Friday, January 12, 2018

The Museum of Wizardry at Coniston

By Klaus Bereznyak

The sims comprising the Greater Coniston and Keswick area occupy a portion of the north west corner of the mainland continent of Sansara. It was originally designated as the area where the Lindens themselves would have homes. It lives on as a residential area modeled somewhat on its northern English namesakes. The locality has a number of scenic features, shops and venues run by residents, including the recently re-opened Museum of Wizardry in Blackstone Castle. I caught up with Salient Wizard, the curator of the museum to find out about the museum and his plans for the future.

He tells me: "The Museum of Wizardry is a small example of the many artifacts, images and displays related to the study of secular magick, presented in an educational format for the common person."

It's obvious looking round the museum that the owner is serious and keen to present information clearly without a whole lot of "hocus pocus", but there is a sense of fun here, too. Coffee and punch is available in the entrance lobby and a poster on the wall reminds us that "The only real things in Second Life are our feelings so please take care of each other."

I ask him what he hope visitors will take away with them from their visit. He explained, "I hope they'll understand what these curiosities are without offending their own faith or sensibilities and enjoy their time. It's a world often fantasized about, and twisted by Hollywood. Real Magick isn't shooting Fireballs from a wand, but the slow deliberate improvement of Self and our World, much like Psychotherapy, from which much is based on Old World Magick as Carl Jung (Father of Psychotherapy) discovered. Wizardry is a profession of old, wise men and women who love and use wisdom to guide themselves and their fellow neighbors. Nothing dark or sinister about it at all and definitely not 'satanic'!"

Salient's human spent three happy years in real-life England, during which he visited a "Museum of Witchcraft" that gave him some ideas for his own virtual museum in Second Life. He explains to me: "the English are very proud of their Celtic, druidic and pagan past, and are more tolerant of magick than Americans. Many of the greatest Occult members of the last 100 years were from England: Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, Dion Fortune, and even Isaac Newton centuries ago!" Some of these figures from magickal history can be seen on the wall by the staircase in the museum.

In the first room you come to, there are display cases with information and artifacts on the history and practice of Wizardry and Magick, including the Tarot and a variety of different types of "wands" that are used today. There's also some comfy seating and a roaring fire, where weekly "fireside chats" are held at 8pm SLT on Fridays. These are informal opportunities to meet Salient Wizard and discuss wizardry.

In the courtyard of the museum is a special exhibit that will be changed each month. The current display on "Magickal Germany" is due to be changed around January the 15th to one on "Geomancy", which is a form of divination used by medieval peasants and wizards. Apparently it involves poking holes in the dirt to divine answers and has a lot of ties to astrology. It should be fascinating.

Going through doors and climbing stairs reveals more rooms full of artifacts and a wonderful view of the area from the roof.

There are plenty of opportunities to find out more about Magick and Wizardry in Second Life and beyond, for those who may feel inspired to explore further. He acknowledges that there are plenty of books available on the subject and it can be really overwhelming. "A systematic Course of Instruction is the slow and steady way to become comfortable and acquire the skills to work effective magick. Personally I recommend or From there, one can join local groups, often found on If you are new or old to Wizardry, the Greyschool also has an open campus of events at their SL campus here . They also do SL classes based on their website curriculum for students of the school."

Salient Wizard himself teaches classes inworld with help from an owl on his shoulder, called "Horton". "He was a great tool for the kids I taught at Greyschool, His name is Horton, he sees Hoos." The wizard chuckles at his reference to Dr. Suess.

I'm not sure what one should expect on meeting a wizard. This one seems playful, yet passionate about communicating and sharing his knowledge.

"The beauty of Magick is that there is no 'correct' path, it's your personal path." He tells me, quoting Cicero to drive home the point, "Omnia Vivunt, Inter Se Conexa! (Everything is alive and everything is interconnected)."

The Museum of Wizardry:

Klaus Bereznyak

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Skiing At The Linden Chalet

By Gemma Cleanslate

Now that things have settled down a bit after the flurry of the holiday spots and parties it is a good time to enjoy the slopes and frozen rivers and lakes of Second Life. One of my favorite place to visit for a variety of possibilities is the Voss, Wengen, Zermatt, Moritz  area in the "always winter" area of the grid. I always start at the Linden chalet where you an meet some interesting people lounging around or getting ready to go out to the slopes, or down the hill to the lake. My friend and I stopped there before going to the ski lift. There is also a rezz area near by where people meet to check their creations.

When you walk out the door you have the choice of heading east for a ski lift, or west for another ski lift.  I like both areas. The ski lifts give you a wonderful view of the valleys with homes and shops below. It is a pleasant ride up and at the top you will find free boots and skis. There is a choice of cross country or downhill. Try both.

The views on the way down both slopes are lovely. Try the cross country skiing also which is partly downhill. We did that this time.

After warming up in the lodge go down the hill to Lake Zermatt. You can skate on that lake for long distances wearing free skates found there or your own. Skate balls give a choice for skating with a partner , alone , or performing tricks on the ice. If you have your own skating hud it is a great place to try out all the runs and jumps.This makes for a pleasant day.

Near by on the road to the east you can grab a ride on a small train or jump on a pod and get a look at the spots along the road  you might like to visit.

If you have  horse you might like to meander through the lower hills . I like to do that too and my horse does very well through the snow. When I returned another day I did skate to the other side of Lake Zermatt and found a delightful little cafe overlooking the road where you can get a wonderful view of the lake area and a hot drink. I had hot tea and a cherry mini pie.

Go check it all out and have a terrific skiing day in Second Life.

Gemma Cleanslate

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Last-Minute Christmas Locations

By Gemma Cleanslate

If you want to take a magical sleigh ride through a winter wonderland with your honey or friends get over to Octavia for the North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure. Just cover yourself with a blanket , relax and enjoy the view. After crossing wooden bridges on a roadway that meandered through the woods and by decorated cottages the sleigh drops you off in the center of a sweet little town.

Santa’s Shop is located here near the restaurant where you can sit by the fire or order a complete meal, breakfast lunch or dinner from appetizer to dessert . I had some shrimp cocktail,  a taste of eggnog and a glass of wine. The menu is extensive!! I stopped outside to feed a hungry reindeer. There is a lovely pond for skating nearby with free skates. This is a lovely place to spend some Christmas holiday time.

Before I left I stopped into the chapel that is decorated with garlands and flowers for the season. Here is where you catch the sleigh. 

 Next I visited Haven Woods where Grim Reaper MC has set up an appealing winter venue. There is a teleport at each scene to help you around. I rezzed a flying sleigh and sat with Santa to take a higher view of it all. One  decoration I have not see as much as last year where they were everywhere is penguins,only a few here and there . Here they are skating and playing on the pond.

The creche at this venue is life size and includes animated figures.Take the chair lift up the hill to rezz a sled and make your way down. Before I left I visited Mr and Mrs Klaus in the gazebo and had a cookie . Chances here for some great photos. Make a stop on your travels at this cute little place.

One more beautifully decorated little town I visited and enjoyed a sight- seeing sleigh ride is Ville De Coeur. The dappled horse took me through the countryside by decorated homes , snow laden trees with tiny lights , past birds chipping winter calls. The little village is very like a French countryside village with three story homes all festooned with garlands and bows and window boxes of poinsettias.

You can pick up last minute gifts in the stalls of the outdoor market .I passed a few charming  restaurants  and outdoor cafes while wandering the streets. This is a quiet  place for friends or sweethearts to spend some time together relaxing and talking.

Have a wonderful Christmas and look at the SL destinations for  Christmas places to visit during this lovely season in sl. There are more out there to visit that I did not write about. I will have more venues for you that will continue to have winter vistas after the 31st . I wish you all a wonderful holiday.

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, December 15, 2017

North Pole Village

By Gemma Cleanslate

“WELCOME to North Pole Village & Santa's Workshop! Re-experience the magic of your childhood as you enter the village. Be sure to visit each of the 15 locales found here and most of all...remember to... B*E*L*I*E*V*E !! “    is the greeting at the entrance to the Village. Take a notecard from the information poster so you don’t miss any of the possibilities in the village and the workshop.The elves have a hunt going on too for fifteen gifts through out the town.

This is really a place that takes you back to childhood and stories of the North Pole and where the toys were made. Follow the icy path down to the entrance to the village. When the gates open the view of the town is charming. Each little shop or door holds a story when you visit each one.

When you climb the stairs to the workshop and the doors part the splash of Christmas color and movement is everywhere as the elves hammer at their builds. The colorful boxes are piled to the ceiling.  Santa’s throne is empty because he may be out checking the reindeer and sleighs. In the kitchen more elves get the gingerbread houses ready for the ovens. Mrs Claus is overseeing the activity and handing out samples.

This is a 24 hour business and you can find some of the elves sleeping or resting and reading  in their little dormitory above the kitchens. I took a peek into Santa’s bedroom on the way by.
As I left the dorm I looked over the rail down to the stables and, sure enough ,there was Santa checking his sleigh . This is a charming place to visit every year. I have to go back for the hunt! Wear the Christmas Tree Hud to aid you  . Music off and sounds on to really experience what is going on around you as you go around town.

Gemma Cleanslate 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas at Calas

By Gemma Cleanslate

The special winter holiday sim that is a yearly favorite spot is lively with visitors. Every year Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith of Calas Galadhon fill another region, and sometimes two, with a venue where people go to spend a lot of time. The parties are daily and lots of fun with different DJs performing. This year it is titled “Home for Christmas."

The sim is so beautiful that it takes a while to explore everything and interact with all the goodies. To see the whole arrangement take the balloon ride over the scenery. The sleigh ride through the country side is most romantic. 

This year rezz a reindeer and ride along the roads and through the woods . It is so much fun to ride! Alicia Underby spent a lot of time roaming the sims on that reindeer as did that ranger.  

The massive pond gives skaters a wonderful place to show off their best pirouette and jumps. Along the edge of the pond hot chocolate is available and places to stop and rest and cuddle.  

The crowning glory is the spectacular  Christmas Pavilion . Here there are gifts for all members , and where you always find friends sitting and chatting. There is a massive hall with presents for the Calas members  and of course, the special Christmas tree room. Tall impressive nutcrackers guard the door and  Santa sits here and waits for all the visitors amid boxes and ornaments. Turn on your music , switch to the windlight setting and experience the wonder of ' Home for Christmas’. This will put you at the sleigh ride or balloon tour entrance.

Gemma Cleanslate 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Monticito Bay

By Bixyl Shuftan

I was recently contacted by BekNos (Becky Nosferatu) about a new city-themed sim in Second Life. Going over, I appeared at a beachfront area, with the ocean along the west edge of the sim, with the sandy beach and a disco dance floor and DJ booth on one side, and a street and buildings on the other. Although disco floor was clearly in a style of the 1970s and later, many of the buildings had an older appearance about them. BekNos described some as having an "Art-deco style." The sim was designed for a few things in mind, stores, clubs, housing rentals, and perhaps roleplay. BekNos told me they wanted something different than "grungy urban, post-apocalyptic, or sci-fi," which she felt "happens to be the main theme for cities."

Becky had a few people with her, and were soon joined by others. Another person involved was Moff (MoffettMephit Resident), "I've always been an art-deco fan and I dig an urban scene. But that's really all I had, a vague design idea. I also had the theater behind you, the fabulous Magnum Opus, which Klo, Dok, Six and I built and put on mainland. So I wanted that theater to be the centerpiece of the city. It wasn't really until this great team got assembled that the sim really started getting built up. This is one of those things where, you know, one person cannot do it all. A cityscape is dynamic. So with the help of this fabulous team, the ideas flowed and pretty soon, the city did as well....and if you walk around, you can see how dynamic it is. I think my favorite thing about it is, it's not perfect. It's not all shiny and new and, well, perfect."

Of building the place, Moff told me, "We've had building and design input and landscaping from Bengt and Moni and Chieko....Lem and Emorald helped with building. Mateo tested the hell out of our streets with his go-kart (grin). Baja and Lem helped build up our emergency services." Of how long it took to built the place, Moff told me, "I bought the sim in June and we opened, October? Hehe, I was not in a rush. I don't think anyone was. We wanted to move forward and make progress, but there were very few of us who wanted to jump right into something 'full time', so to speak. We kind of just messed around and decompressed for awhile.  I think that's something that helped in the long run. Because there was no 'pressure', so to speak, we, as a team, could have fun with this build. We weren't racing the clock." BekNos commented, "Because there was no clock. It was an idea that unfolded as we worked."

Lem Aiko (LemonPledge Resident) was considered the mayor of the sim, and made decisions with a "city council" of four advisors, Moff telling me, "They are Becky, of course, Ink, MagpieHyena and one current open seat."

Not everything built was modern day in style. Beknos told me that earlier, "we had an event for Prehistorica, who released an excellent dragon and we built up a medieval village for the dragons to burn down. (grin)" She told me it was the first big event in the sim and an avatar release party, "We built the village in a span of a few days and it housed about 50+ dragons. Wanders was just so moved by our build and everything we did for him." The villiage of course was in a different place on the sim than the city, in a level high above out of sight, Moff saying, "That was Becky's idea, to use a tiered building system. So at various levels, we can build whatever type of setting might be needed." BekNos added, "And Moff went from there, a club of ours, the graveyard, and our rentals are in the air." Moff went on, "We have three permanent entertainment venues with the capability of throwing an event anywhere on sim with our modular venue. The graveyard and the Avagora are two places where we can throw special events."

One thing they were proud of was their Avatar Avagora, BekNos telling me, "It's a sim-wide store we have about 700 meters in the air, dedicated to avatar makers and modders. It gives them all one location for people to shop; remember Northstar or Rocket City? That was my inspiration for it. I've not seen another mall like them in the past, and since Modding has become such a go-to, I wanted to offer people the option to revist a store again, in world." Of the graveyard, she told me it had, "a neat little exploration that I hope to make a full time hunt system for people. There are caves under it, and I hope to find a scripter to help me set up a hunt system for it." Emorald Resident commented, "those caves were both fun, and a pain to set up."

They soon offered to show me around. Lem offered to take us around by bus, but others suggested we just walk, "You may wanna make sure your life (insurance) policy is payed up, Bix, before you get on a bus with Lem driving." The street near the beach, Moff told me, "This is Sunset Blvd. The 'Main Drag' so to speak. Little bit of shopping, some entertainment, but really built to project a, setting or atmosphere." BekNos added, "We don't have a lot of shopping just yet, but we have plenty of rentals up for anyone who's interested." We walked some distance north to what Moff called the "Corner of Sunset Blvd and Palm St. Got the Sunset Diner, some beach shop rentals, and the building that gets you to the Avagora. ... Cabana and Mission. You can get a good look at a custom building I had commissioned for this place., The Fox, and its counterpart on the other block, The Crow." "There's a lot of unique buildings here," BekNos added.

Moff led the group around the street intersection, "Now heading east. You're going to feel the city begin to change, where, you know, you could identify the beachfront as the 'tourist area' .... the nice, shiny, pretty part. Now it's going to change into more of a city feel. It's a city. It has its city things and its city issues. Fuel station, for example." It wasn't long before we were on the Eastside, "So, here we are, the 'older' section of town. It's not so pretty. Not so clean." Beknos responded, "But it has some of our favorite clubs." He pointed to one building, "Here's one of our venues. Envy Nightlife. It's for some of our more mature shows." This wasn't the actual club, but rather a "prop building" that would teleport people to the actual place four thousand meters in the air. Although some friskiness was allowed in the club, "you can't have open sex. That boils down to them renting the hotel room. ...we stay within the bounds of an 'M' sim."

If one was looking for a motel, there was one nearby, "Here it is. Our seedy motel (grin). I am reminded, it needs a marquee sign stating that it has 'Color TV'." I noticed one of the doors had police tape. BekNos responded, "Yeah, uh... don't go into that room." Moff went on, "Well OK, there is some lore here. The police are still investigating, but, umm, a bad thing happened there (grin)." Lem commented, "There was a fridge monster in there." Moff responded, "I have no idea (about that). What I do know is that there are giant spiders in room 3." "(The) spiders must have eaten the fridge monster." Next, Moff pointed out a small street corner shop, "S-Mart convenience store, complete with 'Clerks' reference and porn (grin)." "Porn is the best part," joked Lem, "They don't take cards. They have an ATM though." For those who don't know, the "S-Mart" was the store in the movie "The Evil Dead."

We then came up to what looked like a statue of Cthulu, Moff saying, "You might notice this weird spot right in the middle of the street. Would you like to hear the actual story, or the lore?" I asked for both, and Moff told me, "The lore is, this is a weird spot. We don't like messing with it. It felt wrong to build here. Every time we tried, it just didn't work out. It's weird. We don't know why. It's feels weird to go here. There's just something, WEIRD, about it!" He then looked over, "Lem get off the plant." Lem did so with an "Awww." BekNos added, "We don't need the statue coming to life again." I asked about that, and Moff answered, "The statue just showed up. Who knows what these eyeball plants are about. We just.... We put a fence around it and went about our merry way." BekNos remarked, "It's best not to question this spot."

"Now, the actual story?" Moff offered, "When the sim was empty and flat, Twocoin studied the ground cover and noticed this spot here was a little barren. the 'sim bald spot' so to speak. He put a fence around it, and then proceeded to take, like, a month off of Second Life (grin). Nobody had his edit rights, so it could not be moved. And I don't like returning things. So for the hell of it, we came up with the 'weird' story and built around it." BekNos commented, "And, I used it as my excuse to build the graveyard; the prim around the statue will teleport you to it, which also allowed me to make it creepy."

They then showed me something that looked much more normal, a city park with a baseball field, Moff saying, "Now over here, is our park. Some team members missed having plant life and stone walkways. And truth be told, every good city needs a great park." BekNos commented, "Hey, there's a GREAT barbecue spot, okay? You can grill and watch the baseball game!" I asked if they played games there, and BekNos answered, "It's actually our sandbox. haha," Moff continued, " And from here, as you face the park. To the right is our police station which is a fully functioning RP type police station. And to the left is our fire station. And again, fully functioning (smile).  And, dead ahead is our sandbox, the baseball field (smile)." Lem joked, "We use the heads from dead trolls. Kinda like stickball but more intense." BekNos informed, "Magpie gave me the idea to make the sandbox a baseball field, a play on 'sandlot' I'm sure. I liked it enough, so I made a texture for it."

We soon got to a brick building with "Studio 86" painted on the side, Moff saying, "Now here we have another one of our 'on the ground' venues. Let's go inside and sneak a peak." Inside, there was a club that was a combination of bright lights, graffitti on the walls, and Greco-Roman style statues. Moff went on, "This is a prefab from Z.O.E., but what a great party venue. The building is called 'Mix Tape' from the creator, but we call this place 'Studio 86'." BekNos stated, "his is by far my favorite of our venues." I asked how often it had events, and Beknos answered, "Practically every weekend, it tends to be one of the favorites." Lem added, "It gets used through the week too." Moff told me, "Our entertainment staff has a choice of venue and time. We try to get every venue in once a week. As we are new, it's tough to fill up a venue during the week. So weekends are our best party days."

After leaving the club, we started heading back west. We saw one building with a snowflake decoration, and several palm trees around it. Moff commented, "We're starting to decorate for the holidays. Being a tropical environment means few pine trees and lots of palms (smile). For the record, we still need staff to decorate the tree in there." I asked where was the city located, and Moff answered, "Think, like Key West or Tampa, Florida? It's a western beach, so....either there or California. But I lean towards a Florida like location," BekNos commented, "I'd go with Flordia; cause Lem is our Florida man." Moff then pointed out two other buildings, "And here we have City Hall ... and this big ugly building that's slated to be razed."

After that, we headed back to the corner of Sunset Blvd and Palm St to the small building that teleported us to a large mall area, BekNos telling me, "Welcome to Avagora. It's a full sim-sized mall dedicated to makers (of) all kinds." There were a large number of shops, though most were empty, at least for now. In the middle was another baseball field, presumably the sandbox for opening goods. One board had a list of days of the week with information on each, BekNos saying, "This is showing our upcoming events, while the tall (board) behind me is our directory and recommended / affiliates. Each store has a modder or their business partners in it. Naturally, since this *is* dedicated to modders and makers, it's main spot in the center is the sandbox for easy modding." She pointed out another building, "I run the Avatar Maker's Guild. This is the AMG headquarters. People can come and go as they see fit to talk about avatar making and modding, and I plan to put up a bunch of tips for people to use, as well as resources." She grinned, "Mind you the sign has sharp edges, be careful with that." Explaining further, she spoke, "The top level was originally for avatar makers only, but as they seem to be a bit harder to find, I just went ahead and let modders have them too. ... This took me, what, two months to build?" Moff grinned, "It was open well before the sim was."

Moff also told me, "This year, we're going to feature an advent calendar. Every day from 12/1 through 12/24 there'll be a gift!" BekNos remarked, "That's the one I told you that Zombiecandy is running, Bixyl." Moff smiled, "I was hoping someone knew more than me about it!" BekNos added, "She's got the whole thing going. Well, I mean, that's the extent I know, heh. I don't know who all is going to be giving out the event prizes, but they're going to be modders from all over. (grin)"

With the tour mostly over, people began heading to bed as it was late in real life, Lem saying, "If I haven't annoyed you enough make sure you come back often!" But Moff had more more place to show me. We went back down to the city, clicked on another building's TP point, and ended up in a club with a distinct sci-fi look with lots of green lights and holographic displays, Moff saying, "And this is Envy Nightlife." I remarked, "Well, this is definately after the mid-20th Century." Moff grinned, "Well, ya know, that's how the nightclub scene is. We try to have at least one show here a week. It's a popular venue."

With Envy Nightlife, the tour was pretty much over. Moff did say part of the beach was "clothing optional," and that the sim had a VIP group, as well as a group on the Discord computer chat program. It was also added besides more merchants, they were also looking for hosts, DJs, and security for the clubs, details in the City Hall building, Emorald saying, "You can tell we are a pretty chill bunch."

And that was my introduction to Monticito Bay. The place is new, but the people are friendly, creative, and have big plans. We'll probably hear from them again soon.

Bixyl Shuftan

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Winter at Devon Dream

By Bixyl Shuftan

Every December, Safra Nitely decorates her sim of Devon Dream into something out of a Christmas story.

I recently dropped by to get a few pictures, and have a few words with her. 

Much of the area was covered by a pine forest, with snow on the needles.

There was a walkway going through the forest, with occasional scenes such as a few presents placed here and there.

One thing that is different this year is that Safra has some stalls up for any merchants interested in setting some wares up for sale, for free, "free maket stalls for content makers, try make it a viable marketplace for two months."

Safra wanted there to be some interactivity, so she had a couple rides set up in the area.

In one cottage, Santa and his elves are getting ready for Christmas.

Dropping by later at night, the place had a whole new look, with the Northern Lights visible in the sky.

There was a dance floor set up on a frozen lake, with lights and a DJ booth.

The teacup ride area looked different at night, with some of the cups lit up.

This time while going through the forest, there were crystals helping to light the way.

Don't forget to drop by Devon Dream this Christmas season

Bixyl Shuftan