Monday, January 5, 2015

More Winter Areas

By Gemma Cleanslate

I was headed over to take a final look at Noel region of the Calas regions yesterday, but was distracted and never got there! Too bad because all the Calas sims will be closed for the month of January for rebuilding. So I will miss that and all the skating and cross country skiing. But there is a good reason so will look forward to a February reopening.

In the meantime while checking out the skating areas, I have been doing some down hill skiing. I have visited a couple of places that I have not had time to get to in the very busy month of December. There are several I would recommend to you where you are able to pick up free skiis if you need them.

Lake Tahoe has a wonderful winter region with a small skating pond but a wonderful skiing area. You can buy skiing outfits, skiboards , or just use the free ones provided. Next to the comfy lodge there is a snow mobile rezzer that allows you to zoom around the area and up and down the hills, or, crash as I did. The ski lift takes you up to the top of the mountain and here you have a choice of sledding, snow tubing, snow boarding, or skiing down the slopes. Good luck on completing the slalom without missing any gates. If you join the group, there is a cute cabin up there can use. Or use the lodge where you can meet with friends.  It is a lovely area that is always open for visitors all year round in case you feel the need for snow and winter sights in July.
Another area that can be depended on for winter all the time is the Wengen ski lift area. If you look at the big map when you get there, you will see the nearby sim that are winter all the time. Across the road is the Linden Lodge infohub. This ski lift is one of the longest or highest I have see in Second Life. It takes you into several sims before dropping you at the top of the mountain. The view is lovely from here if you extend your draw line.  Free skis are available and you have choices of how to descend these very steep slopes, on a guided route, or on your own. Back near the other side of the Linden Lodge there is another ski lift that will route you through several other sims to another high alpine slope. I opted for sledding down this one. 
At the bottom I found myself at the wonderful, very large Lake Zermatt where I exchanged my skis for skates to roam around and then make my way back to the Linden Lodge where I found champagne waiting for me. There is a small frozen pond in front of the lodge too. Hold this landmark because when you feel like visiting a snowy area you will have it. This is one of the first areas I visited in Second Life almost 8 years ago. It is still here because it is all owned by the Linden department of Public Works and various parts.  You can also take one of the ONSR rail cars and explore the abutting roadways of the area. There is a map at the station between the chair lift and the lodge. Cars come and go at various times.  
Have a great time!!  Both Regions are spectacular skiing opportunities! Dress warmly.

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