Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Town

By Gemma Cleanslate

Hooray! Finally Laura Liberty opened her region. Another of my favorites is a bit late this year but so good to see it arrive! If you are doing late shopping check out all the stores there  for anything you are missing. So many lovely items .

The skating here is superb and the main reason is you enter the castle on skates. This is such a special Castle ! The ride takes you back in history to the wonderful Christmas movie sounds and sights you loved and still do and then takes you around the large skating pond too when you exit.

I watched FLOPS (Lieutenant Wheatcliffe) and Pinky Cyberstar on their way through the castle having lots of fun and giggles.It is a nostalgic tour .

Santa has a throne for pictures with you so I sat down and asked for another new car. I am on his good list he said... (ha it is  Tina (Tanyja Resident, a wonderful helper to Laura) . I doubt Santa will have room in his sleigh.  Nearby there is a terrific 2019 New Year decor shop filled with balloons, celebration signs, food,in fact a whole delicious buffet and more. Stop in especially if you are planning a party.. everything you need it here .

The sledding is fun but treacherous if you are not a good sledder. I am not , but survived it and would do it again.look the entrance to sledding off the skating pond.

Stop by and make a musical Christmas card of your very own  before you leave. The directions are easy to follow. I recommend joining the group Townies if you want to see more of Laura’s towns during the year.

To all a Happy Holiday and many more!

Gemma Cleanslate

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