Monday, October 26, 2020

Halloween Across Second Life

By Gemma Cleanslate

Now that my work at the Burn2 has come to an end I will be exploring the Halloween sites that are scattered around the grid . There are many!! Some provide a place to shop for Halloween outfits and decor for you region or home.

I visited a new location this year to check for decor. It is called Spookydoo Halloween Market.  It is loaded!!  Scenes for your home like this Witches Snackbar. I found room with absolutely delightful music boxes and could not stop my self from buying the Pumpkin man. Stop by :

 After that visit I  stopped over at the Spooktakulum Event on Long Beach. They have a great cemetary. This event will run until late November and includes much more than Halloween.This is a good stop for Gacha lovers.

I was greeted at the next stop by spooky sounds. Trick or Treat Lane is in Spectacle. It is another little village setting just filled with Halloween decor and outfits and there are gifts hidden in the little shops so look carefully!!! I have already collected some really cute gifts! It is a great place to walk around. GO!

I made a stop over at Scare Me Silly where I always find items I like.  If you want to shop and also donate to Team Diabetes this is the place to go. 

A myriad of tiny shops line the roads of this desolate little village near the Galleries. Clothing, decor, jewelry and so much more for your Halloween season. Look for gifts in the shops too, little pumpkins for only 10L each. Parties happen here too, and you can check for the times here  and also find out more information about Team Diabetes in their 5th year of this Halloween event.    Slurl:

Want a gruesome, gory. and definitely grisly, experience?? Make your way to the Linden Halloween. At arrival it does not look too bad, another haunted house on a hill. But, as you hop into your coffin for the ride through you have no idea how what it is going to be like. Just ride along and be happy you are in Second Life and it is not real! This is tour 1.

Some grisly scenes from the Lindens!!

Happy Halloween!

Gemma Cleanslate

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