with resources. Each will give you more info when you click it.

Some of the topics are depression, how to deal with depression, borderline personality disorder , dementia, Minority Mental Health Equity and more. Some information is from clinicians view, some from the individual dealing with the issue and some from a caretaker view. The Island is rich with links to outside help not only in the USA but in many other countries too. For information about events during the month check the Virtual ability website. Health Island is located next to the Virtual Ability region. Gentle and a wonderful crew or helpers maintain the island each month.

Gentle also reminded us that there are also many support groups here in second life that one can join. Information about these groups is located on the island on the Path of Support. That is also located on the island so be sure to look for it if you are looking for inworld support .The exhibit will be here until the end of May.

Gemma Cleanslate