Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas at Creations Park and Botanica

By Gemma Cleanslate

It is always good to shop over at Creations Park because you are not only getting clothing and decor from your favorite designers you are donating to a great cause. All or part of your Lindens go to Team Fox for Parkinson’s disease research and support. Check out their video ( There are many events scheduled at Creation Park as the board at the landing area shows.

While you wander the many levels to visit the shops look down and find the stocking that holds a stuffer that is very inexpensive.

Then get over to the soaring castle and have the fun experience of finding the 12 gifts hidden there . They could be anywhere and watch for hidden rooms but they are not hard to find.Take a picture with Santa in the entry room. Each room is decorated so beautifully . High up on the parapet rezz a Santa Sleigh to soar over the sim . I am missing one gift...Number 11 so I have to go back!

While I was doing that very ride I saw bright lights from a distance and  remembered that next door to Creations Park there is another sim not to miss. After I finished my tour and collecting all the goodies from the Castle I wandered over to Botanica.

It is so beautifully decorated . My first stop was in the Christmas Tree Hall where I found a delightful little band that performs  many choices of Christmas music that you can ask it to play.

Outside grab a pair of skates and take a turn on the pond with the elves. I saw a racing game for which the purchase price goes to the American Cancer Society so again you are donating while you shop. It looked interesting.

If you are into harps and harpsichords or other ancient musical instruments and music boxes do not miss the shop across from the Christmas Tree Hall. I succumbed and bought a new music box.

Gemma Cleanslate

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