Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Emerald Crystal Golf Course

By Gemma Cleanslate 

There are several in world games that I still play very often. One game that I have written about before but not for a while. Every Wednesday a group of us get together to go golfing at Emerald Crystal Golf Course. There are other courses but we are most comfortable at this one. It is well managed and well kept up. The trees and flowers and landscaping is pleasant and animals roam the area but stay out of our way (except a skunk once in a while). The water courses are lovely but a hazard at times. There are hills and valleys with rocks over the course and bridges that sometimes seem to be in the way.

We have great fun even though I am not very, very good at it, but I do ok most of the time. We usually play 9 holes. One week we will do 1-9 and the next week we move to 10-18. If I am having a good day I will have a score of 28 or 29. I won’t tell you about the bad days lol. The better score would be 24 but I have only had that one time that I can recall.

At the entrance there are clubs for rent for the price of 10L with a score card and hud with three choices of club to use. The direction card gives lots of hints to new golfers so don’t pass it up. Read it! If one plays often it is good to have one’s own set and you can buy it here. It can be used at other courses too. For far shots there is a driver. For closer shots or to get out of a bad spot there is the wedge, and of course, our friendly putter. 

At every tee along the course there is a board telling you if it is a 4 shot hole, or more or less. After we shoot an arrow show where we landed .

The putter is to get into that hole from a distance or close to it and it takes practice. Overshooting the hole is no fun. Getting used to going the correct distance with the driver also needs practice. On the ground there is a practice area for the putter.

Above on a platform there is a large practice area for distance and learning to use the driver well. The meters are marked out so you can judge how much power you need.

Laz Dressler is the manager and care taker of ECGC . She is helpful and keeps the group members informed of any changes or activities. By the way there is also a skeet shoot up on the practice platform.Stop in the club house to check that out and have fun, win or lose.