Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Town

By Gemma Cleanslate

Hooray! Finally Laura Liberty opened her region. Another of my favorites is a bit late this year but so good to see it arrive! If you are doing late shopping check out all the stores there  for anything you are missing. So many lovely items .

The skating here is superb and the main reason is you enter the castle on skates. This is such a special Castle ! The ride takes you back in history to the wonderful Christmas movie sounds and sights you loved and still do and then takes you around the large skating pond too when you exit.

I watched FLOPS (Lieutenant Wheatcliffe) and Pinky Cyberstar on their way through the castle having lots of fun and giggles.It is a nostalgic tour .

Santa has a throne for pictures with you so I sat down and asked for another new car. I am on his good list he said... (ha it is  Tina (Tanyja Resident, a wonderful helper to Laura) . I doubt Santa will have room in his sleigh.  Nearby there is a terrific 2019 New Year decor shop filled with balloons, celebration signs, food,in fact a whole delicious buffet and more. Stop in especially if you are planning a party.. everything you need it here .

The sledding is fun but treacherous if you are not a good sledder. I am not , but survived it and would do it again.look the entrance to sledding off the skating pond.

Stop by and make a musical Christmas card of your very own  before you leave. The directions are easy to follow. I recommend joining the group Townies if you want to see more of Laura’s towns during the year.

To all a Happy Holiday and many more!

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Calas Christmas Pavilion 2018

By Deaflegacy

“This place is beautiful and it's almost like a home!” I thought to myself when I came to Calas Christmas Pavilion.  It is beautiful and while I can't say for the others, it almost feels like a home.  I came to a  house with a note, asking people to please keep their scripts under 100 so the others can enjoy the events.  I don't have that many scripts so I went into the house.

The house felt like a home at that point.  It's not just big. It's also warm and comfortable.  There is a big fireplace in one room.  I can see a Christmas tree with presents under it.  I can see something on the coffee table, as well.  I continued to check out the house.  The house is amazing, with its own beauty.

I also heard of an ice skating pond so I went outside.  Sure enough, there is an ice skating pond.  I got on the ice skating pond and can see others skating around.  I don't blame them for being happy that there is an ice skating pond.  For all I know, the ice skating can be amazing.  I didn't put on ice skates because I'm a pony so thanks, but no thanks.  But if there is anyone out there who loves to go to skate on a pond covered by ice, I would encourage them to go to Calas Christmas Pavilion.

I'm not going to stop there.  I did go for a walk around the Pavilion.  At one point, I saw a reindeer and a snow man.  I have to stop in amazement when I saw a reindeer at the Pavilion.  It is always amazing to see a reindeer at this time of the year.

Hey, if you're in mood to visit a place that is celebrating Christmas, I would really encourage you to go to Calas Christmas Pavilion. It is a good place to be and according to the scripts notice, there will be events.  Here is the way to get to Calas Christmas :

You could also join the group to keep in touch about the events that will happen at Calas Christmas Pavilion.  I did join the group and would know when the next event would be.  So if you want to know what's going to happen at Calas Christmas Pavilion, I would really encourage you to sign up for the group, too.


Monday, December 17, 2018

3D Republic and Harambee

By Gemma Cleanslate

3D Republic, “This market is for 3D Republic designers. This years market includes Christmas and winter designs for your pleasure. Many vendors come together to bring you a variety of items to choose from to celebrate your holiday season.“ That is the  description of the mission here .

It is a delightful market filled with so many designers and so many varied items not only for your avatar but for you home.   Use the region windlight to add the ambiance of the venue. It was like shopping in the early evening with the sun setting and all the sparkling lighting in the sheds. While you are wandering around look for a snowman and pick up a nice gift! Look under the nearby Christmas trees for more gifts!  Look around also for free gifts by some of the sheds .

Again I found some lovely snow globes I just could not resist and spent more money! Listen to the tinkling of the many objects along the way and enjoy the whole experience even if you don’t shop.

Harambee is long time project in Second Life, “dedicated to fundraising the IKSDP Schools in Kenya (Gwassi region, Lake Victoria) of IKSDP-Harambee Project (real-life non-profit Association).“ They have a presence where one can get loads of interesting freebies and purchase clothing and decorations at all times. Take a look at their website to lean more about their cause.

Right now there is a winter Charity right next door to their site. It is filled with interesting and charming items for you by some of sl’s finest designers. There are lots of gifts around too so look for them.I enjoyed walking around and getting  a flavor of African Christmas surrounded by palm trees and shrubs. There are events planned for the stage there too. Take a walk in Africa.

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Calas – The Hot Air Balloon Ride

by DeafLegacy

I went to Calas to check out some of the things that the place had.  One of the things that caught my attention is a sign saying, “Hot Air Balloon.”  I clicked on it.  I found myself in a place with a hot air balloon sitting on a platform.  I clicked on it and got in.  I went for a ride and I thought it was awesome.  

The entire ride covered all seven sims.   At one point, the hot air balloon did go in the water but did the flames go out?  Not at all.  It kept burning as the hot air balloon went through the water. I did get to say hello to some fish.  When we went back out of the water, we went through the air. 

The land was remarkable.  At a few points of the long journey, I took some pictures. I thought I'd take this chance to talk about this remarkable, long but interesting journey with some pictures.  The hot air balloon comes with different poses, including the 'dare' pose, which means that the person would be hanging outside the hot air balloon basket as if she is daring herself to  hang outside the basket.  I didn't fall.  There is one option that I wouldn't try, and that would be the “Opps” part. 

Thanks but no thanks.  But if there is anyone who is interested to give that option a try, go right ahead.  I'm not daring you to click on that part but it's okay to be curious. 

As the hot air balloon goes through seven sims, there are a lot of interesting places to check out while you're on hot air balloon.  That's why I definitely recommend you try the hot air balloon on Calas.  The hot air balloon is at :


Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas at Creations Park and Botanica

By Gemma Cleanslate

It is always good to shop over at Creations Park because you are not only getting clothing and decor from your favorite designers you are donating to a great cause. All or part of your Lindens go to Team Fox for Parkinson’s disease research and support. Check out their video ( There are many events scheduled at Creation Park as the board at the landing area shows.

While you wander the many levels to visit the shops look down and find the stocking that holds a stuffer that is very inexpensive.

Then get over to the soaring castle and have the fun experience of finding the 12 gifts hidden there . They could be anywhere and watch for hidden rooms but they are not hard to find.Take a picture with Santa in the entry room. Each room is decorated so beautifully . High up on the parapet rezz a Santa Sleigh to soar over the sim . I am missing one gift...Number 11 so I have to go back!

While I was doing that very ride I saw bright lights from a distance and  remembered that next door to Creations Park there is another sim not to miss. After I finished my tour and collecting all the goodies from the Castle I wandered over to Botanica.

It is so beautifully decorated . My first stop was in the Christmas Tree Hall where I found a delightful little band that performs  many choices of Christmas music that you can ask it to play.

Outside grab a pair of skates and take a turn on the pond with the elves. I saw a racing game for which the purchase price goes to the American Cancer Society so again you are donating while you shop. It looked interesting.

If you are into harps and harpsichords or other ancient musical instruments and music boxes do not miss the shop across from the Christmas Tree Hall. I succumbed and bought a new music box.

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Khargo Christmas Market and Under The Tree Christmas Shop

By Gemma Cleanslate

Khargo Christmas Market at Yellowstone falls has some diverting table decorations for the Christmas meals and wreathes. I was so tempted! The Polar Bear Island would make a lovely addition to any winter sim. There is an extensive collection of winter plants for you in front of their Christmas furniture shop. Roam through the store for collectable Christmas decor.

Outside I came across a Square Snowman! Next to him stood a wonderful winter well with a visiting racoon and squirrel. Nearby I found another set of shops just outside the Christmas area that is well worth a visit.

 At Under The Tree Christmas Shop I found some marvelous Christmas rugs. They have the cutest elves decor in the window alcove that I really wanted! I will never make it through all these markets and fairs.

 If you like animated figures see the whole wall full in the shop. This shop is full of an eclectic collection of trees, furniture, toys and more. Upstairs there are tree skirts and stained glass art.

Outside take a walk down the hill to Tex’s Tree Farm where there is a free axe so you can cut your own. I found ღ Ϻịɱị Đạṙḷḯṇḡ ღ (Disastrophy Resident) chopping down a big one. If you visit the barn you can get a kiss from a cute puppy. Shop and Farm are located in Larson where it is always winter , right on the road where I like to visit and roam.

 By the way, I finally got the Advent Calendar list. I looked for it all last week so I could post it before Advent began but no luck. Some of the stores require membership, some have hunts, some just have the calendar visible as soon as you get there. Have fun.

Gemma Cleanslate