Friday, September 21, 2018

The CDS Monastery

By Bixyl Shuftan

One building in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators that's gotten attention lately is it's monastery. The building is located in the middle-left sim of the CDS area, also named Monastery.The building is located on a hill, with a brick road leading up to it.

Bagheera Kristan had told me that Arria (arria.perreault) had the Monastery created under an arrangement at the time which was available to CDS residents in which the CDS paid for part of the cost as it was a public and not a private location. The Monastery's website at ( explained some on it's origins. The place was built in 2007, and a number of people had a hand in it's construction: Tanoujin Milestone, Samantha Fuller, Jo Sapeur and Sleazy Writer. In 2009, the Monastery would be moved to it's present location.

Under Arria since it's opening, the place had been the scene of a number of activities and exhibitions such as egg painting contests in the spring and advent calendars. Arria would have the following to say about the Monastery:

When I view the success of its activities, I believe the Monastery is also a contribution for the life of the CDS community, and even for Second Life.  The Monastery could not exist without the help and generosity of CDS citizens and SL residents. It needs skill, time and money, and it cannot be truly successful on the shoulders of only one individual. Thanks to Second Life, we can make some of our dreams come true.

Arria kept the Monastery for several years, holding many events there. But more recently real life has been making demands on her time. So she had to hand the place over to another resident."The Monastery was a part of my life. But we all come to a point where we have to make hard choices," Arria told me when I messaged her, Due to lack of time I could not run it anymore. I am happy that someone is ready to run it."

Looking around the Monastery, I didn't see any exhibition. But there was still much to see.

Being a monastery, there was a chapel area. The central area was an open roof garden area.

To the sides were library and meeting areas.

The Monastery has a tower. But to get up it, the door to the stairs is located on the outside of the building.

 It's not one continuous staircase, but two, having to get around over the top of an arch.

On your way up, you may run into a rather spectral denizen.

The Monastery does have a bell in the tower, and yes it does ring.

 Getting to the attic, there were pens with pigeons.

Pressing on a secret panel led to a couple secret doors opening. Guess that's why the attic wasn't too stuffy.

The Monastery is a very picturesque place in the CDS to explore. No doubt it will continue to be an attraction for some time to come.

Bixyl Shuftan