Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Return to Darkwood

By Gemma Cleanslate

Darkwood is one of Truck (Truck Meredith) and Ty Tenk (Tymus Tenk) special regions for a holiday. This one began in 2014 and is perfect for a different sort of Halloween from many others. There are yearly changes but as the owners say, ”We are happy to bring back a part of it this year. Though different, its spirit remains (smile).”  

I picked up my group hat and backpack, set the region windlight, turned on the music,  grabbed a flashlight. and headed in for the new treats, or tricks.


The first thing I did was take the Elven Boat Ride .This ride takes one through the swamp which is filled with marvels . It also takes off into the air and high over the mountains and hanging sky islands. It is a long ride so plan time .

Touring Darkwood on foot is easy if you follow the torches places along the way. But, some of the signs are iffy and getting lost is not bad either. There are places to sit by a fire and relax.

The Pavilion where many parties take place is on one of the sky islands and it spectacular as always. There are events there every few days at 7pm SL time  until Halloween and the calendar is there to view. During your tour you will find donation ghouls in the forest, swamp and Pavilion.

Ty and Truck do not have any commercial activities on their Calas Galadhon regions. Their main objective in Second Life is to provide enjoyment and entertainment for their members and visitors. You are invited to join the group .

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, October 26, 2020

Halloween Across Second Life

By Gemma Cleanslate

Now that my work at the Burn2 has come to an end I will be exploring the Halloween sites that are scattered around the grid . There are many!! Some provide a place to shop for Halloween outfits and decor for you region or home.

I visited a new location this year to check for decor. It is called Spookydoo Halloween Market.  It is loaded!!  Scenes for your home like this Witches Snackbar. I found room with absolutely delightful music boxes and could not stop my self from buying the Pumpkin man. Stop by :

 After that visit I  stopped over at the Spooktakulum Event on Long Beach. They have a great cemetary. This event will run until late November and includes much more than Halloween.This is a good stop for Gacha lovers.

I was greeted at the next stop by spooky sounds. Trick or Treat Lane is in Spectacle. It is another little village setting just filled with Halloween decor and outfits and there are gifts hidden in the little shops so look carefully!!! I have already collected some really cute gifts! It is a great place to walk around. GO!

I made a stop over at Scare Me Silly where I always find items I like.  If you want to shop and also donate to Team Diabetes this is the place to go. 

A myriad of tiny shops line the roads of this desolate little village near the Galleries. Clothing, decor, jewelry and so much more for your Halloween season. Look for gifts in the shops too, little pumpkins for only 10L each. Parties happen here too, and you can check for the times here  and also find out more information about Team Diabetes in their 5th year of this Halloween event.    Slurl:

Want a gruesome, gory. and definitely grisly, experience?? Make your way to the Linden Halloween. At arrival it does not look too bad, another haunted house on a hill. But, as you hop into your coffin for the ride through you have no idea how what it is going to be like. Just ride along and be happy you are in Second Life and it is not real! This is tour 1.

Some grisly scenes from the Lindens!!

Happy Halloween!

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, October 9, 2020

The Emerald Crystal Golf Course

By Gemma Cleanslate

 About 8 or 9 years go in Second Life, I started to learn how to play golf with my friend Alarice. Not miniature golf but full golf on a course of 18 holes. I cannot recall why we stopped, perhaps the course closed. But I let it go and never restarted. I think I liked it at the time  but did not have time to get very good at it.

 However, my friend, Bergie is an expert and has played in SL for years and offered to teach me to play again so off we went. I met her and two other friends, Beertje and Particle and our philosophy teacher Herman Bergson (also and expert, at the Emerald  Crystal Golf Course.  We picked up our clubs  and went over to figure out the playing hud at the putting green. I was terrible! It took ages for me to figure out the hud (not reading all the directions of course ) but finally got enough practice  to say “lets try the real holes” and off we went.

 The first time we played was a disaster. It took a while . At one point I got twisted around and ended up driving the ball at the wrong hole!  Practice is the  answer. The following day  I found the driving range and spent time there so that I would improve. Finally I read the manual and tips to doing well was able to get the hang of it. I played 9 holes by myself , took my time and did beautifully. The hud helps choose the trail of the ball and marking it, showing the wind, making it much easier to play better.

 After a few games I decided to buy my own clubs with the hud and a score card. I had been using the very inexpensive rental clubs. I believe these clubs that I purchases can be used at other courses too. There are many others in SL but my friends were members here so this is where they play. It is now ready for Halloween!!

The course is very well laid out with 18 holes. There are lovely greens, beautiful trees and shrubs around the course.  Water surrounds many of the greens ( it is a good thing we have a derender option in SL, it comes in handy).  There are horses grazing, deer standing not afraid of us at all and other wildlife to be seen. Halloween has arrived already!

Not only is this a golf course but the owners have a skeet shooting area and some other interesting activities. They also have events at the  19th Hole club so it is a busy region. Try it if you are looking for something different to do in Second Life.

Gemma Cleanslate