Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Preview Scenes

More pictures of what's in store for residents at the Relay for Life Walk

Photos by Bixyl Shuftan

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reader Submitted: A Visit to MadPea

For the founder of Madpea Productions, Kiana Writer, for sponsoring their gridwide Hunt.

It all started by rezzing a funny MadPea on our island to gain more traffic. But it was not the traffic that reached my av's heart, it was the way the Team of MadPea created the identity of a sim stuffed with interactive games and so much more besides that! Officially they are called Madpea Productions. That promises a lot more than only interactive in-world games and so they do offer more!

After hiding our MadPea, I received the group chat of all hunters, finding a really relaxed group of members just hunting and having fun finding all Peas hidden grid-wide. Even a ranking online to see how they all found the Mad green little creatures.

By their website, I found interesting products for business owners. Not the main-business for MadPea Productions, but if you offer Second Life residents so much advanced and fun interactive games for free, you need some sponsoring and that's where it all began for me.I embraced their AdNet Advertisement system and all group-chats made me very curious about those games.

As a creator, I almost never go out or explore Second Life. Gaming is abracadabra to me, but the perfect information on their website was attracting me like a bee to honey. I found a spare moment to TP myself and give me the opportunity to focus on one of their games. So difficult to chose.

So late at night I walked to a library high on a mountain and clicked a book called 'Book of Spells'. I'd seen this word in the group chats, used by gamers for helping gamers and hunters. The book is the HUD itself and to wear that was an easy task. To find the Ring to work with was easy too, I saw that laying and glittering in a corner of my eyes a minute before. Then I got the first spell and got stuck immediately!! What can I do with only a spell, when I've nothing else then a ring who doesn't respond to me typing the spell itself in local chat?? I tried to click several things, but i really needed to do the first step first to get any closer to all the other spells I was looking forward to work out.

The day after, Sweetdevil of Madpea's recommended me to start with Kaaos Effect game. So after I landed on their main TP point, Madpea Circus, I could start right away after I took a look at the good information given out.

As a real game-dummy, I clicked several times on the wrong objects, forming the little hand in the hope it should start working. But wearing and using a HUD is new to me, besides the AO-huds I've used several times. (Still walking like a duck after 3.5 years, but less lag!)But with the patience I have, endless it is, I tried several times, getting the HUD three times too. So while smiling to myself, my screen changed and I got the green text with the first explanation and I read and waited. I ended up in a room of a German U-Boot (Submarine). I needed to find items to open a Submarine shutter. In the rooms behind it several hints could be found. But for me it was looking for an unidentified object. I really didn't know what i was looking for. But it must be crucial to find my way out of here and send out coordinates to find the next location to finish this game...

Yeah, I got out, found the right keyword and being proud of myself I ended up in the next room. My HUD shows a lot of red smileys, one, only one, has changed into a green smiley... oh my, need to do a lot of these little adventures on my own to work this out!!

And this is only one single game of so many they offer.

The 3rd day I pick up my HUD and re-enter the game where I left it. Finding missing letters of a typewriter in an old office of a newspaper, flashing back to 1930s. The scenes are absolutely stunning, great sense for details, beautifully textured, everything works. But still I feel myself a gaming-dummy. Sweetdevil had told me it would take me about 2 hours to do this game. Well the first 3 rooms took me much more then 2 hours. It kept being exciting, challenging and still fun to work out.

My work called me home, out of the game. But I returned to Madpea as soon as I could. To try a more simple game that would not take this much time. The 'Escape from the 70's Room' looked nice. But once inside, the door will be closed and stay closed till you did all things necessary to get out again. Again I spend a full hour in the room, someone is waiting outdoors to enter too, but only one can play this funny game at the time. I gave up on a last detail I couldn't get done.

Next to these great interactive in-world games they offer more. I visited their website with the forum. To join the Madpea Community. To ask anything you like about their products, talk with other hunters about the July's Duck Hunt, give comments or ask the crew a question. During most games you can earn Madpoints. The Madpoints can be used to buy products made by Madpea, to get in-world objects or to get discounts and enter games. Most games are for free, I saw mini-games for only 5 lindens to enter. So even newbies or low-budget avatars can enter and have fun! They are hidden all over Madpea Island.

And that's only about the games they offer! haven't even spoken about all other products like AdNet, a smooth running advertisement system, paid once, rezzed all over the grid for ever. Or Tradeware. A kind of webshop with the service to use their server or hosted by Tradeware and using your own to sell SL-files outside SecondLife. They are working on new features, but for me, as a hard working creator, the games are just the way to escape from work a creative and fun way. To relax and explore, learn something new and meet new people.

The website to Madpea is at .

“An Anonymous Blonde”

* * * * * * * * * * *
ADDITION: In August, the following Youtube about Madpea appeared on the Second Life website.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Treats - Aero Pines Park

With the myriad of fun that has always been at Aero Pines Park and Recreation Center already, you would think Cindy Bolero would be sitting back relaxing, but no! There are some new activities for your summer enjoyment.

She has created a wonderful lagoon for mermaids and mermen! You can go there and just hang out or dance. If you have not tried being a merperson don’t worry, there are tails there for you to try. There is now a leisurely balloon ride you can take to float slowly over all the sims to see the mountains and valleys there. The bike trail is complete now! You will ride through 8 regions of lovely country and hill side with delightful stops along the way.

I stopped in at an Indian Village to try the activites . I switched to a motorcycle at Zoe’s Roadhouse but switched to a helicopter when I reached the Seaplane marina . All the vehicles are there for you to use along the way. Just watch out for the Horses traveling on some of the bike paths. If you want to try the horse riding you will be able to get a demo at the Equestrian Center. That way you can go off trail too.

I love this area!! Options are so many! I have to keep going back and so will you. There are residents and you will know by the closed doors. Any buildings with open doors are there for you to enter. You will find a note card with all the places along the bike trail, but will find much more yourself. Oh, by the way, I saw a horse race track under construction!! What next?!

The entrance to
Aero Pines Park and Recreation Center is in the Equus sim at (11,199,22)

Gemma Cleanslate

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sim Deleted by Owner to Protest Content Theft

Recently, Second Life Newser was informed about a content creator, Maxwell Graf, praised for having quite detailed work, closing one of his sims, LagNmoor, to protest Linden Labs’ lack of action about someone copying his work. Hearing more about him, Second Life Newser went to talk to him about the situation.

Maxwell was more than happy to talk to SL Newser, “In my three years, I’ve filled a few dozen DMCs. Never had a single account banned. At this point, it’s a combination (of the hassle), and sales dropped, can’t afford the tier. Theft had a lot to do with it. That’s about it, but mostly about not giving (Linden Lab) the $300 tier. ... deleting the sim as a protest.”

Maxwell complained the content theft policies were little more than, “a loophole for Linden Lab to wash their hands. People file DMCs to counter (the thefts). The only thing left to do is take it to real-life court. A couple people had their sims copied. Linden Lab did nothing. They (the sim owners) took them (the copiers) to court.” Max told that when he talked to them, they advised him not to do what they did, it cost them a lot of hassle, and money, and after “six months of litigation” the judge gave them only $150 for all their trouble.

I understand things take time, but the thieves get wind of this and in four days all your stuff is gone. Once the cat’s out of the bag, your only hope is LL bans those people. (The thief) stealing for a while, stole from others. I’ve been getting email from others. ... A marketing tool designed to make it look like they are trying to do something. Instead of doing something, the Lindens, to my knowledge, have done nothing at all. The Lab was aware all day yesterday. There’s actually more content out there now than before. This (thief) is brazen.”

“I don’t mean to sound all-important. This ***hole’s going to steal from someone else after he’s done with me. Who’s next. What message does this send to anyone trying to build here. It’s kind of like giving them a green light. I don’t know what Linden Lab is up to, but it’s getting harder and harder to run a business here. There is no social accountability. It can make life a living hell for people. The tools are very much there for Linden Lab to press a button and get rid of the guy. If you get caught stealing, how many would they lose from the grid if the did that? (pause) Maybe that’s the answer.”

““I don’t expect to have major results from this. But maybe this will help get rid of that knucklehead. I’ll save my $300, and get my message out ... send a signal. People ... ask the Lindens what’s going on. Get them to change their policy. Stranger things have happened. I’ve seen my work, my friends, my competition, the people who make the content for this place ... My place is a drop in the bucket. But all my friends, Second Life would be less special.”

“It’s a bad situation, frustrating. This one sim was continually ripped off. ... let me do it in a way that gets attention ... The Third Party Viewer policy has failed. Linden Lab can’t stop all theft, but there’s a difference between (spotty enforcement against theft), and handing them the keys to it. I can’t say how much they can do to stop it, but they can act to discourage it.“

“I’ve been doing that for a long time. One of the United States’ Founding Fathers, ‘Artists don’t fight wars and revolutions: they start them.’ Can I start one? I don’t know. Maybe people will listen. Maybe someone at LL will listen and do something.”

“I feel sad. I would like to be able to fly the Linden flag again. What they created, What I did here ... Thank God M is gone. But Philip, things weren’t perfect either under him before. ... I don’t want this to be another ‘Facebook.’ “

“I’m not doing this to hurt my customers. My stuff will still be available for sale in the Rustic Castle. But at some point, I have to cut my losses. I would like to have been able to keep all of my sims. It’s really disheartening. I’m saving some money, but ... It shouldn’t be happening, but it is happening to many folks. Took me two years to make it. “

According to his blog, Maxwell deleted the LagNmoor sim at approximately 3PM on June 26. On the map, it appeared only as water. He complained that while investigating after his complaint, there was even more stolen goods of his in stores then before he filed. In her blog, Paisley Beebe talked about an ornately designed theater she held two shows from, about to fade away with the rest of the artistically built sim. Crap Mariner was to the point, “So Phil, what are you going to do about this?”

As Maxwell stated, he continues to sell his goods in the Rustic Castle.

Sources: Rustica, Paisley Beebe,

Bixyl Shuftan.