Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Wonderland: Four Sims Full of Fun

By Gemma Cleanslate

I just happened to give a call to my friend Marianne Mccann to ask a question. Where was she? Having a great time in Winter Wonderland 2015! I rushed right over . The Linden Lab opened these four sims on Thursday January 29 and I am glad I found out. I have been looking for more winter sport places lately and this is an ultimate  that you won’t want to miss. When I arrived I was invited to accept an experience and you will have to do that to enjoy all the gadgets in the sims. Patch Linden was hanging out there and so was Keira Linden acting as a greeter, checking to see if I had accepted the experience. 
The little village is a delightful build and you will find many presents there in the gazebo. Heading out into the country side I followed the signs to the skating arena first and took some spins around the ice. At the end of a road in the village I noticed that there are fireworks on the hour every hour . Then I headed over to the snowmobile  rezzer and accidently hopped on one being driven by Kono Mole who took me for a wild ride on the slopes and then abandoned me in a snow pile to move on. I rezzed one myself to try it out and it is really a wild ride. There is a snowboard rezzer if you want that experience instead. The track is long and harrowing. 
I ran into a snowball fight going on in that area and rezzed a weapon to get in on the action. Great fun! It reminded me of the vigorous snowball fights we used to have with the Lindens every year and hopes I can be there when they are in that area. I made my way back into the village where Abnor Mole was entertaining every one with violin solos . Lovely music for a lovely setting. Jo Yardley also played some flute solos before she left to go back to Berlin. The place was full of Moles and Lindens checking out everything and having fun trying out the vehicles . There is a huge snowman standing watch over the sims.  The winter ferris  wheel nearby  is a ride not to be missed! Solo and couple seats raise you high into the air where you get a terrific view of the sims.  
For premium members, before you go to the wonderland stop over at a premium kiosk and pick up the big gift box there . Inside with other goodies you will find a hud and a token. Wear both when you are on the sims and you will be offered chances for premium choices.  Everyone is invited to vist and enjoy the winter fun! So glad the Lindens did this to round out the winter season! Many of the gorgeous places I wrote about in December have closed for the season . I have not finished the complete tour of the sims yet and will be revisiting. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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