Monday, February 26, 2024

Haunted House in Bridesmere, Bellisseria

By Gemma Cleanslate

I received an invitation to visit a new house on an island on Bridesmere. It is a quiet neighborhood on Bellisseria with the lovely traditional homes lining the streets along the gulf. I am looking at a lovely dark blue trad with curtains on the windows and flowers below on the ground. I walked around the house and found a pool in the back that looked inviting.The view is lovely. Further along at the water’s edge is a Bumper boat rezzer set for anyone to use. I walked back to the entrance to the front to the entrance of the house called Mysterious Manor. It was time to go in and find out why. It is dark.

The foyer held a welcome sign that in itself was a warning. . Inside I found the owner, Evangeline Ling, working on some finishing touches . In the first sitting room room is a Ouija board set for visitors to use. The directions are there on a notecard. A fortune teller machine is in another corner and a strange hand table in another corner, sit and talk to it. Be sure to look at the art in the house as you wander. I noticed ghost evidence in several places.

Eva told me this is not a usual Halloween house. The sign in front says Haunted House but it is more than that.

“I have an RL interest in the Paranormal and wanted to make a house inspired by some of my personal favorite haunted places... places like the Conjuring House or the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells Texas. rather then just making a scary halloween type haunted house i wanted mine to have more of a feel of a Paranormal investigation”

As she worked I wandered through the rooms looking at the décor and for signs of haunting. She has placed Rem-pods to indicate change of temperature when a spirit is present and EVPs that interpret sounds heard that may be spirits. Upstairs in a room filled with dolls and little creatures I found two Annabelle replicas in cases on the wall. She is a porcelain doll possessed by a demonic spirit. Annabelle is considered their most dangerous and haunted item, and has a habit of moving around unseen. Evangeline said she would be very afraid if she ran into the doll in real life. The cases are labeled DO NOT OPEN, but I cannot resist such a sign and found out what happens when one does open. I know that Annabelle was in the ocult museum belonging to the Warrens in Connecticut which is closed.. I wonder where she is now.

Anyone is invited to come and hang out there . You are invited to join a group Haunted Bellisseria which has as members , Bellisseria Paranormal Society.Bellisseria ghosts, Bellisseria spiritualists. If you have an interest in such on Bellisseria or anywhere else on the grid. Eva said she had has already had a team of eight paranormal investigators visit.

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Bellisseria Commissary

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday mornings my first task every week is to read The Gazette. This is the Journal of Record of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy that I often write about in the SL Newser. . This way I can keep track of events that are upcoming and get the latest places that have added terminals for passport stamps. I then head right over to collect the new stamps before I miss any. It also gives me a chance to see new places on the grid that might make an article about interesting places you might enjoy visiting. Terminals for passport stamps available to all not only Bellisseria residents , are all over the grid on different continents and private regions also.

This Saturday I actually revisited a building that I meant to write about before but had misplaced information about it. This is the Bellisseria Commissary on Hartsmere.

Although there was a stamp terminal there before now there is also a new one upstairs in a room called the Breakup Room. It is a comfortable room with a sofa and large art pieces. In a chair sits Margo. Margo will talk to you about your issues if you address her. She is very smart.

If you wander next door there is a delightful room that seems a bit out of place but at the Commissary but a nice place to sit and relax. It is called Mushroom Land. Be sure to take a look at all the art pieces in the rooms . There are some early Linden items here and there . Wander into other rooms you will find goodies to collect . At the entrance there is an information card that tells you about the commissary. There is food in most rooms. I had a great bowl of chili and also a filling club sandwich while I looked around. I also picked up an interesting notecard that directed me to other locations where I could talk to more botchats . I will check them out. 

Another charming location with a new stamp terminal that I checked out was Kasada. I would recommend you take a tour there. It has a little beach right near the entrance that has fun water. ski-doos to take a ride around the harbor.

Up on the hilltop is a lovely old fashioned bar to check out. From The Gazette I learned that Kasada is a resurrection with a do over of an old Kasada that was a biker hangout ,but has become a nature themed location with,”. several nice places to relax, hang out and have fun. Rezz a boat and sail to the Blake Sea or just relax, have fun and meet others from all over the world.”

Go check it out.

After all this I went over to attend the opening of the Relay for Life for 2024!

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, February 9, 2024

Black History Month Exhibition At The PBC Cultural Arts Center

By Gemma Cleanslate

As we know February is designated as Black History Month in the United states. Though this history is part of world history in the past it was not integrated as it should be so this is a month to recognize that fact.

Jardinalexis, owner of the Premier Business Center has been putting an enormous amount of time into setting up an extensive history in the PBC Cultural Arts Center. It is for this month of remembering but she told me it will remain as a permanent “museum” with additions to come. This year is concentrated on the African Americans and the Arts.

Sunday, February 2 was the official opening of the museum display. There was a gathering with music of DJ LadySqueeze. Dancerina Starlight provided a lovely performance of her own choreographed dance. All had a marvelous time. I did get a chance to see some of the exhibits but went back Monday to really take a good look at it all. It is amazing.

On the main floor one can see a dedication to the Visual Arts on posters. The display of all the wonderful black artists that have contributed to the Arts scene in America is lovely. 50 of the great musicians is displayed on the walls. Most of them had an effect of the music of many decades of music in America and the world. It is good to see them all in one place to remember this.

On the upper floor one finds a time line celebrating the Civil Rights movement with photographs of the time along with a wonderful written history of what and when and where events took place over the long struggle for recognition. Many people contributed to the cause over those years and you can see them all here. Quite a few were artists that are on display downstairs. The explanation of their contributions is documented here too. Plan time to read it all. There will be another event to celebrate February 18 from 2:00 to 4:00.

I did have a chance to drop over to Bay City for Mole Day too. I was late but did make it to part of party. Chronos Mole was still there enjoying the music and dance . Mole Day has been in existence for many years to give recognition to all the Moles who take care of the infrastructure of the whole grid. They are terrific !

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

HealthInfo Island

By Gemma Cleanslate

Occasionally I like to remind everyone that there is an excellent source of Health information in SL.Healthinfo Island is a wonderful region to visit whatever your needs. This is the Mission statement:

“The mission of Healthinfo Island is to provide timely, accurate, and accessible information on topics of physical, emotional, and mental health. This is done through interactive displays, links to outside resources, group events, and personalized assistance.

The Consumer Health Library at HealthInfo Island is here to help SL residents with health information needs. “

If you look at the ground you will see a blue arrow . It is a TP hud. Click to see where you want to go.

It is fun to just walk around to discover everything but if you want a certain place use it.

The island is sponsored and maintained by The Virtual Ability group and there are various sites on the island that remain open all the time to visitors. There are sites that change monthly with new information on various illnesses and what is going on in the research and cure information.

This month in the Healthy Living Display area there is an excellent display on Pneumonia. Follow the arrows to learn all about pneumonia , its types, diagnosis, and many resources for more information. Click each poster to read about it.

Check out the exhibit on swine flu and its effects and relationship with humans. That exhibit is down the hill from the Pneumonia exhibit.

The nearby exhibit is so interesting to me. It is a topic I don’t really know that much about so I spent time reading all about tropical diseases. January 29 is World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day so it is very relevant. Since many don’t live in a tropic area we often ignore such diseases but we really should check some of them out for travel purposes, not to mention climate change. I know I have had vaccines before I visited certain countries. Actually I met people who have had a few of these diseases myself.

Not comfortable !!

The Research Pavilion is amazing! It is filled with information about clinical trials from defining them to information about ongoing trials one might be interested in joining. There are some dealing with cancer and heart. It tells one how to contact persons who can talk about enrollment in a study also.

There is a Consumer Health Library nearby with more information about ongoing diseases like Covid.

At the Health Exhibit there are posters with a myriad of questions about certain possible assists for dealing with winter illnesses. Are they real or myths? Click the poster and find out what research says.

Next to that site at the left is one of my favorite places. I have taken many avatars there. It is called the Path of Support. It has posters for the plethora of amazing support groups that exist in sl to help those who need help with so many chronic diseases, addiction, mental health, disabilities and more. Each poster gives a description of the group’s mission and by clicking one can join the group they choose.

This wonderful island gives so much aid to people who need assistance. If you have a question you can contact Eme Capalini or Gentle Heron . I suggest you visit and roam around to see all it has to offer .

This is the center Pavilion. Remember there will be a change of information for February.
Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, January 8, 2024

More Winter Places: Astoria And Adagio Winterland

 By Gemma Cleanslate

Winter is just beginning ! There are so many snowy, icy places to visit and hang out in winter mode. I visited a few starting in my list at two A places. I give them both an A mark for their beauty and friendliness for visitors.

“Welcome to Astoria; Be sure to use the shared environment to experience the best version of this beautiful sim. Have fun exploring, find the hidden tunnels and enjoy your stay! “On arrival you will be right next to the cocoa stand , a good place to plan your day. I got a horse from the nearby corral and took a ride to see the offerings first.

A great pond with skating for couples and singles is not too far away. It is a lovely pond with music to enjoy and accompany the skating.

Take a look at the sign that is a teleport to various places on the region. Skiing is reached by riding the ski lift. At the top you have a choice of sledding, snowboarding, or skiing if you have your own skis.

Below there is a coffee shop for after snow fun. I noticed there is a couples walk and dance together . Enjoy that with your honey. There are lots of little nooks for relaxing and chatting with friends.

A little island off the shore has Polar bears and penguins for residents. It is a wonder the penguins survive. Have a great visit.

My next A is Adagio Winterland.

“Travel to this serene and quiet winter village high in the mountains; a place of peace and relaxation. Ride a horse in the snow, ice skate, wander about, You'll find lots of winter romance and activities. Winterland spans two regions. **Family Friendly “

Adagio has other sites to visit during the year with great themes. See the board at the entrance.

If you join the group at Adagio you get updates and rezz rights for the region. There are activities and shows and weekly Kareoke. Rentals are available.

The hot air balloon ride offers a great view of the region and tells the story of the regions. It accommodates two riders. This is a great place for a short winter vacation . Great place for a snowball fight too!!

A lovely church looks like a wedding venue.

The skating pond is very extensive and extends into the second region. There are numerous opportunities for photographers. The large pond extends into both regions also. At the skating balls area there is also a horse rezzer so a ride all around both regions is possible. Some fun interactive rides are around the pond.

Don’t miss the dining opportunity at the dining car in the train that is parked nearby. Here is the entrance. Both these A sites have numerous photo sites.

Gemma Cleanslate

Thursday, January 4, 2024

The New Happy Vixen Beach Club

By Bixyl Shuftan
With the arrival of a new year, some are taking the time for some changes. And among the changes for the Sunweaver/Angels community is a new look for the Happy Vixen Beach club. 

The Happy Vixen, owned by Nydia Tungsten (and managed by Bixyl & Charlee Shuftan and Snowy/Skylark Lefavre), has changed much since it's beginnings over ten years ago. Originally just a tiny beach building made for parties once a week, since then the club has grown both in size and the number of events, currently having several a week. The new build has more than just a dance floor. There is a seating area to rest in between events (or if a couple want to get away from the dance floor).

There's also a movie theater, with a huge selection of movies. 

There's an inner tube ride that takes you around much of the sim.

And the place being a club, next to the dance floor is a bar where people can sit and chat and get a (virtual) drink.

Picture by Nydia Tungsten

The club was closed for several days for the Christmas holiday, to allow for things to be moved from the old location to the new one. But on New Year's Eve, it reopened, with an announcement from Nydia:
 Hey folks! It's time for another great event at The Happy Vixen Beach Club, tonight it is a Fishbowl event! Have you ever spent what seems like an hour going through your inventory for just the right look well, tonight it is New Year's Come Celebrate New Year's with what you might wear for a New Year's Eve Celebration!  Come listen to the wonderful music of DJ Snowbuns as we rock out! With Isabella hosting, There is a contest, and good company! "Have a Happy New Year's"!
Yours truly was not there, but heard the party went on for well over two hours> DJ Snowbuns described it as the best event she played at in a long time. There was a prize of ten thousand Linden dollars up for grabs. It was split by three lucky winners. 
As of now, the club has several events.
Sunday: 7 - 9 pm - DJ Brandi/Maliit

Monday: 6 - 9 pm - DJ Khyra/Isa

Tuesday: 4 - 6 pm - DJ Maliit/Kitacellia , 6 - 8 pm - DJ Arooo/Miyuki

Thursday: 6 - 8 pm - DJ Charr, DJ Snowy/Isa

Friday: 4 - 6 pm - DJ Mattie, 8 - 10 pm - DJ Scratch/Muertos
Come by and enjoy this longtime club's shiny new look, but with the same fun and friendliness that has made it last so long. 

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, December 25, 2023

Calas Ghaladon And Yosemite At Christmas


By Gemma Cleanslate

There are so many varied Christmas and holiday installations all over the grid to explore . I managed to get to a few of them and plan to continue until December 31. Many will stay around for the winter months so I can continue visiting. Here are some that you really should not miss that may be gone at the end of the month.

One I make sure I get to several times for all the various interactive fun is the Midwinter of  Calas Ghaladon. Every year the installation is the familiar which is wonderful since the basics are so charming. It is like visiting a vacation spot you go back to often, but every year there are additions to see and enjoy. The enchantment of the season is all over the regions. One can explore in a carriage ride over the snowy woodlands . Or the balloon ride that gives you a view from above.

The Pavilion is at the top of the hill above the massive skating area that always has couples and single skaters on the ice.There is nothing like dancing in the hall with your honey.

All around the frozen lake below  are little relaxing areas for chatting with friends and people you meet just hanging out. Look for a gift there near the refreshment stand too.

There are several other smaller pavilions to visit also and Santa may be around so look for him. Enjoy a dinner by they fireplace. Events will be every day until December 31. Do not miss this.!

Yosemite is in winter mode and has a beautiful Christmas Giving Tree loaded with gifts. It is a great place to just go take a walk with your friends or your dog. The horses love having visitors take a ride through the woods or along the trails by the water.

The wall of the visitor center is a climbing wall and there is a fat jolly man climbing it now. Sit by the fire and make smores and have cocoa and watch him.. better yet climb with him!! This is the landing area by the visitor center . There is an explorer hud there and other items to help you find your way to all the interesting areas of the park.

Reminder that the delightful Macy Day Parade is working its way down the street now ! Hop on a float and be part of the celebration!  

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

More Christmas Places: The Grove and Kringle County

By Gemma Cleanslate

With all the Christmas shopping that is going on including Shop and Hop I was so impressed with one I almost missed. I saw a poster at another Christmas place and went over to check it out. It is sponsored by THE GROVE, KAERRI & SURPLUS and is gorgeous! So many of my favorite designers had shops there.

Each shop has a gift box with lovely gifts in them. Crito Galtier of The Grove said “There are 123 shops filled with holiday items and every store has a free gift for you. 123 FREE gifts, people! 123!” It looked like more than 123 to me! It is massive in scope. One can find anything there from buildings to furniture to food, and outfits and classy cars and so much more!

While I was checking everything out floats were passing by on the roads. That make it more fun. I happened to come at the right time on my second visit . Crito was having a fireworks display over the beautiful bridge and I had a chance to see some of it. There are events going on until the 23rd of December .

There are so many gorgeous installations for the Christmas holidays it is impossible to get to all of them. Check the second life destinations. I chose a few to write about that caught my attention when I visited them. Kringle County was one that I really brought me back several times to visit This is where I went after a notice to come see Santa and have a photo taken with him. I got all dressed up and arrived to be one adult among lots of little tots having their pictures taken and telling Santa what they wanted. Santa was live and was asking what they wanted in voice. When I sat I told Santa I wanted more prims. Living on Bellisseria we get just so many for our Linden homes and of course always want more! I also got a gift from Santa.

Santa also is taking people around in his sleigh so I did take a ride. There is also elegant train ride to hop on and get to see the décor from the land level. Near the entrance there is a portal that takes one up to a their marvelous amusement park. I bet the parents took their tots up there after the picture taking.

There is a third level to visit … a massive racetrack for those who love that activity!

Take a walk on the streets and check out the houses as you go along. In front of each there is a gift box.
Pick out your favorite and vote for it in the mail box. Check out the shops for cute items to buy for the kiddies. Don’t miss the snowtube tour! Stop by the Beauty Shop if you feel the need to be pampered. I sure do! I stopped at the Diner and found a family having breakfast. Lovɛღ ɮɛʟǟɨʀɛ ღÅddɨcƬɨvɛ亗 (LoveAkiesha Resident) was having pancakes. 

I reminded them to come back to have her picture taken with Santa and get a gift . Hope they remember!