Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Some SL19B Exhibits

 By Bixyl Shuftan

This year's Second Life Birthday had a lot of exhibits. Some were by familiar names. Others by the less well known.

At SLB Breathtaking (207/65/23) is the Safe Waters Foundation's exhibit.

Residents are invited to "dive into the waters."

And see what lies hidden underneath.

Team Firestorm's Firestorm Gateway had an exhibit at SLB Astonish (189/124/23)

So why have a gateway? Well, without new residents, eventually Second Life will end.

At the end were a number of freebies, intended for new residents.

Tempest Rosca

Moya Patrick at SLB Astonish (240/172/23)


The Burners had an exhibit at SLB Astound (88/204/23)

At one end was the Thunderdome, which hosted some impromtu events. 


Elicio Ember at SLB Astonish (157/149/23)

Bay City's exhibit is at SLB Captivate (152/72/23), "Do you wonder what life in a throughly-modern, mid-century city might be like for a Steamlander? Bay City’s build invites you to explore some lovely vistas of their Mainland community, and learn what Bay City has in store for you!"

So why are those dressed in Steampunk/Victorian asked to leave some items at the door?

It seems in the past there was a "Cold War" between Bay City and Caledon that was mostly in fun ... mostly, "It was all in good fun mind you, with contingents from both sides spying on the other, the occasional moment of naked aggression here and there, and even a failed delivery of boxes containing refrigerated fruit that MAY have exploded across Caledon one night. We remain on good terms with our neighbor, but also vigilant. PS: Honestly, I didn't even know it even WAS a rocket launcher." 

Upstairs was a display of upplaying life in a late-1940s/1950s city would be like in comparison to a Victorian/Steampunk one. The downside of nuclear power never came around until after the Age of Diesel was over.

Next to Bay City was the Caledon exhibit, or rather, the Caledon Catgirl Brigade's Exhibit, at SLB Captivate (154/98/23).

 The exhibit's story finds the Caledon Catgirl Brigade lost in time and space. When the "Robokitty-Mini" rolled out of its construction berth to be guided to its new home, little did the crew know how far they would be traveling. They find themselves above the alien landscape of Pyrespark, a volcanically active planet inhabited by a society of mechanical beings--clanks, automata, robots, etc.

In this interactive story, the player follows clues to see who could have pulled the ship through time and space, and talk to the planet's inhabitants to see where they could be.

The Confederation of Democratic Simulator's exhibit is at SLB Amaze (164/63/23).

There's a giant music and jewelry box, and information about the community.

"Time In The Past by Van Loopen & Oema"

DeniseUnicorn Toonie of the Sunweaver community has a "Crystal Steampunk" exhibit at SLB Enchant (152/187/24)

And there's the Newser's exhibit at SLB Imagination (187/52/23). 

 Like other Newser SLB exhibits, it has a fedora hat somewhere. 

A Steampunk "heavy lift helicopter," the build was made by Silvia Ametza, with the help of NC Summer, with AmieeLou Destiny doing scripting. Some of the controls looked a bit "Dieselpunk,"

A telescope for those always on the lookout for a story.

Next to the Newser build was one made in the same style by Kimble Coles, at SLB Imagination (154/51/23).

A windmill over a power plant, it looked like there were steam engines to power things when the wind wasn't blowing.

Kimble had help from Sylvia, NC Summer, and AmieeLou Destiny, so the similar style.

The exhibits will remain up until July 5. July 6 is when the takedown begins, and the grounds will be closed to most. Some will be taken down right away. Others will remain up until the last minute for those with access to photograph or otherwise enjoy one more time.

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, June 6, 2022

Yosemite in Summer 2022

By Gemma Cleanslate

Some years back I dropped into Yosemite and fell in love with it. I wrote several articles about the region as time passed. Jadyn Firehawk was the owner and maintained it, adding and changing as time went on. She so loved the real Yosemite National Park that she wanted it as close as possible to the real one. Due to health issues Jadyn had to close it which was very sad for everyone. She took time to recover and came back to find so many of her members had remained loyal in the group. Eventually she felt strong enough to open Little Yosemite and that was welcomed by many past members of the group who kept hoping for the return of Yosemite I had a camping site there last year which I wrote about. It was restful and fun.

Jadin Emerald, who is Jadyn Firehawk, came across a very lovely surround called Yosemite created by Som (Sominel Edelman)m who does beautiful landscapes and fell in love with it, finding it very close to the view of the real Yosemite and so we have a whole new region, Yosemite. She has been building and changing as usual but it is mostly ready for you all to visit. Again she has lots of fun activities for you to use, little relaxing places along the river for you to visit with your friend or your honey. Members of the group can hold weddings there at the Mariposa Pavilion In the forest.

Horseback riding is encouraged and there is a corral full of horses to chose from. Take the trails with your horse or go through the Muir Forest. You can just leave the horse where you are when you are finished, and they go home by themselves. If I find one I usually take it home to the corral. I think there may be more  different horses coming.

If you are not into horses grab a bicycle. I am not that good on these bikes and usually end up in some creek of the lake. I need to practice! Look at that field of blue and red wildflowers!! I did run over some.

You can go take a great swim in the lake if you like and actually swim off the region. It is fun or take a ride on the jetski and do the same trick or try a quiet kayak ride .

I love the little play park area where the kids can play on swings or teeter totter. I found a dad, Travis Helix (Tbone Helix), with his two kids, Stephanie Bravin (XDaOneX Resident) and Artfaol StJohn (Artfaol Resident). They all said they loved Yosemite and were having lots of fun in the park.

Take the trail around the perimeter and see various places to relax. Fire pits are popular. You will see tents along the shore that can be rented at an extraordinary low price and 50prims to use I keep one there that I can visit or invite a friend over for a cookout and some wine or sit down quietly to write an article.. There are small cabins along the trail too. In one spot there are tents for use for one or two nights, again, at a very low price. She even has a classroom for those who might want a presentation .
Once on the old Yosemite she hosted a group of girl scouts for their project which was a lot of fun I recall.

Up on one of the other levels are tree houses that are very popular. I went up to visit my friend, Heather Kenin (Heather Wainwright), who has one there and though she maintains a home on Bellisseria she says she loves the tree house so much she spends a lot of time there. There are choices of other rentals which you can find out about at the region. Here is the rental office where you can see all the varieties of rents available and pick up a hud for visiting the rentals and another for getting around the whole region easily. If you would like to see the old Yosemite region there are pictures of it at that rental center. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yosemite/136/60/841

Jadin is usually there to help with any questions or her friendly Park Ranger, Raini(Rainidaize) will help. She loves to talk to people. I am a volunteer there and if you im me I can help too. Jadin has made a that great hud for getting around but I advise walk the region and discover the wild life and loveliness for yourself. There are posters you can pick up and other gifts at the Visitor Center from Jadin. Grab a baseball hat. Climb the stairs too for more information.

Climb to the top and stay for dinner at her tables. Lots of history of Yosemite there and a wonderful view. She will be opening her store again soon where she has very lovely items for sale all made by her. Join the group if you would like to keep up on what is new and going on if you like. Visit and enjoy! Maybe you will move in or rent a camp site for relaxation.

Here is the visitor center. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yosemite/151/74/22

Jadin had her Nature store ready!

Gemma Cleanslate