Friday, March 6, 2020

Five Places in SL To Explore With Your Friends

By Cyfir (Cyfiremmerich)

So you and your friends are bored? Looking for something to do in Second Life? Just want to run around and have a good time? Well, I have the article for you! Below are five places that you and your friends should check out in no particular order.


Montecito Bay

Full Disclosure: Montecito Bay is a sponsor of the Second Life Newser, but it really is a great place to go with friends. Montecito Bay in some ways reminds me of the city of Fox Haven before it shut down. There’s plenty to do and plenty to explore. There are little fun easter eggs laying around if you can find them, a ferris wheel, and even segways you can ride around the city or mall. Montecito Bay is also home to a dozen or so clubs. For more information on events there, check out the SL Cubbin’ section of the Second Life Newser.


After a year absence, the crew at Ravenlock are finally back from their long overdue break. They’re still renovating and getting things ready, so don’t rush there too hard on them, but you can still explore what they have to offer before the grand re-opening. Ravenlock is a Pokemon inspired sim and as far as I know they are the only sim to get the greenlight from Nintendo. Once everything is set back up, you and your friends will be able to catch wild Pokemon on this sim again.

Pixel Hills HD

Want to run around in scenes from your favorite video games? Pixel Hills has you covered. Pixel hills features many areas inspired by classic video games. It’s a fun place to relive your nostalgia without spending a fortune on old consoles and games.

Paris 1900

While the real Notre-Dame de Paris may still be under reconstruction and closed to the public, you can still visit the one in Second Life as well as the rest of Paris, France. All the usual sights are there including the Eiffel Tower which you can actually go to the top of as well as a large ferris wheel.


I’ve written about this place before but it really is a great place to take your friends and explore. There is an arcade, roller ring, and a whole retrowave inspired city to explore as well as live DJ events!


So there are five places you can explore with your friends. If anyone has any suggestions for a future article on this topic, my ears are always open. Happy exploring!


Monday, March 2, 2020

Alice In Wonderland at Bellisseria

By Gemma Cleanslate

Another home well worth a visit on Bellisseria in Shady Corners is the home that belongs to TessaPaige Jupiter. It is not a simple quiet home on a hilltop I found out. At Christmas time it was Santa’s Hideway. I went there to get the neat gifts that were placed around the Christmas tree and look at all the decor. Before that there was a Diner and a Critter Cafe that I missed.

TessaPaige took a long hiatus from Second Life and then returned and suddenly discovered she was full of passion to decorate and began.”Next I will be expanding to building. I also do Photography, so PROJECTS.”  She started The Jupiter Project. Installations of the project appeared in various places over the grid and then at her home in Bellisseria.

Her latest project at the house on the hill is a tribute to Alice in Wonderland. She says, ”I always loved the Alice in Wonderland films, book and of course the classic song by Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit ( My all time favorite character is the Cheshire Cat. with his mischievous grin.  Unfortunately, due to prim limitations the Mad Hatter is running late so you will have to take on his role as you enjoy your tea and cake.”

I arrived in front of the house and walked between the pink and white striped mushrooms to wander around the outside lawn before I went inside. There was the favorite Cheshire cat sitting on Chess board grinning his great grin. Wandering along the yard I saw a Pink Flamingo and hopped on for a ride.

Then, there it was, the Tea Party Table. It was adorned with the steaming teapot,cups and saucers and plates of delicious looking cakes all waiting for the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse. The March Hare standing off to the side looking at his watch in disgust that the others were not on time. I would have eaten a cupcake but was afraid I would grow too big or too small. At the back door of the house two guards stood silently in their familiar playing card garb.

Around the corner of the house I found a merry-go-round and another visitor , JoღJo (JoJoAngel Canning)  and we took a spin in the versatile cups trying the different poses for fun.

Still dizzy I entered the house and wandered into the Queen’s room. She already looked angry so I did not stay long but went up the staircase and opened the door .

If I was dizzy  before , now I was really in trouble. It was Alice’s upside down room! I tried sitting on the bed for a while but only became more disoriented. 

TessaPaige has done a wonderful exhibit especially in such a small setting. I recognized many of the characters of the original story but could not put  a name to all of them and there are also remnants that hint of the story everywhere . It will remain for a month so you have time to go look for yourself.  It will bring you back to your childhood and remind you of your first few readings of the book.

TessaPaige has her gacha shops in other locations since Bellisseria is noncommercial. You can see her wares at these places.

or on the marketplace.

To relive your childhood memories of Alice and all her friends go over to

Gemma Cleanslate