Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Haunts: "Rock and Shock" and "Deadman's Island"

By Bixyl Shuftan

Halloween is here, and time to search for some "spooktacular" places to explore around in. Recently, I took a look at two. They were "Halloween Rock and Shock" at Rebel Yell Concerts and "Deadman's Island Haunted Sim" at Mystical Island.

The main entrance is right in a Pentagram. Nearby is what at first looks like a fairly attractive woman. But get a little close, and she shows a different side, "Happy Halloween!" There are a few spooky displays close by, such as the skeleton music band in the building behind you.

More scares await you as you look around. A road from the entrance area leads to what looks like a small town. Some places you can walk into. Others you're limited to just doing some action at the door. At the later, clicking on the door has random results. Sometimes your avatar will try to peek through a keyhole, then hear a scream. Other times, the door buckles, knocking down  your character. And sometimes there's a ticking noise, followed by a boom that sends your avatar hurtling backward. But you dust yourself off and get back up, shaken by unharmed.

Going down one trail, I came across a spooky dark carriage, fit for a vampire lord. But there was no sign of a fanged bloodsucker. Maybe he went out for a bite. Nearby was a haunted house. Going inside, there were scares just around every corner it seemed. Panning around would help only so much. Some appeared just as you walked by. Definitely something thrillseekers would enjoy.

I wasn't the only one looking around. There were several others looking over the place. Perhaps word had gotten around of the sim's tricks and treats.

Rebel Yell Concerts (56, 202, 21)

Another place I stopped by was "Deadman's Island Haunted Sim," at Mystical Island. The place had a scare from the start, with an eyeball that tracked your every step when you were nearby. Not too far away is a lighthouse, with a few bodies inside. And where there are lighthouses, there's usually a ship. But what's around is a ghost ship on the shore, a lone ghost pirate standing at eternal guard with a bottle of rum.

Elsewhere in the sim, is an abandoned building some kind. It's lone live inhabitant one sees, a witch busy brewing some potion. But the chopped up body parts suggest it might not be a good idea to linger long. The sponsor of the sim is also having a photo contest, so maybe some of the screenshots here will come in handy.

Mystical Island (46, 152, 24)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween Town

By Gemma Cleanslate

The sim Townies is definitely unique with  the journey through the quaint town and then the Haunted House. I really loved it. Outside the house there are  shops filled with decor you might like for your Halloween settings and clothing too. Near the entrance there is a pumpkin contest going on too. Grab the directions and you can have fun painting and decorating if you follow the rules.  

Just walking around is good but you can hop a free Halloween Pumpkin Hopper if you like. Better still, to get a good look at the town take a ride on a Devil Hand Town Tour. Just look up and hop on.  After I detached myself from the fingers I approached the Haunted House and entered. Inside I picked up a free frame for pictures that I would take inside and read a sign that told me to watch for 10 gifts that were hidden there.

I discovered quickly that each venue is based on a well known horror film. I am sure you will know.. Carrie... The Shining...The Exorcist ... Jaws and more. I joined some visitors in "Jump in the Line" to dance to the music from Beetlejuice. Long dark corridor with signs lead you from one to another with adventures along the way. Be prepared is all I can say but remember to look for the hidden gifts as you go. 

More adventures await you just follow the guides. I went through the Haunted House twice to be sure I did not miss anything. It was fun dancing in Ghostbusters as my final venue in the house. All this entertainment is due to the work of Laura Liberty with some help from  Tanyja Resident (Tina) and also miki00 Abeyante Laura told me. Have a scary time! 

Townies (116/104/98)

Gemma Cleanslate 

*  *  *  *  *

Pumpkin Carving Contest


1. Cannot use scripts in pumpkins.
2. Pumpkin builds need to be 15 prims or under.
3. Do not submit a pumpkin you bought from marketplace, do nothing to it and enter it as your own build. You need to put some work into the build to make it your own. This is cheating & you will be disqualified.
4. Only 1 entry per avatar.
5. Submit pumpkin before Oct 30th.
6. Send your decorated pumpkin to TANYJA RESIDENT (TINA).

 3025L in Prizes, 750L for overall best

Three Categories: Most Creative, Most Artistic, Most Scary.

Prizes for each category: 1st 400L, 2nd 250L, 3rd 100

Several of the creators who sell at Halloween Town will be judging. The votes will be collected and tallied by Laura Liberty. The winner's names will be posted at Halloween Town on October 31st. You will be contacted by Laura Liberty if you are a winner.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Havenhollow III

By Bloodykitty Resident

 A small event is going on in this wonderful sim called Havenhollow III that just really involves trick-or-treating from door to door around the creepy neighborhood. It doesn't list a specific date it starts or ends but I assume it goes from the beginning of October till the end of it. The mansion in the above picture is just one of the locations you can visit after a travel through the graveyard, and hopefully you take the trusty flashlight given to you before you enter. The land is group owned by a private group called, Holiday Appreciation Association and is located in the region LEA22.

My time exploring the place was a fun one because of the trick-or-treating and just the vast exploration of Havenhollow III and the spookiness of the place. Even though it seemed to end really fast for me with the exploration part I still had a good time and honestly would go back again to hang around. Unfortunately it was quite laggy either due to the people around the sim and or that it's just my computer. As far as I am aware there doesn't appear to be any triggering content like screamers, pop-up images / pixels, or anything else. Before you go just be warned if your easily spooked or frightened by small noises. 

Overall I suggest you all go and check the land out while you can and get into that trick-or-treating scene. Luckily they supply buckets for a range of avatars, but I am not exactly sure what some of the labels meant save for the 'standard' one. If I had to say my favorite part of being in the event so far I'd have to choose trick-or-treating and visiting the haunted house, or at least that it's just run-down really. 


Editor's note: Taking a quick peek over, there were separate buckets for Tiny avatars.I also noticed throwers for eggs and toilet paper rolls. So apparently Halloween fun can take the form of mischief here.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween at Calas

By Gemma Cleanslate

When I went over to Calas the special Halloween sim was not open yet . Now it is! As usual it is distinctive, unlike any other Halloween sim I have seen in Second Life, and deserves special attention. I don’t know how they do, it but every year Ty and Truck outdo themselves in the building of special venues. 

The name of the region is Valyria, taken from the mysterious abandoned city  mentioned in “Game of Thrones” and also in the book , “Song of Ice and Fire”. The music is from Game of Thrones and fits so well . Through out the region you will see images of some of the kings and their courts and others you may recognize. 

At the entrance set the region windlight and turn on sounds and music for maximum experience. The first thing I did when I landed was to take the boat ride that winds through the first level of the region along river ways and lakes. When I landed I began walking. Flying is not allowed and it is a good thing because there are so many places and items to check out .Get a flashlight and watch the sign posts.  

It is not an easy trek and several times I found my self under water or stuck in a wall. Ciska Riverstone, who has been through the sim already was gracious and got me out of trouble and gave me some guidance to certain venues. I saw the Pyramid, the city ruins, the catecombs with bones of the dead, and so much more. 

Watch the signs. Near the portal I came across a group of scouts waiting for the dragon ride . This is a wonderful way to look down on all the ruins .  I finally reached the Portal. Here you will tp to another level and another world. Dress warmly for this part of your journey. Wander  around the castle and keep and then head for the great Cavern. Once there you have reached the end of your long journey. It is very beautiful and will be the site for many parties during the month of October. 

The list of events is up on the board  with artists and times . I hope to go to at least one though they are a little late for me in pacific time. I will be taking the dragon tour again because if you jump off at  certain places you will find ‘journey cloths’. These are teleports to locations you cannot reach any other way so keep an eye out for them. Each place has one to lead you to another. I am not done yet with these. Here is the entrance near the signs and flashlight and boat tour. See you there .  

I have more adventures to tackle  and a whole month to enjoy it all. The last year sim won a special award and I am pretty sure this one will too.  

Gemma Cleanslate

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Trip to the Amazon: Day One

By Bixyl Shuftan

A few years ago, Linden Lab opened their "Amazonian Adventure," located in what they called "The Wilderness." While reviews were overall positive, some wondered if a tropical jungle area should offer more challenges. One blogger was less than thrilled with it's "silly" animals. And some thought the biggest problem with the area was Linden Lab itself, on some levels, it offered something new, and on others it was more of the same.

Recently I heard of another Amazon area that's been open to all residents from the beginning, at least those able to access "Adult" rated areas. It's right to the west of the Mama Allpa sim owned by YT Recreant. The main entrance of the several sim area is at Glint (213, 23, 22). Dropping in, the place had a definate tropical tribal feel with several around dressed in jungle native outfits. Clicking around, I was soon asked for permissions for the place to act on my avatar in certain ways. The place was "Experience Keys" enabled. But the entrance was a "Safe Zone," so whatever happened around here, this was a kind of neutral zone.

There was a board with teleports to each of the eight sims, Glint, Baia Santa Rosa, Rio Tapajos. Panama do Careiro, Lago Marimba, Nayeli, Rio Solimoes, and Rio Grande. Clicking on one, I ended up in a helicopter high above the sims with the door open. Getting a parachute from the wall, it fitted itself automatically, and I jumped down. At around 100m, I deployed it, and began floating down.

I came down in the  Baia Santa Rose sim next to
a building near the shore. By the looks of things, it was a kind of fishing hut. There was someone there. Chatting with her, she was a newcomer to the place like me. Chatting a little, we decided to explore around together. There was a dormant volcano nearby, so we decided to check that out. Looking around, there were crocodiles around, which we kept away from, and a statue of some scary creature. Getting up into the volcano, the inside had no lava, but a pool of water with stepping stones and a small island in the middle. In the middle of that was a stone post, about the right size for securing someone, and red spots around it that looked a lot like blood. This looked like it was for some grisly ritual.

My friend soon came across one of the natives, "Might give you some tips about places you should visit." The blond native, didn't wear much more than a loincloth and a bow and quiver of arrows, tribal paint on various spots on her body. "Mhhh be careful," she told us, " a tourist you are safe. But if you come often here, this may put you at risk." Apparentlypeople could potentially be shot in the back around here, but "You should be safe most of the time. Just keep a few things to trade against your freedom and you'll be safe, corn,chicken, banana."

We asked her if there was anyone we should be cautious about. She answered her tribe, the Xoco, had to watch out for the rebels, "You'll notice some bodies are hung at rebels." The other tribes, Kaiabi, Xoco, Tapirape, and others, she felt were safe for tourists. But there was one thing no one was safe from, "There is a zombie this evening ... run ... if you see him." Going on, she did say there were occasional tribal wars.

The native soon had to leave, so that just left us two to look around some more. Going back down, we soon saw the entrance of a cave. Peeking inside, there was a challenge of some kind. But it was a little laggy at that hour, movingslowly, so we passed. And as it turned out, I had to head out to take care of matters in real life.

Taking another look at the sim description, seems there is an elmlent of "Capture RolePlay" here. So perhaps tourists should be a little wary. More about the sims await future articles. In the meantime, feel free to explore the area.

Bixyl Shuftan