Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Calas Christmas Pavilion 2018

By Deaflegacy

“This place is beautiful and it's almost like a home!” I thought to myself when I came to Calas Christmas Pavilion.  It is beautiful and while I can't say for the others, it almost feels like a home.  I came to a  house with a note, asking people to please keep their scripts under 100 so the others can enjoy the events.  I don't have that many scripts so I went into the house.

The house felt like a home at that point.  It's not just big. It's also warm and comfortable.  There is a big fireplace in one room.  I can see a Christmas tree with presents under it.  I can see something on the coffee table, as well.  I continued to check out the house.  The house is amazing, with its own beauty.

I also heard of an ice skating pond so I went outside.  Sure enough, there is an ice skating pond.  I got on the ice skating pond and can see others skating around.  I don't blame them for being happy that there is an ice skating pond.  For all I know, the ice skating can be amazing.  I didn't put on ice skates because I'm a pony so thanks, but no thanks.  But if there is anyone out there who loves to go to skate on a pond covered by ice, I would encourage them to go to Calas Christmas Pavilion.

I'm not going to stop there.  I did go for a walk around the Pavilion.  At one point, I saw a reindeer and a snow man.  I have to stop in amazement when I saw a reindeer at the Pavilion.  It is always amazing to see a reindeer at this time of the year.

Hey, if you're in mood to visit a place that is celebrating Christmas, I would really encourage you to go to Calas Christmas Pavilion. It is a good place to be and according to the scripts notice, there will be events.  Here is the way to get to Calas Christmas :

You could also join the group to keep in touch about the events that will happen at Calas Christmas Pavilion.  I did join the group and would know when the next event would be.  So if you want to know what's going to happen at Calas Christmas Pavilion, I would really encourage you to sign up for the group, too.


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