Friday, January 30, 2015

The Chamber

By Fritter Enzyme

The Chamber is one of the real treasures to find in Second Life.  It is wonderful to see, and give literature a place in a virtual world to live.  What a hallucinogenic thing reading is. You stare at paper for hours and you see worlds that don’t exist and beings you get to know firsthand.  At the Chamber you get notecards with the emphasis on poetry and short stories.  This includes works by residents in Second Life.

There are many great places to hang out and read.  Three levels, including the Green House, which the owner may have the teleporter shut off for sometimes. The other two levels house some beautiful magical places to read your short stories.  Different authors have bookshelves you click on to get a menu and pick your story.  The landing point is an "Alice in Wonderland" setting, complete with tea cup chandelier and toadstools to sit on.  Click the table to sit and change your chairs and animations.

Four reading rooms radiate off a creative central hub.  Going counter clockwise you will find one with a constant thunderstorm.  Umbrella holder is to your right as you enter.  Be sure to move close to the bookshelves, as the rain will be between you and them causing you not to get notecards.  Pick a card and have a seat in the boat.  Fifteen positions for singles.  Couples animations too.  The rooms are themed to the literature offered in them.  Even a creepy one for Edgar Allen Poe, Superstitions, Horror and Demonology.  Water does seem to be most everywhere.  Click on things to find what they do, many are scripted for you.

Leo Tolstoy’s works have a room all to themselves of urban decay, and a head on a pole.  Each of the lower rooms house only one writers works, save the ones done my Second Life residents.  There is a Mahjong game you can really play, so bring a friend to spend some great time with.  The furniture has many animations for couples or singles, and props for your avatar to use while you hang out and meet other book lovers.  It is quite a wonderfully made place to which photography is natural.  It is as magical as reading it self surely is.

Storm Septimus is its creator and owner.  You are welcome to all floors most of the time.  If you are homeless and join the group, this could be your home sweet home.  Join and set home here.  So read some poems and short stories, better yet, write your own works and bring them into the Chamber to submit them for others to see.  The tip jar is the white cat under the desk, remember to support the places you love in Second Life.  Someone is always paying for what you see and enjoy.  Every little bit adds up.

Fritter Enzyme

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