Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween at Calas

By Gemma Cleanslate

When I went over to Calas the special Halloween sim was not open yet . Now it is! As usual it is distinctive, unlike any other Halloween sim I have seen in Second Life, and deserves special attention. I don’t know how they do, it but every year Ty and Truck outdo themselves in the building of special venues. 

The name of the region is Valyria, taken from the mysterious abandoned city  mentioned in “Game of Thrones” and also in the book , “Song of Ice and Fire”. The music is from Game of Thrones and fits so well . Through out the region you will see images of some of the kings and their courts and others you may recognize. 

At the entrance set the region windlight and turn on sounds and music for maximum experience. The first thing I did when I landed was to take the boat ride that winds through the first level of the region along river ways and lakes. When I landed I began walking. Flying is not allowed and it is a good thing because there are so many places and items to check out .Get a flashlight and watch the sign posts.  

It is not an easy trek and several times I found my self under water or stuck in a wall. Ciska Riverstone, who has been through the sim already was gracious and got me out of trouble and gave me some guidance to certain venues. I saw the Pyramid, the city ruins, the catecombs with bones of the dead, and so much more. 

Watch the signs. Near the portal I came across a group of scouts waiting for the dragon ride . This is a wonderful way to look down on all the ruins .  I finally reached the Portal. Here you will tp to another level and another world. Dress warmly for this part of your journey. Wander  around the castle and keep and then head for the great Cavern. Once there you have reached the end of your long journey. It is very beautiful and will be the site for many parties during the month of October. 

The list of events is up on the board  with artists and times . I hope to go to at least one though they are a little late for me in pacific time. I will be taking the dragon tour again because if you jump off at  certain places you will find ‘journey cloths’. These are teleports to locations you cannot reach any other way so keep an eye out for them. Each place has one to lead you to another. I am not done yet with these. Here is the entrance near the signs and flashlight and boat tour. See you there .  

I have more adventures to tackle  and a whole month to enjoy it all. The last year sim won a special award and I am pretty sure this one will too.  

Gemma Cleanslate

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