Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Club Transation

By Wesley Regenbogen

About a month ago, Fin Silversmith & Hardrain Tigerpaw created a club called “Club Transation." This club plays Trance, Electro, Dance and Techno music and they have DJs that play in the club most of the day.
Sometimes they have an event, like for example Christmas or Valentine’s Day or another event in real life and they decorate the club accordingly. Hardrain Tigerpaw created the decorations in the club, and this person did quite a nice job, in fact. Fin Silversmith runs the club.
What makes this club special is that it’s located below a clothes shop, which offers male and female clothes for every occasion. It specializes in bridal clothing, but on demand, the tailor makes clothes for anyone. This is quite unique, because I haven’t found a club and a shop in one place. The Quest Qlub had shops and rental areas too, but not above or below each other. It's an interesting concept to see that both places are merged together, creating a unique place. Hardrain Tigerpaw owns and runs the shop.
The shop is nicely decorated and you can walk around and buy from within the shop, but they also have Second Life Marketplace site where you can buy clothing from too. So, this means that you can visit the club and when you are done partying, you can visit the shop and buy some new clothes, if you want to.
The club holds a photo contest where residents can win a L$ 2500 gift voucher and also L$ 500 for the best club photo of themselves and their friends.
The Club Transation group has 58 staff members and 57 VIPs at the moment of writing. They don’t have a website nor a Facebook page, but it’s “under construction” the owner told me. You can find the club through Second Life Search and their events are listed on the Linden Lab Events page and they have a group as well. But you can also just visit the club and ask the staff for more information about the club.
I hope you enjoy your stay in Club Transation and we can meet there sometime, another nice club that I can add to my list of clubs to visit, it’s a large list if you check my previous articles. Since it’s a new club which has been opened since begin of January, it deserves a visit.
You can find Club Transation at this location :

Wesley Regenbogen

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