Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Memories of Dreams, Morrigans Roadhouse, And Kim's Legacy

By Gemma Cleanslate

A friend recommended a region to visit on Hawksong and I had it on my list. Finally I made time and what a beautiful installation! Memories of Dreams is the name and I was entranced as soon as I entered. The buildings on the region are in the Japanese style and surrounded with lovely cherry trees all in bloom and enhanced by the nearby brilliant red Japanese Maples. Poi swim in a pool nearby.

Visitors arrive at a lovely Pagoda displaying Japanese art on the wall and sculpt pieces. I walked to explore the island. Below the pagoda I spied Orcas swimming near the beach .

One breached while I watched. It is a beautiful place to sit and look out at the ocean using the windlight.

Yxes (Yxes Evergreen) is the creator. It looks like she is am artist who cannot stop building. I met her and we sat to have tea in one of the pavilions that is across a bridge from an island. She told me she has two others builds so I went to see them. Here is the entrance to Dreams. Explore and enjoy! 

Well, as I landed I would say this is so different in concept from Dreams. It is called Morrigans Roadhouse. There were crows circling above as I arrived.. Walking through the large roadhouse I found more references to crows. First I was thinking it was a reference to The Raven by Poe but as I wandered the property I found several buildings that made me think,” Who is Morrigan?”

 Ahha! I found that she was a Celtic Goddess…..”What is Morrigan the goddess of? The Morrígan is the Celtic goddess of war with her ability to stir chaos and confusion on the battlefield.

In addition to her association with war and death, Morrígan is also connected to fertility, childbirth, and motherhood. “. One of the ruins is all about her .

Be sure to take a walk though the area to see the distinctive foliage. And, below the roadhouse find the cave and wander there too.

That was not all. Yxes has another build to visit. “A picturesque coastal villa with an art gallery, and wine tasting room. Relax and enjoy! Dock you boat at the pier and wander through the fields of lavender... Located on the Mare Secundus, with access to the 7 seas..” It is called Kim’s Legacy.

This is a relaxing place . I visited several times to walk around and sit in the wine bar. Finally I succumbed and relaxed in the pool I found outside down the hill. Another lovely build by Yxes. This is a talented builder who loves to make new places. I wonder what is next.

Gamma Cleanslate

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Gemma's Explorations

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday morning my first activity is to go collecting new stamps for my passport . The Gazette always has a list of where owners have placed new terminals. This way I add to my passport and find new places in Second Life that I may have never seen before. Some of which I return to and explore and perhaps write about them for you . Today I hit the jackpot in visiting places that were in themselves compact enough and also familiar and think you would like to visit.

The Welcome Hub for new residents has a whole section of representative builds of recommended places to visit installed by the members of that location. The new one I saw this morning is wonderful in representing Burn2, the virtual part of Burning Man here. Huntress Catteneo infrastructure builder at Deep Hole and a an artist who does many builds .has placed this installation and it is delightful. By clicking on the wall you get to see 360 photos of Burning Man in the Nevada desert. One can also watch a video of events in Second Life. There is a teleport door to visit Deep Hole the permanent site of Burn2. To experience this delightful introduction to Burn2 here is the site.

The next site I visited , though it did not have a terminal was the Art Gallery at Firestorm where they exhibit various artists every month to highlight their work. It was related in a way to the Burn2 exhibit because one of my fellow Rangers at the Burn is the artist of the month. Radioactive Rosca is also a community builder for many events at the Bellisserian Fairgrounds and other events. I also use some of his photos when my laptop does not let me get good photos… with his permission of course.

The gallery is lovely itself and Radioactive added to the gallery with a pond. He takes massive numbers of photos of scenes of activity like boat tours , helicopter rides , train rides and more. I think he grabbed a photo of almost every event that happened last month at the Bellisseria Anniversary. Take a look at him working on the art exhibit and beyond can see more photos of that event last month.

Congrats for being the featured artist ! Stop over to see for yourself. Firestorm Social Island

The other new sweet little gallery at the CDS where I stopped to get a stamp belongs to AmandaT Tamatzui, a well known artist who often builds enormous installations as she did at the SLEA a few months ago. However this is a tiny gallery containing examples of her art pieces and various styles with which she works. 

Amanda is a part of the BBB who makes many of the stamps for the terminals also. I can’t wait to see her next installation! Visit this gallery to get a taste of her talent.

Gemma Cleanslate 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Bellisseria Anniversary Grounds And Bubbles

By Gemma Cleanslate

I could not make the Opening of the Bellisseria 5th Anniversary Celebration but arrived during the after party, however Kalia Cherry Anatine-Hax (Kalia Anatine)sent me a link to Abnor Mole ‘s speech .

He was the honored invited speaker since he with the LPDW Moles has helped Bellisseria develop all along the way. It is a lovely speech giving credit to all who really make Bellissseria what it is.

I did take some time to collect flowers from the roadside and reached 50 and got a nice flower basket to wear. Grab the hud near the gifts area and go look for purple flowers that rezz click them. The hud will keep track. I am also wearing a tablet containing a special stamp for the event and many others have them, some Lindens, some Moles and the staff of the BBB so look for them at parties and hanging around afk.I am usually by the gifts area when afk.

There have been some great tours offered. I took the ferry tour and collected stamps from the special terminal at various stops. Next Sunday I plan on a helicopter tour for those special stamps.

I also made some time to get the Swaginator and was able to find all the prizes ( with a little help from friends. I just hope I really got all the great gifts made by well known creators in Second Life. Wonderful gifts!!

Do not miss that area for sure! Taking pictures is difficult at the event since the rezz time is really show due to all the avatars attending events. There are parties every day so check the calendar to see the time. All this will continue until April 30 so keep an eye on the calendar!!

My friend Radioactive Rosca has been taking photos everywhere everyday and here is his album.

Also in the midst of the festivities! I told you I would remind you when Cica Ghost opened her new installation . It is called Bubbles and is lovely. The soft muted tones of pinks and blues in this underwater land hold many of her charming creatures. Remember to set your shared environment and listen to the music which seems to fit the habitat.

Her critter’s eyes follow you as you go along. I bet Mer people will love it. Some visitors wear protective bubbles for themselves. I wonder who lives in the quaint mound houses that dot the landscape. Perhaps they are Mers. Or some of the octopus looking critters who hang around during the day.

A you travel around touch everything and you will find fun seating or acrobatic gestures in some of the creatures and fish and foliage. Be sure and visit because I don’t know how long it will be around. I bet Cica is already planning her next installation .

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, March 11, 2024

Colourado And Perfect Paradise

By Gemma Cleanslate

Cica Ghost had a charming installation called Colourado. A group of us took at trip over with Andee Cooper to see it. Cica’s little critters are always so cute . Some of them look right inside of you to check you out as you wander. She makes new installations often and it is great to visit them and see what new inventions she has come up with.

While we wandered we found interactive pieces to have some fun. Here we sat on one of the creatures to discuss what we were looking at.

We were happy to meet Cica who came over to greet us all. She talked about her work in Second Life and her love of creating . I am sorry to say that this build closed on March 3 but Cica is already working on her now creation. One can see many of her older and newer art pieces on the SL Marketplace or at her shop. I will let you know when her new installation opens.

After this visit we flew over to Perfect Paradise Community to explore this amazing region.“Join us for a social experiment of creating an ideal society. A sanctuary of music, poetry, philosophy, community, consensus, wildlife conservation, environmental, creative, supportive, esoteric, exploration. Values of kindness and caring for all. “

The entrance area seen above shows an idea of what to expect as you wander about. Look for a teleport circle on the ground and see what is offered to visitors. It will take you to some wonderful sites to explore.

Shenn Coleman, a builder there, offered this greeting ,”Welcome to the Perfect Paradise Gemma. I invite you to explore in the sky and underwater, I have created several secret places to share the beauty and to make pictures, you'll find several gates, feel free to walk in to go to other scenes into the sky .Ari plays the piano live every weekday at 7 pm and Sunday too, you are welcome to join us, open stream music if you can its more immersive.” Shen offered a folder with lots of information about the community. I hope you can get one.

This lovely community has been here since 2008. They welcome “kind and gentle, loving souls here, people who love to laugh and sing and listen to music, who are interested in conversation, debate, spirituality and vibrant discussions.”

There are so many sites to relax and enjoy the surroundings . A meditation area offers peace. There are meditation classes and many poetry meetings. The Gallery has pods with art pieces displayed and there is a Monastery. You will enjoy visiting this region alone or with friends .

Gemma Cleanslate

Editors Note: Gemma would email one of the people behind Perfect Paradise, Jonquil (Esthezia Andel) if the creator was still around. He would answer:

The original creators of Perfect Paradise, Miralee Munro and HarpoonDodger Freenote, are no longer in SL. Ownership of the island is now shared by a small group, including me. But I do not think of myself as an "owner", more like a caretaker or steward. I am helping to keep the island open for creative uses like music, meditation, and poetry.

I was not around for the early years of Perfect Paradise, so can't tell you much about that history. You could learn more from devanahousha, who is a longtime member. Also Shenn Coleman and Arisia Vita. 

Monday, February 26, 2024

Haunted House in Bridesmere, Bellisseria

By Gemma Cleanslate

I received an invitation to visit a new house on an island on Bridesmere. It is a quiet neighborhood on Bellisseria with the lovely traditional homes lining the streets along the gulf. I am looking at a lovely dark blue trad with curtains on the windows and flowers below on the ground. I walked around the house and found a pool in the back that looked inviting.The view is lovely. Further along at the water’s edge is a Bumper boat rezzer set for anyone to use. I walked back to the entrance to the front to the entrance of the house called Mysterious Manor. It was time to go in and find out why. It is dark.

The foyer held a welcome sign that in itself was a warning. . Inside I found the owner, Evangeline Ling, working on some finishing touches . In the first sitting room room is a Ouija board set for visitors to use. The directions are there on a notecard. A fortune teller machine is in another corner and a strange hand table in another corner, sit and talk to it. Be sure to look at the art in the house as you wander. I noticed ghost evidence in several places.

Eva told me this is not a usual Halloween house. The sign in front says Haunted House but it is more than that.

“I have an RL interest in the Paranormal and wanted to make a house inspired by some of my personal favorite haunted places... places like the Conjuring House or the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells Texas. rather then just making a scary halloween type haunted house i wanted mine to have more of a feel of a Paranormal investigation”

As she worked I wandered through the rooms looking at the décor and for signs of haunting. She has placed Rem-pods to indicate change of temperature when a spirit is present and EVPs that interpret sounds heard that may be spirits. Upstairs in a room filled with dolls and little creatures I found two Annabelle replicas in cases on the wall. She is a porcelain doll possessed by a demonic spirit. Annabelle is considered their most dangerous and haunted item, and has a habit of moving around unseen. Evangeline said she would be very afraid if she ran into the doll in real life. The cases are labeled DO NOT OPEN, but I cannot resist such a sign and found out what happens when one does open. I know that Annabelle was in the ocult museum belonging to the Warrens in Connecticut which is closed.. I wonder where she is now.

Anyone is invited to come and hang out there . You are invited to join a group Haunted Bellisseria which has as members , Bellisseria Paranormal Society.Bellisseria ghosts, Bellisseria spiritualists. If you have an interest in such on Bellisseria or anywhere else on the grid. Eva said she had has already had a team of eight paranormal investigators visit.

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Bellisseria Commissary

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday mornings my first task every week is to read The Gazette. This is the Journal of Record of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy that I often write about in the SL Newser. . This way I can keep track of events that are upcoming and get the latest places that have added terminals for passport stamps. I then head right over to collect the new stamps before I miss any. It also gives me a chance to see new places on the grid that might make an article about interesting places you might enjoy visiting. Terminals for passport stamps available to all not only Bellisseria residents , are all over the grid on different continents and private regions also.

This Saturday I actually revisited a building that I meant to write about before but had misplaced information about it. This is the Bellisseria Commissary on Hartsmere.

Although there was a stamp terminal there before now there is also a new one upstairs in a room called the Breakup Room. It is a comfortable room with a sofa and large art pieces. In a chair sits Margo. Margo will talk to you about your issues if you address her. She is very smart.

If you wander next door there is a delightful room that seems a bit out of place but at the Commissary but a nice place to sit and relax. It is called Mushroom Land. Be sure to take a look at all the art pieces in the rooms . There are some early Linden items here and there . Wander into other rooms you will find goodies to collect . At the entrance there is an information card that tells you about the commissary. There is food in most rooms. I had a great bowl of chili and also a filling club sandwich while I looked around. I also picked up an interesting notecard that directed me to other locations where I could talk to more botchats . I will check them out. 

Another charming location with a new stamp terminal that I checked out was Kasada. I would recommend you take a tour there. It has a little beach right near the entrance that has fun water. ski-doos to take a ride around the harbor.

Up on the hilltop is a lovely old fashioned bar to check out. From The Gazette I learned that Kasada is a resurrection with a do over of an old Kasada that was a biker hangout ,but has become a nature themed location with,”. several nice places to relax, hang out and have fun. Rezz a boat and sail to the Blake Sea or just relax, have fun and meet others from all over the world.”

Go check it out.

After all this I went over to attend the opening of the Relay for Life for 2024!

Gemma Cleanslate