Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Treats - Aero Pines Park

With the myriad of fun that has always been at Aero Pines Park and Recreation Center already, you would think Cindy Bolero would be sitting back relaxing, but no! There are some new activities for your summer enjoyment.

She has created a wonderful lagoon for mermaids and mermen! You can go there and just hang out or dance. If you have not tried being a merperson don’t worry, there are tails there for you to try. There is now a leisurely balloon ride you can take to float slowly over all the sims to see the mountains and valleys there. The bike trail is complete now! You will ride through 8 regions of lovely country and hill side with delightful stops along the way.

I stopped in at an Indian Village to try the activites . I switched to a motorcycle at Zoe’s Roadhouse but switched to a helicopter when I reached the Seaplane marina . All the vehicles are there for you to use along the way. Just watch out for the Horses traveling on some of the bike paths. If you want to try the horse riding you will be able to get a demo at the Equestrian Center. That way you can go off trail too.

I love this area!! Options are so many! I have to keep going back and so will you. There are residents and you will know by the closed doors. Any buildings with open doors are there for you to enter. You will find a note card with all the places along the bike trail, but will find much more yourself. Oh, by the way, I saw a horse race track under construction!! What next?!

The entrance to
Aero Pines Park and Recreation Center is in the Equus sim at (11,199,22)

Gemma Cleanslate

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