Monday, December 25, 2023

Calas Ghaladon And Yosemite At Christmas


By Gemma Cleanslate

There are so many varied Christmas and holiday installations all over the grid to explore . I managed to get to a few of them and plan to continue until December 31. Many will stay around for the winter months so I can continue visiting. Here are some that you really should not miss that may be gone at the end of the month.

One I make sure I get to several times for all the various interactive fun is the Midwinter of  Calas Ghaladon. Every year the installation is the familiar which is wonderful since the basics are so charming. It is like visiting a vacation spot you go back to often, but every year there are additions to see and enjoy. The enchantment of the season is all over the regions. One can explore in a carriage ride over the snowy woodlands . Or the balloon ride that gives you a view from above.

The Pavilion is at the top of the hill above the massive skating area that always has couples and single skaters on the ice.There is nothing like dancing in the hall with your honey.

All around the frozen lake below  are little relaxing areas for chatting with friends and people you meet just hanging out. Look for a gift there near the refreshment stand too.

There are several other smaller pavilions to visit also and Santa may be around so look for him. Enjoy a dinner by they fireplace. Events will be every day until December 31. Do not miss this.!

Yosemite is in winter mode and has a beautiful Christmas Giving Tree loaded with gifts. It is a great place to just go take a walk with your friends or your dog. The horses love having visitors take a ride through the woods or along the trails by the water.

The wall of the visitor center is a climbing wall and there is a fat jolly man climbing it now. Sit by the fire and make smores and have cocoa and watch him.. better yet climb with him!! This is the landing area by the visitor center . There is an explorer hud there and other items to help you find your way to all the interesting areas of the park.

Reminder that the delightful Macy Day Parade is working its way down the street now ! Hop on a float and be part of the celebration!  

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