Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Air" at LEA 27

By Gemma Cleanslate

“Without music life would be a mistake”:....."there are no facts only interpretation,”  admonitions you hear at LEA Air by FreeWee Ling on LEA 27. This region will be ongoing and changing until May. I found it both an experience and a real education. 

There is an eclectic collection of areas. In one place I wandered through a gateway into a tunnel passing  by a bloody giant monster raging bull and through a bone yard to find myself at a Greek temple. Outside there stood a Greek Chorus where I heard the above quotation among others. Inside there is a collection of ancient art pieces of Greece and some lovely sculptures.  I found the one of my favorite sites there is the Theatrum Instrumentorium. This is  a wonderful collection of information about many superb instruments that will rezz for you in front of a picture and give you an information card to explain the history behind it. Some may be fictional ,some real but you will learn so much with each card. I found it absolutely fascinating. 

I moved from that museum on up a winding slope to find a massive statue named Liberty chained which I found rather ominous. I passed up a ramp to the roof of a building where I became part of an shimmering globe and part of a story. I will leave it at that. 

Freewee says of herself in a statement, “I'm not really (an) artist. More like a  kid in God's Legoland. I'm an idea manipulator.  A conceptual cubist. Most of my work is clearly derivative. I see something interesting and I want to know how it works, so I deconstruct or reconstruct the idea or combine it with some tangential idea to make something new. I am often working on some random project with no particular purpose in mind.” 

I have seen Freewee’s work at many events and places  and always appreciate it. I plan on making return visits to see the additions and changes and it sounds like there will be many. I have been there three times so far and finding new things to look at and interact I found a chameleon flyer to ride this morning. This region is right next to the Madtone by Lorin Tone,  also so full of instruments and fun.

Gemma Cleanslate

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