Monday, August 1, 2022

"The Pond" And "The Forgotten"

By Gemma Cleanslate

While doing the Nature Collective Hunt I visited some venues I had never seen before, nature related . One startled me and brought memories of the Greenies home of old. The beauty invited me to return and explore. It is The Pond. Everything there is immense, from the lily pads to the outsized koi below the waters and insects in the sky. rαvєn вαnríσn кrαу (RavenStarr Resident) is owner, designer, builder of The Pond.

It is a marvelous place to hang out with relaxing sites among the lilies. Check out the delicious picnic area or play in the sandbox. There are secret places here so walk around and touch. I went around the outer edges of the Pond and discovered little animals and birds.

Well I say little but they were not. Some were the same size as me. I had a hard time locating the prize there but finally found it. It is a dancing frog so that made me happy. While I was there 7 visitors arrived in different groups to explore. Take some time to go visit and relax on land or under the waters. A bubble on the lily pad will take you down. 

“A magical swamp born from sorrow, lighting the way for explorer's to follow.
A castle in ruin, gardens left to despair. Eyes of lost statues left only to stare.
Whispers of sadness from voices long gone, dancing fairy dust left to sing its last song.”

This is a description of The Forgotten, another place I discovered on my Nature Collective hunt.

I found a dazzling sky and a fantastical swamp to maneuver moving on walkways and tree roots. Float around on a leaf for a while to discover the environment. The foliage and insects are so whimsical.

A fanciful lamp post seems to look at a visitor with laughter in the light. Lionsheart (Elfing Shenanigans) the owner has touched the deep secrets of the past in creating the place.

Mystical creatures inhabit the ruins above the swamp. Dragons fly overhead and an enormous whale , seemingly out of place, floats through the sky and I took a ride on his back. Look for little nooks of relaxing places, some frightening but also inviting. Bring your honey and dance in the gazebo at the edge of the waters.

Everywhere I walked I was aware of the beautiful sky above. The whole region is a delight to the eyes. I will return to poke through those ruins for more adventures.

The Nature Collective has so many members with lovely places to explore and I will be doing that! Join the group and see all the offerings.

Gemma Cleanslate