Monday, May 23, 2022

Catching Up On Bellisseria

By Gemma Cleanslate

Hi everyone. I am making a slow come back from my medical sabbatical. There is so much going on in second life that I have missed and have to get back in the groove.

Bellisseria has been busy as usual with parties, events , tours that I missed. Right now there is an event on the Fairgrounds. The Bellisseria Hammies have done it again.  A beautiful forest with resident animals occupies the space and you are invited to visit, Forestham National Park. 

FORESTHAM NATIONAL PARK @ Belli FG's will run from May 7th until May 29th. 

We will also have a very special stamp that you can collect at the HamRanger Station! 

The park has many woodland creatures that you can interact with. And if you are veeeery quiet, maybe you can even snap a piccy or 10! 

The park also has several camping spots for you to enjoy including tent camping and even some caravans! 

And as always MANY snacks for yew to enjoy while you visit! 

We can't wait to see yew all at the grand opening of FORESTHAM NATIONAL PARK!!

Da Belli Hammies ♥♥

Read more about the Forestham Park here, including many music events:

It will be there until the end of May.

Right next door I noticed that the Moles have opened a helicopter International Airport. I am not sure if this is permanent or temporary. I went to the departure area and soon found myself on a street in the new Sakura region.

The new Japanese themed homes are lovely and people have been moving in already. There are several varieties to choose from as are all the homes in Bellisseria. Each theme brings a lot of moving around. Take a look. The region has hills , ponds , flowing streams with water falls and lovely foliage including Japanese cherry trees and red maples.

There is a spectacular Community Center and gardens for all to enjoy.
I remember about two years ago someone asked if there would be Japanese themed homes someday. They got their wish.

Gemma Cleanslate